Now Being Offered in Major Brown!

Now offering the Major Brown color option for the YUKON Pant, YUKON Jacket, CHUGACH Jacket, CHUGACH Pant, SUPER DOWN Pant, TIBURON Pant and TIBURON Short.




Introducing KUIU’s New Tiburon Short!

Today we launched our new Tiburon Short to the KUIU product line. The Tiburon Short is an extremely versatile lightweight short that’s great for warm weather hunts in low brush or open terrain, during training hikes, around camp, and also a great short for everyday use.  These shorts are made with Toray® Dot Air® fabric and treated with Kudos DWR® that allows the same tremendous amount of breathability and durability as the Tiburon Pant. The Tiburon Short is an extremely comfortable short that, at a mere 7.5 oz., is a great addition to your pack this season.

Pricing: $89.99
Colors: Phantom, Major Brown, Vias, and Verde
Sizes: 32, 34, 36, 38 & 40

Introducing KUIU’s New Chinook Pant

Introducing the new Chinook Pant to the KUIU soft shell product line. At a mere 17.5 ounces, Chinook Pant are made with 30 Denier Toray® Stunner Stretch face fabric that’s bonded to a brushed polyester micro check fleece backer treated with Kudos DWR® to make the Chinook Pant extremely durable, breathable and water resistant. These pants also include a darted Primeflex® kneepad insert that effortlessly molds to the knee and has a three-layer Dermizax® NX membrane that makes the kneepad waterproof while using the pants in the field.



Getting the Most Out of Your Food

As I was preparing my pack for my Stone Sheep hunt in British Columbia, I thought I’d share a video that would give some insight as to what I do to get the most nutrition and calories per ounce.


Introducing KUIU’s New Insulated Gloves

Today we are excited to introduce three new insulated gloves; The KENAI, NORTHSTAR and SUPER DOWN Glassing Mitt. The KENAI and NORTHSTAR gloves feature a revolutionary technology called OUTDRY®. This technology solves many different performance based problems that would normally occur with traditional waterproof breathable gloves. The KENAI glove is an incredibly versatile glove for those mid-to-late season hunts, and the NORTHSTAR is the absolute perfect late season glove, and can flawlessly handle extreme cold and wet conditions.

Our SUPER DOWN Glassing Mitt is perfect for keeping your hands comfortable while glassing for long periods of time. It is an extremely lightweight and highly compressible glove that is filled with our revolutionary Quixdown® material for superior warmth in frigid conditions. We have also included Toray Stunner Stretch® face fabric for a comfortable fit that is treated with Toray’s Kudos DWR® coating for unmatched water resistance.


 The addition of the KENAI, NORTHSTAR and SUPER DOWN Glassing Mitt has truly rounded off our glove line to suit all possible hunting scenarios and weather conditions.

KUIU Garage Sale!

The KUIU Garage Sale was a huge success, and I want to thank everyone that was able to attend. For those who weren’t able to make it, we hope to see you at next year’s event.



The ULTRA 1800 and 3000 are now available for purchase.

We designed the ULTRA pack system as a simple modular pack concept incorporating an advanced Patent Pending Carbon Fiber frame, suspension and bag that focuses on minimizing weight while optimizing performance, durability & functionality. The ULTRA pack system is made with the highest quality materials in the world and together makes an unmatched list of ingredients. The result of our ULTRA pack system include:

  • An ultra light weight pack that is both versatile and durable in the field
  • An extremely comfortable user experience
  • An easily accessible single main interior compartment
  • The entire line of ULTRA Packs, Frame & Suspension are interchangeable with any of our packs with only a few simple adjustments.
  • Load-sling capable and other light weight modular accessories

The foundation of the ULTRA pack system is a 11 oz., California-made Carbon Fiber frame that is stronger, lighter, and narrower insuring the highest quality and performance while carrying demanding loads. In building this pack system we have pushed innovation further than ever before by reducing the overall weight and functionality of the packs but not compromising the strength or durability.


ULTRA 1800 ULTRA 3000 ULTRA 6000
ULTRA Bag Size 1800 ci 3000 ci 6000 ci
Bag Weight 9 oz 12 oz 21 oz
Frame Weight (regular) 11 oz 11 oz 11 oz
Suspension (M/L) 25 oz 25 oz 25 oz
Total Weight 2 lbs 13 oz 3 lbs 3 lbs 9oz
Price (full kit) $299.98 $319.98 $349.98


Watch Jason Today on The Western Hunter TV Show!

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch my Coues deer hunt from last January. The episode airs on The Western Hunter TV Show Sunday, July 27, 2014 at 11:30 AM PST.

Now Available – New KUIU Branded Shirts

Now Available! Our new styles and colors of our Men’s Branded T-shirts and our new Women’s Deep V-Necks. All the shirts are printed on a high quality 60/40 combed cotton & jersey polyester blend for a comfortably fitted shirt. Click on the image above to explore all the various styles and colors available.

Also don’t miss Jason Hairston, KUIU’s founder, on the next episode of The Western Hunter TV show airing on Sunday, July 27, 2014. Episodes air every Sunday and Monday at 11:30 AM PST on the Sportsman’s Channel.

KUIU partnered with The Western Hunter TV show as the official apparel and equipment sponsor. The Western Hunter shares the same “do-it yourself” mountain hunting standards as KUIU, making it a perfect relationship. We both have great passion for wild, lonely places, the thrill of adrenaline-filled adventure and achievement, and raising the bar for what can be made and accomplished.

Limited Quantities: Zamberlan KUIU Pamir Boot

I want to take a moment to thank you for the great response we have received to our Zamberlan KUIU Pamir boot.  Since our release last November, sales have been steady and the feedback has been great.  As we go into this year’s hunting season, we have limited quantities of the Zamberlan KUIU Pamir, so if you are in need of a great mountaineering style hunting boot, you may want to purchase now.

The Zamberlan KUIU Pamir boot is ideal for the harshest hunting and climbing conditions you will experience.  They perform exceptionally well in extremely technical terrain, steep rocky mountains, high glacier trails and perfect for ice climbing and places where crampons are necessary.

When I decided to develop a boot, I wanted to create one that featured all the advancements and performance found only in Premium Alpine Mountaineering boots.  The list of ingredients we have included are the best and unmatched by any other hunting boot in the industry and only found in the finest mountaineering boots made in the world.  After another year of hunting in the Zamberlan KUIU Pamir, I can confidently say, with the help of Zamberlan, we have accomplished my goal.