The Chugach Pant

The 13.2 ounce Chugach Pant is made with Toray’s Primeflex 3-layer Dermizax EV waterproof breathable, 4-way stretch fabric.  Toray’s patented & industry leading Kudos DWR treated at the yarn level for superior performance.  The Chugach Pant is designed with YKK weatherproof full side leg zippers with three sliders for zipping down for ventilation, a YKK zippered fly, Prym snap closure and CWH webbing with a Duraflex low profile belt closure.  Bemis seam tape, articulated knees, double reinforced and bonded cuffs and skuff-guard with Prym snap cuff closures make this pant comfortable and very reliable in the worst conditions.

The Chugach is a packable hardshell designed to shed the worst weather in the world.  It is not a fuzzy, soft quiet fleece type fabric such as MTO50, however it is the softest and quietest hardshell I have tested and will not hold moisture.


Primeflex Spiral Yarn

Primeflex fabrics utilize a patented spiral yarn technology, which allows for stretch & recovery without elastic.  Elastic is heavy, hydrophillic and wears out over time.  This fabric allow the Chugach Jacket to be as light as a 2-layer jacket with all the durability and reliability of a 3-layer product.  

I strongly recommend 3-layer rain gear, I have tested many 2-layer fabrics, all have failed and some in the first hour of testing.  The exposed membrane on 2-layer rain gear is too fragile to withstand the abuse of hard mountain hunting.

Waterproof Breathable

Toray’s patented Dermizax EV has a 20,000 mm waterproof rating & 20,000 MTPR breathability rating (the maximum amount of moisture that will pass through the membrane in a 24 hour period), which is the highest waterproof to breathability rating available with a stretch fabric. Dermizax EV is quieter and more durable than expanded PTFE laminates, which is the perfect combination for mountain hunting.


  • 0mm: obviously not waterproof in any way. Sieves, screen doors, basketball nets.
  • 0mm-1000mm: rain resistant, but not rainproof. Most stretch-woven softshells fall here.
  • 1000mm-5000mm: rainproof but not waterproof under pressure (sitting on or leaning against wet surfaces). Engineered (laminated) softshells, inexpensive rain shells, low-end ski and snowboard wear.
  • 5000mm-15,000mm: totally rainproof and generally waterproof unless under serious pressure (extended sitting, submersion, heavy people sitting). Most proprietary coatings (generally, liquid polyurethane coatings that become porous when applied to fabrics and cured) fall in this range.
  • 15,000mm-30,000mm: totally waterproof, even under serious pressure. High-end proprietary PU laminates, PTFE membranes. Can withstand shallow-depth submersion without leaking (fishing waders, drysuits for sailing).
  • 35,000mm and up: Solid vessels and non-porous materials. Will deform or fail catastrophically before leaking. Plastic bottles, rubber galoshes, aircraft carriers.



We have tested this rain gear in some of the harshest conditions in the world, including wet and high air humidity that typically makes waterproof & breathable’s useless.  The Chugach Gear performed flawlessly because of the incredible breathability of Toray’s laminate.

The Chugach Pant is $249.99 at and would retail for $499.99. It is available in Vias Camouflage and Frost Grey in sizes M-XXL.

Please let me know your thoughts, comments and any questions, I love to hear your feedback.


65 comments to The Chugach Pant

  • Excellent pant, the final rain gear has come!

    Thanks for such a nice work to all the KUIU Team.


  • Chris

    So, is the inseam 35″ on these pants? If so, does hemming them void the warranty? Is hemming possible with the leg zippers?

    • Hi Chris,

      The Chugach Pant comes with a 33″ inseam. Unfortunately, you cannot hem this pant. I have found that rain shells can be worn a little long or short and is why we made this in a 33″ inseam, splitting the difference. I hope this will work for you. If not PLEASE let me know for future production.


  • Andy Bacigalupo

    Love those leg zippers, great for dumping heat
    quickly and for regulating temperature
    when working hard.


  • Bryan Englehart

    HMMMMMM….one more item for my shopping list…man I’m going to be right at the top of my wife’s @#$@# list!! lol

  • Richard Wooster

    I love the stretch waist for us older guys, with fluctuating waistlines. I started the season with a 38 waist and ended it at 40. Should I go with the 38 or 40? Also, love the full length leg zippers and the relaxed looking fit.
    I’m with you Bryan, but that’s why my doghouse is carpeted, with cable TV and a full bar!

  • Rick

    Your line of hunting clothes looks impressive, is there any other way to contact you as I would like to know more about the company. Thanks.

  • Unreal! Wow! Sounds like you have made the ‘impossible dream’ rainpant a ‘here now!’ reality.
    I love that frost gray as well.Would that not be a great ski pant with some merino underneath and good to go.Is that not better than my Arc’terx pants?
    Good show Jason!!I am going to have to get a statue of you and put it on the fireplace mantel!

    • Thanks Beau, LOL regarding a statue! Yea, the Chugach Shell will rival or out perform any 3-layer shell on the planet. I will not comment directly about Arc’teryx other than they are an iconic brand. I hope you can understand.


  • Gordon Brooks

    Jason, The pants look great. Nice photo’s as well. I really wish these were going to made in a 30″ inseam as well as a 33″ or a 35″, I find wearing that extra 3-6″ of fabric useless. I have never been satisfied with most manufacturers cutting the end of the leg off & hemming it! it leaves the leg to large in diameter & the knees always are still to long, you end up having to reach to your knees for the most part to get things out of your pockets. I wish the legs could be brought up, not cut off at the ends. Yes this is for the shorter inseam guys & yes this is just a suggestion for future production. if anyone else would like to chime in for a shorter inseam please do so. These look like they would breath very well when your churning your way up the hill. Nice Work.

    • Hi Gordon,

      Thank you for the comment and input. In regards to the Attack Pant, hemming will not change the way the pant fits you. The cargo pockets are set high and the bottom of the pant is a boot cut, which the opening is 9.5″ and tapers to 9″ six inches up from the pant. You need 9″ to have the correct “fall” over a boot. The rain shell cannot be hemmed. I will look at adding different inseam lengths in the future for a more exact fit. I totally get it. Just hard to do this first season, I hope you can understand. Thank you for bringing this up.


  • Doug

    YEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Christmas in March is almost here. Man, the excitement is building to an explosive state. I had to go get a physical just to make sure my body could handle the excitement. The money I have been stashing away apparently is already spent………….On KUIU gear : )
    Everything I have seen so far exceeds the expectations that I anticipated since following the blog.

    Great work Jason.

    Doug Rauls

  • Gale Smith

    Can you easily access pockets on the Attack Pants through the leg zips of the Chugach Pants? From the photos, it looks like the pockets on the Attack Pants are in the same region as the leg zips on the Chugach Pants.

  • Ernie Wilson

    Just saw you guys on Flying Wild Alaska with Era Alaska. I like the camo pattern more everytime I see it.

  • Jason – when you get a free moment (hah!) would you mind rolling up the Chugach pant and jacket and putting them next to a Nalgene or something for compressed size reference? Just curious how small less than a pound will be in the pack. You’re slowing destroying gear budgets one post at a time…I like your style!

  • John C

    I echo the feelings of many a guy here re: budget destruction and doghouses – unfortunately mine is not heated or carpeted and the bar is a cooler! More to point: Jason, when do you anticipate the second product run hit the market, for those of that will have spread these purchases out? I will have to really prioritize my list “needs” and “wants”. Thanks again, I like how fast it’s all coming together now! Waiting impatiently for the Guide Jacket post…

    • The next run of Merino is expected to ship around the 1st of June, if this stays on schedule we can expect product in by mid-July maybe a little sooner. Toray is experiencing a huge increase in demand from their European customers due to the strength of the Euro and they have some very long lead times. The next shipment of fabric is confirmed at the end of July with a push to move this up. If things do not change this fabric will not leave Vancouver as product until late August to early September. Like I said we will do everything possible to move up production and lead times.


  • Stephanie

    Jason- I am interested in your products but I was curious if you are going to make smaller sizes/inseams for women? I would be walking off the 33″ inseam.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you so much for your interest in KUIU, I would love to have you as a customer. Unfortunately, we do not currently have women’s sizes in the future plans, however if we get enough interest I would be more than willing to produce women’s sizes. I hope you can understand.


  • Michael Sendrowicz


    I’m itchin’ for March.

  • Peter Rose

    These look vcery well thought out and technically superior to any hunting type waterproof breathables I have ever seen. I know what my new rain gear will be!!!!

    Can’t wait for March. Great work Jason.

  • I also require a shorter inseam and would suggest that eventually these pants be produced in 28″, 33″ and 35″ inseams and with waists to 46″; I think that these seemingly oddball sizes will actually sell much better in numbers per business quarter than one might imagine. I will want one in camo and two in the frost grey for general winter bushbashing and I will buy them, no question, as my wife is a cherub and has no issues with my gear expenses.

    This is the best looking line of clothing, with the possible exception of our Vancouver-built Westcomb, that I have seen in 40+ years of buying and using the finest gear from all over the globe and I am VERY impressed by every aspect of your operation, we need gear of this level of design and execution.

    I would like to see some brilliant colours in the Chugach for some mountain uses when you have time and sales-production permits. I really like these garments and think that a bright red set would sell very well for winter camping, ski-touring and so forth.

    • Hi Dewey,

      These are some very nice complements, I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to share these with me. All of your comments on sizing and colors are well noted. I will be adding more colors and sizes to the line as the company grows. Thank you very much!


  • Aron Snyder


    The Chugach looks great (along with everything else in the KUIU line! Knowing What I know about the fabric you’re using, the Chugach rain gear is going to make some waves with the other companies making “High End” rain gear! It’s going to be great to see how these compare!

    On a side note, I will snap a bunch of pictures of the Vias camouflage pattern in as many Colorado hunting backgrounds as I can.

    Thanks Again

    Aron Snyder

    • Thanks Aron! I look forward to getting a full set of gear out to you to experience. It will certainly be great to get your level of experience and expertise to test this line up of gear. Thanks for the comment and nice words.


  • Allan


    This may be the single best item in the Kuiu line simply because anything even remotely comparable does not exist for hunters. The material (light, stretchy, relatively soft/quiet, very “waterproof”), the fit, the 3-pull FULL LENGTH side zippers (WOW), the outstanding camo pattern or solid color (although I still think I would personally prefer a somewhat darker color). All these characteristics are almost too good to be true. The Chugach pants may end up being the least used piece of Kuiu clothing of everything that is coming out, but when you need them you REALLY need them, and they can be put on quickly and easily and will do the job in hunting conditions. There isn’t any mountain hunting clothing as good as you are producing, but there isn’t anything being made by anyone that is even in the same ballpark as these pants.


    • Thank you Allan, I always appreciate your insight and thoughtful comments! The Chugach line is amazing gear, wait until you see how well it fits! I will make you some in a darker color, just do not complain when you blob all up:))) What color would you recommend? I have a dark brown or olive green that I like, let me know.


  • Allan


    I might blob more in lighter, more open conditions, but in cloudy, rainy, darker conditions, especially in sheltered areas where there are semi-shadows where I will often be sitting when it is raining, I would rather have something a bit darker. The olive sounds great as it is usually a medium tone and not as dark as a dark brown that would have a greater tendency to blob. The olive would still provide contrast with dark pack straps, etc., as you described, just not as much as the lighter gray. Thanks for truly listening and responding in a meaningful way to the comments we make on your blog!


    • Hey Alan,

      I totally understand wanting a bit darker color for the rain shell. I will work with Toray on adding this to the line for the future, a medium tone olive would look fantastic and blends into just about everything. Thank you so much for the help and input. This is how we make a great product line and brand!


      • Joaquin d'A

        I don’t know why, but the more I look that Frost Grey the more I like it! Besides, I’ve always heard that greys are the best colors for blending in the mountain open spaces.

        I’m not sure if I will give it a try or maybe wait for that olive to be born!



        • Hi Joaquin,

          If you have ever hunted Coues deer you will have an all new respect for this tone of grey. They simply disappear in just about any cover or NO cover right before your eyes. Also, when you add pack straps, waist belt binoculars and their straps you break up your profile well with a lighter color. This is the influence behind the Frost Grey.


  • Brad

    I am looking forward to Aron’s review of the pack. Does he have it yet?

    • Hi Brad,

      The pack is in production and we do not expect to have the pack here until the beginning of May. I plan to ship one to him as soon as I receive it for his testing review. Thank you for your interest in KUIU.


  • Matt

    Two Questions:
    Any gaiters in production?
    Any buttons on the inside of the waistband for suspenders?


  • Larry Schwartz

    Would our sewing buttons into the the Attach or Chugach pant void your warranty?


  • Tom

    Great looking pants! I’m not sure if I missed it but how is the sizing going to work? Sm. Med Lrg. or by pant size. 32, 34, 36, 38, ect……

    Also, how do they fit compaired to regular pants? If a guy wears 32″ jeans, what size would he need in these pants?

    Thanks for your time!

  • Sam

    I have 2 questions, why is your brand of hunting gear named after an island in southeast alaska and yet you only have a desert camo patern?? and are you the other guy that helped start “sitka gear”?

    • Hi Sam,

      I am one of the two founders of Sitka. I named this brand KUIU because I really enjoyed hunting black bears on that island. A really beautiful place. This name is not necessarily indicative of where there gear is designed to be used. I just loved the island and name. Thanks for the comment Sam. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


  • Chris Foster

    Ok, I live in Sitka, Alaska. I took this pant out on a backcountry scouting trip for Mt. Goat. The only thing I would suggest is that you reinforce the seat just like the lower leg cuffs. With alpine hunting you are sitting in the rocks and with one trip I’m already seeing potential problems with snags and such on the rear. Not to mention when heavy and dropping off a mountain your more likely to do a butt slide than anything else to negotiate terrain. So far so good, just thought I would contribute a real world observation to the success of your line.

    • Matt


      Thanks for the review on the pants. I’ve been eyeing a pair for next season. I use my rain pants as my “extra” layer and they get beat up a bit. How did the knees hold up? Perhaps an extra “layer” there woul help be a nice compliment to your suggestions.


      Understand your process for keeping the Chugach pant as light as possible. Perhaps the re-inforced pant could be the “Wrangel” Pant and weigh a few ounces more adding yet another option to your line. ??

    • Hi Chris,

      I am working with Lance Kronberger to develop an Alaskan Style set of Storm Gear with a heavier fabric with additional renforcements in the seat, knees and cuffs. The current gear is fantastic and it has tested out incredibly durable. This new gear is for guys who spend over 100+ days a year in their rain gear. Sounds like this new gear may be right in your wheel house. I will keep you posted here on the blog.


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