The Chugach Jacket

The 17.5 ounce Chugach Jacket is made with Toray’s Primeflex 3-layer Dermizax EV waterproof breathable, 4-way stretch fabric. DWR treated at the yarn level with Toray’s patented & industry leading Kudos DWR.  The Chugach Jacket is designed with YKK zippered hand pockets set high to allow access with your Icon pack on, a YKK weatherproof full front zipper, YKK weatherproof pit-zips, an inside storage pocket and a well designed storm-hood.  The Chugach storm-hood is designed to be cinched in two directions to keep peripheral vision open with and without a hat on.

The Chugach is a packable hardshell designed to shed the worst weather in the world.  It is not a fuzzy, soft quiet fleece type fabric such as MTO50, however it is the softest and quietest hardshell I have tested and will not hold moisture.


Primeflex Spiral Yarn

Primeflex fabrics utilize a patented spiral yarn technology, which allows for stretch & recovery without elastic.  Elastic is heavy, hydrophillic and wears out over time.  This fabric allow the Chugach Jacket to be as light as a 2-layer jacket with all the durability and reliability of a 3-layer product.  

I strongly recommend 3-layer rain gear, I have tested many 2-layer fabrics, all have failed and some in the first hour of testing.  The exposed membrane on 2-layer rain gear is too fragile to withstand the abuse of hard mountain hunting.

Waterproof Breathable

Toray’s patented Dermizax EV has a 20,000 mm waterproof rating & 20,000 MTPR breathability rating (the maximum amount of moisture that will pass through the membrane in a 24 hour period), which is the highest waterproof to breathability rating available with a stretch fabric. Dermizax EV is quieter and more durable than expanded PTFE laminates, which is a perfect combination for mountain hunting.

  • 0mm: obviously not waterproof in any way. Sieves, screen doors, basketball nets.
  • 0mm-1000mm: rain resistant, but not rainproof. Most stretch-woven softshells fall here.
  • 1000mm-5000mm: rainproof but not waterproof under pressure (sitting on or leaning against wet surfaces). Engineered (laminated) softshells, inexpensive rain shells, low-end ski and snowboard wear.
  • 5000mm-15,000mm: totally rainproof and generally waterproof unless under serious pressure (extended sitting, submersion, heavy people sitting). Most proprietary coatings (generally, liquid polyurethane coatings that become porous when applied to fabrics and cured) fall in this range.
  • 15,000mm-30,000mm: totally waterproof, even under serious pressure. High-end proprietary PU laminates, PTFE membranes. Can withstand shallow-depth submersion without leaking (fishing waders, drysuits for sailing).
  • 35,000mm and up: Solid vessels and non-porous materials. Will deform or fail catastrophically before leaking. Plastic bottles, rubber galoshes, aircraft carriers.


We have tested this rain gear in some of the harshest conditions in the world, in wet and high-humidity that typically makes waterproof & breathable’s useless.  The Chugach Gear performed flawlessly because of the incredible breathability of Toray’s laminate.

The Chugach Jacket is $299.99 at and would retail for $549.99. It is available in Vias Camouflage and Frost Grey in sizes M-XXL.

Please let me know your thoughts, comments and any questions, I love to hear your feedback.


107 comments to The Chugach Jacket

  • I can sure see one of these in my future and matching pants, as well, I hope that they are “hemmable” and as light a

  • Trevor Carruthers

    That looks like one slick jacket! I could see it being used in a lot of sheep hunting applications for sure!

    That camo pattern looks great in everything I see it in, and that grey is a very nice ‘basic’ color for sure!

  • Cory Benge

    Adjustable hood, velcro type closeable cuffs and the length is perfect! Toray, with 20,000 MTPR breathability rating is the best available for us hunters!! Thank you Jason!

  • Jerry

    Another home run Jason.
    This will probably be the first on my list of gear to get when the sale starts.

    Keep the reveals coming!


  • I can’t wait to get my hands on your pruducts. It screams SE Idaho High Country! I have been tracking your site/posts for the last couple months. When can we start ordering? I think in a previous post there was mention of a sizing chart. When will that be available?

    • Hi Walt,

      Thank you for your comment. We will be offering the subscriber pre-sale in the middle of March and the official launch on the 31st. The sizing chart is coming when we put up the shopping cart on the sight.


  • Man! I hope that camo pattern hides drool, ’cause I’m already droolin’!


  • Matt Stump

    15,000 mm from the “aircraft carrier” threshold. Now that aint bad. lol.

  • Brodie

    This looks awesome! I can’t wait for sheep season this year to try it out. I really enjoy reading the blog and this week has been great getting three new posts. Keep up the great work.

  • Brian McElrea

    The photos of the jacket turned out great against the wood background. Based on the rating it sounds like the jacket will hold up to virtually any wet weather conditions I’ll be able to throw at it this fall.

    Keep em rolling…love seeing the pictures.

  • Justin Starck

    I am beginning to wonder when you are going to release something I don’t think is near perfect, maybe the insulation piece as I would rather have down for my area/climate.

    I like the clean functional design and the hood/collar configuration you went with. I don’t care for the hoods that come off the top of the collar. Also, the fabric sounds too good to be true.

  • David A

    It is absolutely staggering amount of marketing power behind this blog. You have created a “monster” in the the most positive sense of the word. Cant wait to see the Merino and other products. Well done!

  • Sol

    Hmmm, looks like the right piece for acquisition prior to chasing grizz and moose this fall in AK.

    What jackets on the market would this compare to?

  • Curt Cabrera

    Now I’ll look forward to hunting in the rain, wind, snow, and anything else mother nature has in store for me… another out of this world product my friend!

  • Riley

    Wow, I’m very impressed with this jacket. The look, the construction, features, everything. The camo is growing on me more and more I think.

    • Thanks for hanging in there with me on the camo. I will shoot it for you next week in the eastern Sierras if the weather permits. You really need to see this in the mountains for what it is designed for.


  • Can’t wait…I could get about 9 months of daily use from that gray version…might want to consider a “daily driver” line of these jackets!

  • Chris Jewell

    Looks great Jason. Can’t wait to try it out on WA, ID & OR spring bear.

  • Joe Castinado

    Looks great! How do I correctly pronounce all this stuff? Chugach (chew-gottch)

    Velcro cuffs seem very similar to your previous product line, am I correct? How does the hood fold down when not in use? It doesn’t appear to be removable.


    • Hi Joe,

      It is pronounced Chew-gatch. This is a famous range of mountain in Alaska and is one of the wettest places on earth. The cuff tab are a much more streamlined design than anything I have developed. We bonded the face fabric directly to the hook side of the velcro for a lower profile and cleaner design. The hood is not removable, but designed to stay tight to the back of the collar when you are not using it. You will not even know it is there.


  • JohnC

    O man! I will resist asking how the Guide jacket differs and just wait impatiently for the post. This is a truly great looking jacket! I love the solid color. That said, and I’ve posted many times about how I’m not a camo guy, I tell you what – this pattern is looks great and it will look even better in the woods, on the plains, in the coulees…! You are converting me and that is something! Can’t wait to see the rest, this just keeps getting better, and the pre-sale can’t come fast enough now. Thanks, Jason (take a cat nap already!).

    • Thanks for being genuinely concerned about my health and well being! I really appreciate it:). Glad to hear the camo is growing on you. I am headed out with Daniel who shot & wrote South & East of Unalakleat in our features section to shoot the pattern in a wide range of environments. They should go up next week.


  • Doug

    Dang, another item to add to my wish list. Sure hope the business climate picks up here at home so I can afford to use all the gear I am going to buy on a Colorado over the counter elk hunt. I had to pass on the Wyoming application because of uncertainty with work, but if things pick up I should be able to swing the Colorado hunt. Where in western WY are you going to be hunting? My last WY hunt was in the Greys River area, not many huge bulls but, many 300”s and one encounter with a 380”. My hair still stands on end when I think about that one.


  • Richard Wooster

    Awesome dude!
    I can’t wait to see the next item.

  • Dave Beronio

    That Jacket looks awesome!

  • Peter Rose

    Cool – I am really glad I held off on that rain gear I have been looking at for the last few months. Will definitely be getting one of these and the matching pants. The anticpation to see each new piece is killng me!!!

  • Brian Morris

    Very nice my friend. I hunted in the pants and jacket this fall chasing turkeys in the rain. very pleased with the performance and durability of the Chugach jacket and pants. The turkey I shot was not very pleased!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Doug P

    Good looking jacket. I do like the camo pattern, but as with the pants, I’d much rather a brown or khaki green. I’m sure you got that planned once things get rolling.

    Any chance you will have drop shipping for Canada? Seems a waste to send them down to the US and then send them back here.

  • Rob Bowman

    Love all the gear so far Jason. Real nice work man. Glad to see you’re making it in my backyard too! Keep it up, can’t wait to get my hands on the gear. Think I’ll sleep in it the first night!

  • John

    The camo, and the way it is designed is just fantastic. I never did like hoods on a jacket, even in the rain. With the ability to see everywhere I may just change my mind. I’ll take a top and bottom in mid March! Along with 1 of everything else! JJ

    • Thanks John,

      We spent a lot of time adjusting the design of this hood. I really like how this hood turned out, when you are not using the hood it sits nice and tight and you do not even know it is there.


  • Craig Germond

    This is what I’ve been looking for! It’s a no brainer I’m getting one!

  • Joe

    I have never looked at the higher end rain gear before but while in UT I stopped at a Cabelas and got my hands on the Sitka Stormfront and the Cabelas high end stuff (Guide Series Gortex?). I was surprised at how noisy they were. I have always used MT050 or rain sued, but they do fail in many areas. How does Kuiu compare to the Sitka/Guide Series?

    • Hi Joe,

      The Toray fabric in the Chugach Jacket is quieter than the Gore-tex products you looked at in Cabela’s. Expanded PTFE is very noisy by construction. Toray uses a polyurethane technology that does not make the noise that expanded PTFE rain gear makes. The Chugach rain gear a hard-shell and is not silent like a fuzzy or fleece faced rain gear, but is is incredibly waterproof and will not hold water and is light and packable. Please let me know if I have not answered your questions.


  • Wade Porter

    I’ve been waiting for Kuiu since first hearing about your company. I was excited to see the Chugach jacket until I saw the Chugach jacket. I’m a camo guy and the pattern simply doesn’t work for me. Hunting dark timber chasing elk – not the best pattern. A choice in a darker background or overall darker pattern and I would purchase. Until then, I’ll have to wait. Looks like a great product.

    • Hi Wade,

      I totally understand. What camo are you using in the dark timber, I would like to work on a solution for this.


      • Wade Porter

        Hi Jason,
        Predator deception green all the way to max 1 (sage). I like asat and this appears to be close to that so it would work great everywhere except where I elk hunt. However, the worst weather I encounter and where I need this set up is always while elk hunting. This was the same reason I never purchased sitka was due to their camo pattern being too light. Now, they have the forest green pattern, but I’m excited about your line of products so I will wait a bit longer.

  • Mike Castillo

    Awesome, I have been close to pulling the trigger on a set of stormfronts, but I think I’ll wait and get these. Looking forward to a review on the pants…Mike

  • Creative and Innovative once again. I have a feeling I will be spending a few nights on the Yukon mountain side in that Jacket right there.
    A note on the camo pattern; it looks like it would be a great break up pattern high amongst the leafless Poplar and Aspen branches for all of us treestand hunters as well. Any testing done of this nature or pics?

  • Gale Smith

    Are you considering adding green to the camo on the Chugach Jacket as well?

  • Sam

    Jason: How does the breathability of Primeflex compare to eVent? I was about to pull the trigger on a Westcomb eVent piece, but like others, am for the moment riveted on Kuiu. Thanks!

    • Hi Sam,

      eVent and Westcomb are both amazing products and you will not go wrong with this choice.

      The independent studies I researched has Toray’s laminate a very close second to eVent in regards to breathability. Both are way ahead of everything else on the market and breathability of the Chugach is absolutely amazing. In evaluating both products, Toray’s durability is higher than expanded PTFE, quieter, 4-way stretch give you a much better range of motion and comfort and more durable. Let me know if you have ANY other questions.


  • Doc


    Even though its pretty obvious that the Chugach Jacket is a Rain Gear jacket, but could you please describe the differences between the Chugach Jacket vs. your other 2 Jackets that you have in your product line (Guide & Spindrift)? What are some Pros to the Chugach, that lacks in the other 2? Also, what are some Cons to the Chugach vs the other 2?

  • Allan


    The Chugach looks even better than my exceptionally high expectations, and I know from seeing and feeling the Toray fabric how nice (and relatively quiet and soft) it is! I love the camo pattern, but like some other folks I would also like the ability to wear the rain gear on my way to and from the hunt and in other non-hunting surroundings, and a solid would work better for that. I too would prefer a solid color that is darker than the light gray, like the brown you say you will be producing, or your charcoal color, or even an olive — any one of those would work well. Do you have an idea when the solid brown or other darker solid will be available? I think the idea of a green based camo is a great idea for spring turkeys or predominantly green environments, but for the areas I mainly hunt, the current camo pattern is the best for most purposes and is the one I will buy.

    This blog is wonderful. Thanks for keeping us all up to speed on the products and responding to our questions and comments.


    • Hi Allan,

      I always appreciate your input and insight, thank you for your detailed comment. The grey is not quite as light as maybe it appears on your monitor, more of a medium tone. The reason for choosing medium tones on some of the solid colors is to create contrast against your dark pack waist belt, shoulder straps, binocular straps and binoculars. Adding dark straps and objects over the top of the medium tone grey and will help break up your human form. If you have all dark colors on you have zero contrast and one large dark blob that is easily seen. I will shoot this in the field next week for you to see and judge. Have a great weekend.


  • Jeff

    Jason: When you shoot the KUIU products in the outdoors could you take some shots in black and white? While we see the camo in color and try to match the colors to the background we hunt, I am guilty of forgetting that deer and elk do not see the colors the same way we do. I think we might be amazed at how different the camo looks and how well it works if we had black and white (or elk vision) shots as well as color, just a thought. While I like the Max-1 pattern, I think the Vias pattern, even in the tans, browns, and grays, will outperform anything else on the market, I am positive the material will. Keep up the great work and come on next post!

  • Kelly M

    Absolutely love it! Sooo glad I held off buying a new jacket this fall, the Chugach fits the bill perfectly. I almost wish you didn’t offer the solid colour option, now I have to get 2!
    Anyone else blown away by this manufacturer/customer interaction? Fantastic!

  • Mark Toso

    Please make this in a size small. I swear the hunting industry discriminates against small adults who are in shape, but what about kids and women? What are they supposed to wear? I hate to pack on 50 # just to wear your stuff. I’m not that dedicated!

  • Mark Toso

    Thanks Jason. It’s a very common problem for me, so this applies to your entire line. I know the quantities are small (pun not intended) especially compared to XXXL, but you have to wonder how many of those guys will be using this on a mountain. With more women hunting today they might make it worth the effort too.

    BTW – The more I see your camo, the more I want it.

  • Jerry Gowins

    In all seriousness, I really think this will be a Godsend for the late blacktail hunt here in western Oregon. Some of the best times to see big bucks moving is during those pouring rains. In the past you’ve had a choice; Either get soaked by sweat, or by the rain. I’m excited about your third option in the Chugach.

    That said, because of the typical blacktail country foilage, I too would like to see a color scheme along the lines of the Predator Spring line.

    Thanks for making a fantastic product. Like others have already posted, the way you are marketing/informing is genius.



  • JP Cotton

    Are the caps available yet? I can not wait until everything is out. I hunt Texas exclusively and have been using open patterns for years like predator and asat with good success. I hunt in ground blinds or +20ft up in a tree which comfort, being dry and warm = being still and success. Again….cant wait.

  • Daniel

    If that grey looks better in person, it is something, because that image looks great.

  • Romo

    Just saw KUIU on Flying Wild Alaska in use by Lance Kronberger. Nice!

    • Hey Romo,

      I just saw that too. Same trip Daniel shot and wrote South and East of Unalakleet in our features section on the website. Thanks for letting me know, that was really cool to see.


      • Derrick

        Hey Jason,

        I just saw Lance wearing KUIU too. I can’t wait until March. I still can’t believe how much interaction we are able to have with the head of a new company. KUIU seems to break the mold of the traditional big name manufacturers. I think we all feel like we are part of KUIU’s development process. You going to have quite a few life long KUIU fans if you keep this up in the future.

        Just a shot in the dark, but have you ever thought about having a student discount for us college kids. Just a thought haha…

        • Hey Derrick,

          Thanks for the nice comment. We are all in KUIU together, meaning one cannot exist without the other. I truly enjoy talking shop, it is my favorite topic besides my wife and kids. We all live and breath hunting, gear and up coming adventure. Building gear for this passion and talking about it with everyone is incredibly fun and rewarding.

          I do not have a college student discount, but we will have internships if you would be interested.


  • David Beronio

    No kidding,
    I just started drooling on my remote while watching that. Guys unloading the plane with goods and all wearing Kuiu. AWESOME. I had to look twice wondering if someone else had the pattern then I saw the unmistakable Kuiu hat.
    Oh yeah! nice Jason

  • Doug Dillingham

    I have been a fan of Sitka Mountain Gear since the beginning but I am really fired up to give Kuiu a try. My question is this, Sitka offerred Mountain Mimmicry camo for a few years and then all of a sudden discontinued it, leaving guys who can only afford a few items each year hanging with an incomplete Sitka outfit with no way to finish adding the items they had planned on buying. Will Kuiu plan on keeping the Vias Camo line available indefinately or do you forsee it being available for just a short time and then being fazed out, making it difficult for guys to secure a complete outfit if they buy their items over a number of years? I know you may not be able to give a “for sure” answer but I am wondering if this dilemma has even been brought to your attention and what your thoughts on it might be. Thanks in advance for an answer. Doug

    • Hi Doug,

      Thank you so much for the comment. I totally get your concerns, the current Vias camo will remain indefinitely. This does not mean we will not add other choices down the road as I always look to add new ideas, concepts and technologies as our customers ask for them or I come up with something new. Let me know if you have any other questions, comments or concerns.


  • jim dryer

    Hey Jason

    All the new the gear and camo look top notch! I have one concern about size and fit of the new gear. I am 6′ 3” tall and virtually no jackets or shirts are ever long enough. I had sitka gear jackets and tops,they just creep half way up my arm and in my opinion way to short. I had to sell the stuff to some “shorties” in my family. I am hesitant to purchase gear from companys that don’t provide talls. I notified sitka gear, someone gave me a blanket email blowing me off. Another company had the integrity to tell me that when ordering, tall sizes where not economical for them. I respect that and will not longer patronize Kings camo! I think in general people will purchase high end gear if fit and function are paramount. Jason, looks like you have your ” poop in a group” Customer service is priority #1 You will always have success if you can ”wear the customers shoes” Thanks for your positive info, don’t for get tall people! respectfully Jim

  • Justin Hansen

    When do I get to try it on? It’s beautiful, I want one!!! I am seriously looking forward to this jacket!!

  • Allan

    I found that episode of Flying Wild Alaska on the internet and watched it. I was glad to be able to see the clothing being worn in actual conditions. Here is the link to the video if anyone else wants to see Kuiu in action.


  • Dave


    I’m very interested in your Chugach rain gear. You call it a hard shell. How slick is the material compared to more traditional hard shells (Arcteryx, North Face, etc.)? The reason I ask is that I have been training with a heavy pack and noticed that when I’m wearing a Gore-tex hard shell jacket the pack tends to slip down. I find myself constantly having to push it up and though I tighten the waist belt it keeps slipping. When I take the same pack with the same weight and carry it wearing a polar fleece jacket I have no problems.

    Is the Chugach jacket as slippery as traditional hard shells? Have you carried a heavy pack wearing the Chugach jacket and if so, did you have problems with the pack slipping?



    • Hi Dave,

      This is a really good question and I have had this same problem in the past. The Chugach gear is not slick. I have worn it in really wet conditions with heavy loads and this is not a problem. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.


  • Ryan

    Hi Jason,

    Just wondering about the fit of the Chugach jacket as it relates to layering underneath – is it more of an athletic fit given the natural stretch of the fabric, or is there still room to layer without binding? I’m often a borderline M to L guy, but prefer the M if it’s not too restrictive with under-layers.


  • Nate Sisam

    Hi Jason,
    You have my attention with your product line, I will patiently await the pre sale.

    It looks like you are well aware of the fit and sizing needs for those of us who are fit enough to make it back to the tough spots. I have always resorted to using mountaineering clothing.

    I am not the biggest guy on earth so I will keep my fingers crossed that you will consider making items in Small or that the Medium is truly a medium not a Nebraska Med.

    All the Best, Nate

  • Curtis

    I just did a quick over the post and didn’t see any discussion about the how well the Chugach blocks wind. Sorry if its already been answered.

    Jason have you done any testing to find out what kind of wind speeds the Chugach line will keep out?

  • BaranofHunter

    I’m 5’8″ & 140lbs. I live in Sitka, Alaska and am about to buy some good raingear, but I think your medium is just gonna be too big. I always wear a small or xs in gear. The thing is, I’m not that small. I personally know of 6 other guys that mentioned considering your gear, but are not quite sure a medium is small enough. I don’t want to drop over half a grand on rain gear to have it baggy. If I’m gonna drop that kind of dough, I want it to fit well. Any plans for small jacket and short pants in the near future?

  • Steve

    Love the rain jacket and pants, worth every penny. But my question is how do you care/wash them after a hunt?

  • Steve

    Thanks for the tip. I really want to protect the gear. I’ve never seen anything like it in their proformance and quality. Outstanding job one this one, Jason!

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