KUIU Film Festival Winners

FF2016_Winners_BlogThe votes have been counted and I’m excited to announce the winners of the KUIU Inaugural Film Festival!

Winners in each submission category have been notified and will receive one of four incredible KUIU prize packages.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit films–the response to the film festival was so positive that we are already making plans for the KUIU Film Festival 2017.  Stay Tuned!


KUIU Inaugural Film Festival Winners:


Stuck N The Rut – 2015 Alaska Moose Hunt


Abajo Peak


BHDU Showreel


A Hunter’s Prayer


Brendan Burns- Spring Bear Video


Last year Brendan Burns, who runs KUIU Professional Services, arrowed a great bear in Western Montana while hunting his favorite decommissioned logging road. Below is a short film of his hunt and a rundown of the KUIU System Brendan uses on his spring hunts.

Good luck to everyone out chasing spring bears this spring!


Spring bear is a great time time of year to get out, burn off some winter fat, test next fall’s hunting gear, and help out the local ungulate population.  Black bears are extremely hard on elk calves and deer fawns.

My system is all about being light and mobile. Spot and stalk is the only legal method to hunt in Montana (baiting and hounds are prohibited). It’s been my experience that spring bear hunts are 95% looking for a bear to go after and 5% hunting that bear. I try to cover as much country as possible and glass as many prime spots as I can during the best times to hunt, which is usually the last 4 hours of the day.  I’ve never had much luck in the mornings, or in the early, cold days of the seasons.  Once the mountains lose most of their snow, and the new green growth starts showing up in large areas, bears are easier to find. It’s also nicer weather the later you hunt, which is a plus after a long winter.

A bear on the move can be nearly impossible to catch up with, but a big boar feeding in one area has a good chance of being in the same spot when you get to him.  For archery, finding a bear in a good stalkable spot is paramount. Hunting decommissioned logging roads and trails has been the most effective for me.

As you can see in the stalk in the film above, keeping the wind in your favor and staying quiet are the key to killing a bear. Contrary to what many people think, bears do have good eyesight when alerted, but rely on their nose and ears to keep them safe from danger.  Fool those two senses and the odds are in your favor.  Best of luck to everyone this spring.

Brendan’s Spring Gear List
Ultra Merino 125  LS Crew T
Peloton 240 Full Zip Hoodie
Supderown Hooded Jacket
Ultra or Chugach Rain Gear

Ultra Merino 145 Beanie
Ultra Merino 145 Neck Gaiter

Tiburon Pant
Superdown Pant
Yukon Gaiters

Icon Pro 3200
Bow Holder

Tripod and Spotting scope
KUIU Bino Harness and 10 power Binoculars
Havelon Knife
Game Bags (5)P1020229

Join Us for the Third Annual KUIU Garage Sale on May 14th!

Garage SaleMark your calendars: KUIU’s 3rd Annual Garage Sale is Saturday, May 14th at the KUIU Showroom in Dixon, California!

The 2016 KUIU Garage Sale will feature incredible discounts on our top apparel, packs, and accessories.  Doors open at 10 AM PST and the event ends at 3 PM. All garage sale products are sold as is, all sales are final, and ineligible for refund, exchange, or warranty.  You must be present to purchase; no phone or email orders will be accepted. The line starts forming fast, so get there early.  Purchases will be limited to 4 items per person from 10-11:30 AM in order to make sure everyone gets a chance to buy.  Buyers are welcome to get back in line after their initial purchase.

Two lucky people will win an “early bird” prize: the opportunity to enter the sale before anyone else and choose one item.  We will also be selecting 20 additional raffle prize winners throughout the Garage Sale.

Our KUIU Showroom will be open during the Garage Sale and will offer some incredible specials on select apparel and gear.  We’re also offering a free, catered taco lunch to customers during the sale.

As in years past, several companies and industry experts will have informational booths available for customers.  Coming this year are:

West Coast Archery
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
California Deer Association
Wilderness Athlete
Grady Miller Taxidermy
Out West Outdoors
Goal Zero
Yukon Stone Outfitters

We love getting the chance to see so many of our amazing customers and can’t wait for all of you to get great discounts on KUIU!

2016 Spring Catalog Now Available

The 2016 Spring Catalog has been mailed, and is now available to view online.  We’re excited about our new offerings and kits to help you select exactly what you need for your hunts, based on the weather you’ll encounter in your location.


KUIU Film Fest- Don’t Forget to Vote!


Public voting for the KUIU Film Fest finalist nominees closes April 30–don’t forget to vote!  Finalist films can be viewed here.  Winners in each film category will be announced May 5th.  Visit for details and a list of prize packages for winners.





Hi Everyone,

We will be closing the GIRU beta testing sign up this week. If you are interested in being a beta-tester for the GIRU Product Development Site click this link GIRU BETA TESTER and enter your name and email.

We will be sending out an email to those who have signed up with more details about GIRU and the testing phase of the site next week.

I am excited to show you what we have created.


KUIU Inaugural Film Festival Finalist Nominees


Thank you to everyone who submitted their films to the KUIU Inaugural Film Festival.  There were some impressive submissions, and I enjoyed watching all of them.

We’ve tallied up the internal votes from our KUIU employee voting panel, and the finalist films are:

Pro Long:

  • Sonora Mexico Coues Hunt
  • Turning Point
  • Salt of the Earth
  • Abajo Peak
  • Searching- A New England Hunting Tale
  • Twenty Fifteen

Amateur Long

  • Persistence
  • Expanding the Tradition
  • Predestined
  • 4 in 48 Alaskan Caribou Adventure
  • Stuck N The Rut- 2015 Alaska Moose
  • Consumed by Passion

Pro Short

  • A Hunter’s Prayer
  • The Long Way Up 2015 Trailer
  • Harvested: Northland
  • Carbon Wingprint
  • 4th and Long (Short Version)
  • Spell of the Yukon

Amateur Short

  • Boots to Fill
  • BHDU Showreel 2016
  • Common Ground
  • Preparation
  • Hard to Beat
  • On the Prowl

Public voting for the finalist nominees ends April 30th.  You can vote for your favorite films here.

We will announce the winners on May 5th.  Check out for full details and to see the prize packages.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted–good luck to all of our finalists!



Growing the KUIU Brand

Having previously told you about our partnership with the San Francisco-based public relations firm LaunchSquad, I wanted inform you of how they’re raising KUIU’s national profile.  Partnering with LaunchSquad has given me the opportunity to talk about hunting with a new demographic.

Media outlets interested in our consumer-direct business model aren’t necessarily familiar with who hunters are and what we do, but when I get to speak with them and their audience about KUIU, I also have the opportunity to raise the profile of our hunting community.

My goal is to represent hunting and sportsmen to people who don’t understand what we do and why we are so passionate about it.  It’s my hope that these groups begin to understand the efforts we put into conservation and land stewardship and start to know us as the most critical component to wildlife growth and management.

Two weeks ago I was on CNBC’s Squawk Box to talk about KUIU’s incredible growth and our consumer-direct business model.  Here is the link to the full TV interview.  You can read about the interview here.

KUIU was also recently featured on Fox Business.  In my interview with Matthew Rocco, I had the opportunity to highlight how knowledgeable hunters are as consumers–your feedback continues to drive the innovation at KUIU, pushing us to produce better performing clothing and accessories to benefit you in the field.

Popular Mechanics recently published an article about a different aspect of our development that I hadn’t previously mentioned. I am honored to be working with this team to help them reduce weight and increase the performance of their kit using our advanced fabrics and materials. They have been impressed with away at how much better KUIU materials perform from what they have been using.

The future is certainly exciting.


KUIU Film Festival- Public Viewing Closes Today

Public viewing of the entries for KUIU’s Inaugural Film Festival closes today.  If you haven’t already had a chance to view all of the entries, do it now–you won’t be disappointed.

Our internal KUIU judging panel is wrapping up their finalist film selections.  I’ll announce the finalist nominees in each of the four entry categories (Amateur Short, Professional Short, Amateur Long and Professional Long) here on the blog on April 2nd.  Links to vote on your favorite finalist films will also be posted.

Public voting will close April 30th, and winners will be announced May 5th.  Winners will receive incredible KUIU prize packages–check them out at

Thank you to everyone who entered our Inaugural Film Festival.  There are some incredible entries in every category–picking the finalist nominees won’t be easy!


KUIU 5 Year Anniversary Sale


When I first decided to start KUIU, I never would have imagined how much we would grow in just five years.  The support and loyalty you, our customers, have shown KUIU continues to blow me away.  In five years, we’ve gone from a few basic pieces to full kits with clothing, packs, tents, and sleep systems for every possible hunt in any possible weather.  I continue to research the best possible fabrics and materials throughout the world so that KUIU can continue to bring all of you the highest performing, most cutting-edge, ultralight hunting apparel and accessories available.

As a “thank you” to our incredible customers, KUIU is offering up to 25% off select apparel, packs, and accessories.  The sale begins today, March 31st, and lasts through April 4th.  As always, inventory will sell quickly, so make sure you shop early.

I can’t put into words how much I appreciate how all of you have grown KUIU into the global brand it is today.  The last five years have been incredible, and I can’t wait to see where KUIU will be five years from now!