KUIU’s Pedro Ampuero Arrows Largest Ever Dagestan Tur in Azerbaijan


Earlier this year I was fortunate to bring Pedro Ampuero on full-time as KUIU’s European Manager of Brand Development.  Pedro was one of the early adopters of KUIU when I first started the brand and has been a loyal and integral part of our development team since day one. I have always had a strong belief that success is directly related to the people you are surrounded by, and Pedro has done a tremendous job in raising awareness for us throughout Europe. He has been an incredible addition to the KUIU team.

Last month, Pedro hunted the Caucasus Mountains in Azerbaijan and was able to successfully harvest the largest Dagestan Tur ever taken with a bow. Given the nearly vertical terrain of the Caucasus Mountains, Pedro’s trophy is truly remarkable. Most bowhunters take one look at these mountains and say it can’t be done.  Not Pedro.  Ever since his father Pepe’ took a great billy back in the early 1990s, it has been one of Pedro’s life goals to arrow a monster Tur.

Often referred to as a mix of goat and sheep, the Dagestan Tur is actually a member of the goat family.  Sure-footed with beautiful, out-sweeping horns, they live their entire lives in steep, dangerous, and technical terrain making this a hunt not for the faint of heart. It’s often referred to as one of the toughest, most physically and mentally challenging hunts on earth.  A monster with any weapon at nearly 40 inches (162 7/8 SCI), Pedro’s old billy is the largest ever taken with a bow by a wide margin.

It is hunts like Pedro’s in conditions like the Caucasus Mountains that continue to drive innovation at KUIU.  This is a great example of real-world hunting experiences by the great team here at KUIU in our constant quest to build the best equipment on the planet.

Congratulations Pedro on a truly outstanding accomplishment.

Enjoy the film.



KUIU's Pedro Ampuero Arrows Largest Ever Dagestan Tur in Azerbaijan_700x496




Pedro’s Gear List:

Layering System:
Base Layer
– Ultra Merino 145 LS Crew T
– Ultra Merino 145 Zip Off Bottom
Mid Layer
– Peloton 240 Full Zip Hoody
Outer Layer
– Guide DCS Jacket
– Chinook Pant

– Kenai Jacket

Rain Shell
– Chugach NX Rain Jacket and Pant

– Peloton 240 Beanie
– Ultra Merino 145 Neck Gaiter
– Peloton 200 Gloves
– Northstar Gloves
– Yukon Gaiters

-Icon Pro 3200 +Pack Rain Cover
-Headlamps x2
-Havalon and Leatherman
-First Aid Kit
-Bino Harness
-KUIU Glassing Pad
-Duffle Bag and Waterproof bags
-Cameras, Extra batteries

Sleep System
-Storm Star 2P Tent
-Super Down Sleeping Bag 0º
-Thermarest Sleeping Pad

-PSE Decree HD 70# @ 29 290fps real (No spare bow, extra cost is over 1.000$ to get another bow)
-Carbon Express Maxima Blue with Grim Reaper 13/8” Razortip 100gr Bohning BlazersTotal 390r (x18 in a plastic tube, architecture drawings tube)
-Spot Hogg Father; Trophy Taker Rest; Doinker Stabilizers; Carter Too Simple;
-Spare parts for all components in case of accident

-Swarovski EL Range;
-Leupold RX-1000 Range finder; Spare Rangefinder
-Swarovski ATS Spotting Scope; Manfroto / Gitzo Carbon Tripod

Missed the KUIULive Event? Watch It Now

2016 Summer Releases

Last Thursday, I introduced KUIU’s new Summer Releases.  If you missed the event or would like to watch it again, you can view it here.

In case you missed the event, here is a quick rundown:

Our biggest innovation is a revolutionary new Spread Tow Carbon Fiber frame for the KUIU ICON PRO and the KUIU ULTRA packs.

The foundation for our pack systems, the patented 11 ounce frame, gains added strength from the latest innovation in the carbon fiber technology.  Spread Tow as made our frame five times stronger on the vertical axis, we have been able to increase heavy weight carrying capability all while keeping the same comfort as our previous model.  This is a remarkable upgrade in performance without increasing the weight of the frame.

The modular ULTRA Pack system now features a heavier 330 High Tenacity CORDURA® Nylon Water Repellent Fabric for abrasion resistance and added durability. We added Side release buckles with Hypalon reinforced seam connections that increase strength and compatibility the the ICON PRO Pack System. We have added structure throughout the Ultra Waist Belt and Anti-slip silicone printed dots on the lumbar pad to increase the comfort under heavier loads.  We added very functional removable Velcro webbing keepers on all of the ULTRA packs.

The new 2016 ICON PRO line includes the new Spread Tow frame as well as a new shroud design to create a compression flap makes this pack easy and clean to run without the lid and removable Velcro webbing keepers.

In addition to the enhancements we’ve made to our packs, we have also improved our Mountain star 2-P tent.  The 2016 3-season Mountain Star now features an asymmetric floor layout like our 4-season Storm Star.  The new Mountain Star is wider at the head of the tent for more shoulder room, with double unidirectional vestibules, these changes increase functional room for two hunters while reducing the overall weight.

Our new KUIU Quarter Bags are perfect for protecting, managing, and packing out meat of every size and shape.  Designed with stronger double-needle felled seams, and high strength, breathable Taslan Nylon fabric, these game bags will last longer and offer more versatility than what is currently on the market.  Four sizes of quarter game bags will make sure you are covered from the smallest Coues deer to the largest Yukon moose quarter.

Our innovative Boned-Out Game Bags feature full-length zippers and lightweight reflective carrying handles for easy transport and cooling. These bags are available in three sizes, featuring webbing loops that fully integrate these bags in both our pack systems, meat care has never been easier.

The New Peloton 130 Glove is a next-to-skin glove is a great addition for an early season camouflage hand coverup or as a liner for use with our other gloves. These new gloves feature a conductive patch to the finger and thumb for smartphone use. We have also up dated our Peloton 200 glove with this conductive patch.

Driven by customer requests for a Scree Gaiter, we are very excited to introduce the KUIU version.  We have used a new 4-way Stretch Nylon fabric that is abrasion resistant and still lightweight and breathable that makes this Scree Gaiter out perform any other on the market. We have added 330 High Tenacity CORDURA® Nylon Water Repellent Fabric for a scuff guard to increase abrasion resistance on the inner face. The new KUIU Scree Gaiter are the perfect solution to keep rocks and debris out of your boots in the early season.

The new KUIU Glassing Pad is lightweight, durable, and easily packable to keep your backside comfortable for long hours behind the glass.  When not in use, it slips nicely between your frame and pack for easy storage.

All of these products, both new and improved, are great additions to the KUIU line in our constant quest to provide you with the best system on the planet.

Below are full details on all of our summer releases–all products are available for order or pre-order now at

Hunting Season is right around the corner. Let us know how we can help you as you put your gear lists together.

Dream Big,



Ultra1850-ViasKUIU ULTRA 1800

What’s New: Revolutionary Molded Spread Tow Carbon Fiber Frame; 330D HT (high tenacity) CORDURA® Nylon Water Repellent Fabric; Siliconized Anti-Slip Dots on Lumbar Pad; Increased Structure Added to the Waist Belt for Better Weight Distribution; Side Release Buckles on Frame Compression Straps

Weight: 11.3 oz (bag only)- 3 lbs, 1.5 oz (full kit)

The ULTRA 1800 is the perfect size for most day hunts. With a main compartment full horseshoe zip, two front zippered pockets, one stuffit pocket, and 2 zippered hip belt pouches (optional) the ULTRA 1800 gives plenty of options for organizing your gear.








What’s New: Revolutionary Molded Spread Tow Carbon Fiber Frame; 330D HT (high tenacity) CORDURA® Nylon Water Repellent Fabric; Siliconized Anti-Slip Dots on Lumbar Pad; Increased Structure Added to the Waist Belt for Better Weight Distribution; Side Release Buckles on Frame Compression Straps

Weight: 14.1 oz (bag only)- 3 lbs, 4.3 oz (full kit)

The ULTRA 3000 has the extra capacity to carry large optics or cold weather gear for later season day hunts. For the minimalist hunter,  this is the perfect pack for 2-3 day warm weather bivy style hunts. With a main compartment full horseshoe zip, two front zippered pockets, one stuff-it pocket, and 2 optional zippered hip belt pouches (optional), the ULTRA 3000 has multiple options for gear organization.






What’s New: Revolutionary Molded Spread Tow Carbon Fiber Frame; 330D HT (high tenacity) CORDURA® Nylon Water Repellent Fabric; Siliconized Anti-Slip Dots on Lumbar Pad; Increased Structure Added to the Waist Belt for Better Weight Distribution; Side Release Buckles on Frame Compression Straps

Weight: 22.5 oz (bag only)- 3 lbs 12.7 oz (full kit)

The ULTRA 6000 has the capacity to carry enough gear and food for up to 10 days in the field. With two zippered front pockets, removable lid, one stuff-it pocket, 2 hip belt pouches (optional) and a main compartment side access zipper, your most important gear remains easily accessible while bulky food and camp items are easily stored in the large main compartment. The ULTRA 6000 starts at a full kit weight of 3lbs 12.7oz, and can compress tight to the frame when unloaded.






IconPro3200-ViasCamoKUIU ICON PRO 1850

What’s New: Revolutionary Molded Spread Tow Carbon Fiber Frame, Siliconized Anti-Slip Print on Lumbar Pad, Velcro Webbing Keepers

Weight: 23.2oz (bag only) – 4 lbs. 1.4 oz. (full kit)

The ICON Pro 1850 is the industry’s most versatile day pack, with the ability to be used in conjunction with the Carbon Fiber Frame for extra load carrying capacity, or without the frame for hunts when you don’t need to pack meat on the first trip out. This feature rich pack is designed with 4 external and 4 internal pockets, a full horseshoe-zip opening to the main pack bag compartment, and durability to withstand the demands of mountain hunting.








What’s New: Revolutionary Molded Spread Tow Carbon Fiber Frame, Siliconized Anti-Slip Print on Lumbar Pad, Velcro Webbing Keepers

Weight: 26 oz. (bag only) – 4 lbs. 4 oz. (full kit)

The ICON Pro 3200 is a full-featured pack that will carry your gear for 1-3 days in the field. Designed with durability and functionality in mind, this pack offers everything you need for harsh mountain conditions or less intense day hunts.





KIconPro5200-ViasCamoUIU ICON PRO 5200

What’s New: Revolutionary Molded Spread Tow Carbon Fiber Frame, Siliconized Anti-Slip Print on Lumbar Pad, Velcro Webbing Keepers; Shroud Compression Flap

Weight: 47.9 oz. (bag only) – 5 lbs. 10 oz. (full kit)

The ICON Pro 5200 is designed to keep you comfortable in the field for extended multi day hunts. Durable, functional, and light weight, this pack offers a feature rich bag and a robust suspension system that can carry a heavy load.








What’s New: Revolutionary Molded Spread Tow Carbon Fiber Frame, Siliconized Anti-Slip Print on Lumbar Pad, Velcro Webbing Keepers; Shroud Compression Flap

Weight: 50.9 0z. (bag only) – 5 pounds 13.1 ounces (full kit)

The ICON Pro packs are designed for Mountain Hunting guides and expedition hunters that demand high durability, many organizational features and the need carry massive weight loads.  The flagship ICON Pro 7200 is perfect for expedition type hunts for up to 10 plus days, and gets its strength from a new Spread Tow Carbon Fiber Frame that is stiffer and stronger, and works in concert with our robust suspension system to create the most comfortable user experience possible.





KUIU Mountain Star 2P Tent

Weight: 3 lbs. 3.3 oz – carbon poles (tent body, fly & poles)

What’s New: Asymmetrical Floor shape for Comfortable Shoulder-to-Shoulder Sleeping; Dual Matching Down-Wind Doors and Vestibules

KUIU’s Mountain Star 2P tent is designed specifically for mountain hunters passionate about reducing weight without giving up functionality. Featuring a double intersecting pole design with a horizontal roof truss, this unique design maximizes stability and increases structural integrity in the wind. Placing the poles on the exterior of the tent fly allows for faster setup and take down, saving precious time on the mountain and eliminates the classic struggle of attaching the fly in high wind and rain. Matching vestibules and entries on each side of the tent allows for ample gear storage and space for cooking.  An asymmetrical floor shape provides extra width for comfortable shoulder to shoulder sleeping.






KUIU Scree Gaitor- NEW

Weight: 4.4 oz (pair)

This low profile Scree Gaiter is ideal for early to mid season hunts that do not require a fully waterproof gaiter.  Designed to prevent debris from entering the boot, these gaiters also compress the lower pant leg to minimize snagging on brush. The instep is reinforced with 330 High Tenacity CORDURA® Nylon Water Repellent Fabric for added abrasion resistance. The front Velcro closure makes for easy on and off, and the durable boot strap is easily adjustable.  KUIU gaiters are carefully designed to maximize performance while remaining durable and light weight.



KUIU GlassiGlassingPad-ViasCamong Pad- NEW

Weight: 1.9 oz

The KUIU Glassing Pad was designed to make those hours of ridge top glassing a little more comfortable. Made from durable CORDURA® fabric and closed cell foam, it weighs an incredibly light 1.9 ounces. The glassing pad can also be used for sitting around camp, kneeling on, or as an insulation layer for sitting on snow. Slide it between your KUIU pack bag and frame for easy access and transport. Webbing loops on all four corners allow for attachment to the outside of your pack bag.






KUIU Boned Out Game Bags- NEW (featured on GIRU)

Small;   9.5in x 18in x 5.7in;   2.2 oz;   950 cu in
Medium Narrow;   7.9in x 24.5in x 5.9in;   2.4 oz;   1100 cu in
Large;   11in x 23.2in x 8.1in;   2.9 oz;   2000 cu in

KUIU has taken a technical approach to game bag design, applying advanced construction and patterning to make a better performing and longer lasting system for meat care. KUIU’s Boned Out Game Bags feature an industry first full length zipper that allows for easy top loading and unloading of your meat and lightweight reflective carrying handles that make it easy to transport the bags when not in your pack, and provide a way to hang bagged meat for cooling. Each bags unique shape is designed to minimizes balling of the meat in the bag, and maximizes airflow around your meat when hanging. Double needle felled seams and continuous panel construction reduce stress and potential failure points. These zippered bags are extremely light weight given the features and functionality, and are strategically designed to fit in the KUIU packs.



GroupofQuarterBagsWhite_OrangeKUIU Quarter Game Bags- NEW (featured on GIRU)

Small (small deer);   15in x 25.5in flat;   2.1 oz;   1500 cu in

Medium (large deer);   19in x 32.5in flat;   3.1 oz;   3200 cu in

Large (elk);   23.5in x 42.5in flat;   4.5 oz;   5500 cu in
Extra Large (moose);   28in x 59in flat;   7.2 oz;   11,000 cu in

KUIU has leveraged construction techniques from ultralight tent makers to improve the seams and closure points of the new KUIU Quarter Game Bags. Side panel construction eliminates the most vulnerable bottom seam, and allows the bags to be shaped so they naturally match the curvature of a game quarter. Double needle felled seams are used throughout the bags to maximize seam strength. High visibility blaze orange side panels give a margin of safety when carrying meat and antlers on your back. Available in 4 sizes to cover everything from Antelope to Moose quarters. The small bag size also works well to wrap the skull of a caped deer or sheep, and the XL size can be used as a full carcass bag for smaller deer and pigs.





KUIU Peloton 130 Gloves- NEW

Weight:  0.9 oz (pair)

The Peloton 130 Glove is a base-layer in the glove layering system, and can be worn alone for light protection and concealment during early season hunts or layered under other gloves to provide extra warmth. Peloton 130 introduces another revolutionary Toray innovation – patented Primeflex yarn, which is knitted into fabrics to dry faster, weigh less, last longer and stretch without elastic. The hydrophobic fabric wicks moisture away from your skin so it can quickly evaporate, keeping you dry. Toray’s medical division Makspec odor control treatment, applied to all 130 styles, helps block odor-causing bacteria from penetrating the fabric, allowing for extended wear.





KUIU2016_Peloton200Glove-VC Peloton 200 Gloves

What’s New: Conductive tips on index finger and thumb for touch screen use

Weight: 1.3 oz (pair)

The Peloton 200 Glove is designed to be used as a warm base layer or light duty primary glove.  Peloton 200 introduces another revolutionary Toray innovation – Karuishi fleece, which has a special brushed fabrication that traps warm air inside the fabric. The hydrophobic nature of the fabric wicks moisture away from your skin so it can quickly evaporate, keeping you dry. Patterning and overall construction is similar to the Merino 210 Glove, with added technical features of silicone grip dots across the palm, fingers, and thumb, plus conductive tips on the index finger and thumb for use with touch screen devices.

KUIULive Event- Summer Releases is Today!

Don’t forget to register for the KUIULive Event taking place today, June 30, at 10:30 AM PST.  I’ll be introducing KUIU’s summer releases, featuring the new ICON PRO and ULTRA packs.  Registration is open now throughout the live event.  Don’t miss it!


KUIULive Event- Summer 2016 Releases

Join us for the next KUIULive Event on Thursday, June 30th at 10:30 AM PST where I’ll introduce KUIU’s Summer 2016 Releases.  You won’t want to miss this event– I’ll be covering our 2016 ICON PRO and ULTRA Packs, featuring KUIU’s revolutionary new pack frame, now made with spread tow carbon fiber technology.  I will also be introducing several other new, innovative products, and products with inline changes including the Mountain Star 2P Tent, KUIU’s Game Bag System, KUIU Glassing Pad, KUIU Scree Gaiter, and the KUIU Peloton 130 and 200 Gloves.

Registration for the event opens today, June 23, and will be available throughout the live stream broadcast.  I will be taking questions from audience throughout the live demonstration.  Registration is required for those wishing to ask questions and participate.

I am incredibly excited to introduce our new Summer 2016 Releases to you.  Click here to register for the event–see you there!


KUIU Film Festival Winners

The votes have been counted and I’m excited to announce the winners of the KUIU Inaugural Film Festival!

Winners in each submission category have been notified and will receive one of four incredible KUIU prize packages.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit films–the response to the film festival was so positive that we are already making plans for the KUIU Film Festival 2017.  Stay Tuned!


KUIU Inaugural Film Festival Winners:


Stuck N The Rut – 2015 Alaska Moose Hunt


Abajo Peak


BHDU Showreel


A Hunter’s Prayer


Brendan Burns- Spring Bear Video

Last year Brendan Burns, who runs KUIU Professional Services, arrowed a great bear in Western Montana while hunting his favorite decommissioned logging road. Below is a short film of his hunt and a rundown of the KUIU System Brendan uses on his spring hunts.

Good luck to everyone out chasing spring bears this spring!


Spring bear is a great time time of year to get out, burn off some winter fat, test next fall’s hunting gear, and help out the local ungulate population.  Black bears are extremely hard on elk calves and deer fawns.

My system is all about being light and mobile. Spot and stalk is the only legal method to hunt in Montana (baiting and hounds are prohibited). It’s been my experience that spring bear hunts are 95% looking for a bear to go after and 5% hunting that bear. I try to cover as much country as possible and glass as many prime spots as I can during the best times to hunt, which is usually the last 4 hours of the day.  I’ve never had much luck in the mornings, or in the early, cold days of the seasons.  Once the mountains lose most of their snow, and the new green growth starts showing up in large areas, bears are easier to find. It’s also nicer weather the later you hunt, which is a plus after a long winter.

A bear on the move can be nearly impossible to catch up with, but a big boar feeding in one area has a good chance of being in the same spot when you get to him.  For archery, finding a bear in a good stalkable spot is paramount. Hunting decommissioned logging roads and trails has been the most effective for me.

As you can see in the stalk in the film above, keeping the wind in your favor and staying quiet are the key to killing a bear. Contrary to what many people think, bears do have good eyesight when alerted, but rely on their nose and ears to keep them safe from danger.  Fool those two senses and the odds are in your favor.  Best of luck to everyone this spring.

Brendan’s Spring Gear List
Ultra Merino 125  LS Crew T
Peloton 240 Full Zip Hoodie
Supderown Hooded Jacket
Ultra or Chugach Rain Gear

Ultra Merino 145 Beanie
Ultra Merino 145 Neck Gaiter

Tiburon Pant
Superdown Pant
Yukon Gaiters

Icon Pro 3200
Bow Holder

Tripod and Spotting scope
KUIU Bino Harness and 10 power Binoculars
Havelon Knife
Game Bags (5)P1020229

Join Us for the Third Annual KUIU Garage Sale on May 14th!

Mark your calendars: KUIU’s 3rd Annual Garage Sale is Saturday, May 14th at the KUIU Showroom in Dixon, California!

The 2016 KUIU Garage Sale will feature incredible discounts on our top apparel, packs, and accessories.  Doors open at 10 AM PST and the event ends at 3 PM. All garage sale products are sold as is, all sales are final, and ineligible for refund, exchange, or warranty.  You must be present to purchase; no phone or email orders will be accepted. The line starts forming fast, so get there early.  Purchases will be limited to 4 items per person from 10-11:30 AM in order to make sure everyone gets a chance to buy.  Buyers are welcome to get back in line after their initial purchase.

Two lucky people will win an “early bird” prize: the opportunity to enter the sale before anyone else and choose one item.  We will also be selecting 20 additional raffle prize winners throughout the Garage Sale.

Our KUIU Showroom will be open during the Garage Sale and will offer some incredible specials on select apparel and gear.  We’re also offering a free, catered taco lunch to customers during the sale.

As in years past, several companies and industry experts will have informational booths available for customers.  Coming this year are:

West Coast Archery
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
California Deer Association
Wilderness Athlete
Grady Miller Taxidermy
Out West Outdoors
Goal Zero
Yukon Stone Outfitters

We love getting the chance to see so many of our amazing customers and can’t wait for all of you to get great discounts on KUIU!

2016 Spring Catalog Now Available

The 2016 Spring Catalog has been mailed, and is now available to view online.  We’re excited about our new offerings and kits to help you select exactly what you need for your hunts, based on the weather you’ll encounter in your location.

KUIU Film Fest- Don’t Forget to Vote!

Public voting for the KUIU Film Fest finalist nominees closes April 30–don’t forget to vote!  Finalist films can be viewed here.  Winners in each film category will be announced May 5th.  Visit for details and a list of prize packages for winners.



Hi Everyone,

We will be closing the GIRU beta testing sign up this week. If you are interested in being a beta-tester for the GIRU Product Development Site click this link GIRU BETA TESTER and enter your name and email.

We will be sending out an email to those who have signed up with more details about GIRU and the testing phase of the site next week.

I am excited to show you what we have created.