Mark and his wife Tammi each have accounts with KUIU, so when two catalogs arrived in the mail Mark opened just one of them to browse. The second catalog addressed to Mark was nearly thrown away days later while he was clearing off the counter, but he decided to open it up. Initially he thought the Golden Ticket inside may have been Publisher’s Clearing House spam, but after mentioning it to a friend who also happens to be a KUIU fan, Mark learned that it was real and just one of 20 tickets in circulation. Today he was drawn for prize #13. Mark resides in Lewiston, MT and is the father of two sons- Archer (2, pictured) and Jaden (14).



Dusti Kelley, a Health Care Professional from Asotin, WA recently received her KUIU catalog after purchasing various items for her boyfriend Brian. Instead of tossing it, Dusti passed the catalog off to Brian to open, at which point the ticket was discovered. Neither of the two had heard about the giveaway, but after some brief research they realized they had struck gold. While Dusti does not pull the trigger herself, she enjoys spending time in the field with Brian and family while they hunt Deer and Elk. There’s no doubt gift package #12 will be put to good use with this couple. Congratulations Dusti!

2015 Alaska Big Game Draw

The 2015 Alaska Big Game Draw application period is now open. Due to the wide variety of species, seasons, regulations, and units the state has to offer, choosing a hunt to apply for in Alaska can be an overwhelming proposition. Factor in the time, travel, shipping, and gear investments once a tag has been drawn, and it becomes clear that Alaska is not the place to “wing it” on your application.

Luckily, there are some great resources available to help ease the stress of applying for your once in a lifetime adventure. Lance Kronberger, owner of Freelance Outdoors, is one of these resources. Lance is a long time supporter and friend of KUIU, and his success as a sheep, goat, moose, and bear outfitter speaks to his knowledge of Alaskan hunting. If you are looking for information on hunting Alaska, we highly recommend you visit Lance’s website and give him a call.

The last day to apply is Friday, December 15.

Flip through KUIU’s New 2014 Winter Catalog!

After the high demand for our first catalog we are excited to announce that our new 2014 Winter Catalog is available to view electronically online.








You’re Invited to KUIU’s Open House Event!


Brian is a husband and father of four in Walla Walla, Washington. He’s a high-voltage lineman by trade, and an avid deer and elk hunter by craft. Brian is a relatively new KUIU customer, so when he saw the Golden Ticket in his catalog on Monday the 3rd, he simply set it aside not having heard any of the hype surrounding the search for Golden Tickets. Fast forward to Thursday the 6th; Brian was at his home desk paying bills when he found the ticket again under some paperwork. It didn’t take much research before he said to himself “I might actually have something here…” Brian contacted KUIU that night, and the next day he was drawn for gift package #19, the 30-Degree Super Down Sleeping Bag. Congrats,  Brian!

We have a Winner!!

WE HAVE A WINNER!  We are excited to announce that our first Golden Ticket has been claimed by Mike Zion from Dolores, CO. Mike is the lucky winner of prize package number three, a $1,000 KUIU gift card. Mike is a father of two, the Fire Chief of the Dolores Fire Protection District and is an avid hunter chasing deer, elk and bear in Colorado and Javelina and Couse Deer in Arizona.  Mike found the lucky ticket in a KUIU catalog (no magazine) and was not aware of the promotion.  He sent his son a text asking about the the KUIU GOLDEN TICKET.  His son responded “Really, you got one of those.”

Congratulations Mike!  We are excited to have you as our first winner.

There are 19 GOLDEN TICKETS remaining.  You could be one of the lucky winners!


The Hunt For The Golden Ticket Has Begun!

As thanks to you, our loyal customers, we here at KUIU have carefully tucked twenty KUIU GOLDEN TICKETS inside the 2014 KUIU Winter Catalog. Look for your catalog in this weeks mail or in Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal, Huntin’ Fool, Western Hunter, and Safari Magazines. If you happen to find a GOLDEN TICKET, KUIU will award you one of twenty spectacular prize packages.


Click here to visit the KUIU GOLDEN TICKET landing page and learn more about the Second Chance Drawing (YES, you have a second chance!), track the winners on an interactive map, and learn all about the prize packages.

Are you one of the lucky finders?


KUIU’s Biggest Giveaway EVER!

To celebrate KUIU’s 2014 Winter Catalog we are holding our biggest giveaway ever. We are using a similar concept to the giveaway in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Twenty GOLDEN TICKETS have been randomly inserted in KUIU’s 2014 Winter Catalog and distributed via US mail and included as a ride-a-long with Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal, Huntin’ Fool Magazine, Western Hunter Magazine, and Safari Magazine. When a customer finds a GOLDEN TICKET in their catalog they win one of twenty great KUIU price packages. There are nearly $20,000 in prizes including a full set of KUIU gear as the Grand Prize. The deadline to claim the GOLDEN TICKET Prize package is December 31, 2014.

ALL PRIZE PACKAGES WILL BE AWARDED! We are holding a Second Chance Drawing for all unclaimed GOLDEN TICKETS.  To enter the Second Chance Drawing, you simply need to enter with your email address, name and where you live. After the deadline of December 31, 2014, KUIU will award any unclaimed GOLDEN TICKETS to randomly selected email entrants. Keep a look out on Friday, January 2, 2015 for the Second Chance Drawing email sent to all entrants. Click on the GOLDEN TICKET in the email to instantly see if you are a winner. Winners need to claim their GOLDEN TICKET by Saturday, January 10, 2015. All participants of the Second Chance Drawing will receive a 10% off coupon valid through March 15, 2015.

Complete details for the GOLDEN TICKET Giveaway and the Second Chance Drawing will follow at on Wednesday, November 5, 2014.