Guide Jacket

The 21.75 ounce Guide Jacket is made with a 274 g/m2 Toray Primeflex Softshell, a 100% polyester stretch woven face fabric, bonded to a high performance micro-fleece backer fabric. DWR treated at the yarn level with Toray’s patented & industry leading Kudos DWR, the guide jacket gives you an unmatched weather protection for a non-laminated softshell.

The Guide Jacket is designed with YKK zippered hand pockets set high to allow access with your Icon pack on, a YKK full front zipper, YKK pit-zips, an inside storage pocket and a well designed storm-hood.  Like the Chugach Storm-Hood, the Guide Hood is designed to be cinched in two directions to keep peripheral vision open with and without a hat on.

Articulated elbows and 4-way stretch allow for a full range of motion. Stretch paneled cuffs and a waist cinch keep the cold from coming in.

Toray’s Primeflex Softshell fabric is the perfect for the backcountry due to their patented spiral yarn technology that reduces physical weight, maximizes breathability, is highly wind-resistant, is quiet, durable and sheds light rain & snow keeping you out of your hard-shell except in the worst conditions.  The Guide jacket does not replace your hard-shell, but is perfect for cold, windy, intermittent moisture days when you need a high level of protection.


The Guide Jacket sells at for $199.99 and would retail for $349.99. It is available in Frost Grey, Major Brown and Vias Camouflage in sizes M-XXL.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comment on the Guide Jacket. Your input is really appreciated.


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  • Darrell Williams


    It looks really good to me. The only thing I see it lacking are the 2 breast pockets. I find those extremely handy to have. Can’t wait to try this stuff out.

    • Hi Darrell,

      Thank you for the comment, it is noted on the chest pockets.


      • Todd

        I agree with Darrell, Often times i put a lighter or chapstick on other essentials in my chest pocket or sleeve pocket if there is one and I usually just leave them there so I never am without them.

    • Chris Jewell


      Jacket looks great. In fact, I’m pretty sure that wherever a guy or gal wears this jacket they’ll get the best dressed award. You know what they say “if you can’t shoot or hike, you better at least look good”. Sign me up for the Major Brown.

  • Steve

    Excellent!!! Love the streamlined design without pockets, buttons, snaps and zippers all over the place. Great colors too.

  • Add another item to my wishlist! The cut of this jacket looks perfect! This is the first time I have seen any items in your “Major Brown” color – a perfect choice for your solids lineup.

  • Dillon Hofs

    Looks great Jason, hard to tell from that angle but what’s the flap for on the back of the hood?

  • James Reinert

    Does the Guide Jacket have pit Zippers?

  • Only a little over a pound? For that jacket? That’s awesome!! I see my pack weight shrinking every time you post something new. Keep posting. :-)

  • Bryan Englehart

    HMMMM.. Great one more thing I have to have! Looks really good it will be interesting to see how I like it without the chest pockets. Sometimes I use them but most the time I don’t for fear of them sticking out to far for me when I am bowhunting. So I guess you better sign me up so I can try this one too!! Thanks for another great looking product.

  • Luke

    Hey Jason, looks great! What is the length of the jacket from the base of the collar to the rear hem? The reason for my asking is this: I am a taller guy (6’4″) and one of my pet peeves is when I lean over and my jacket rides way up and I get a big draft of air up my back side. Also, like your pants, it would make sense to me if your jackets came in “tall” sizes, with an extra 2″ in sleeve length and hem length. Look at the cabelas bargain cave online items – the tall sizes always sell out faster then the regular sizes. I think most people would rather err on the side of too long as opposed to too short. Food for thought.

    • Thanks Luke,

      I think this Jacket may work for you. There has certainly been a lot of support on the blog for tall sizes and something we will consider once we get the gear out there and see how it fits. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


    • Jeff Short

      I am 6’4″ as well and tested a prototype Guide jacket last fall. KUIU cut in length is generous similar to high end mountaineering clothing. The articulated designs and tailored fit also aid in good coverage. Give it a try.

  • Really like the jacket, and the non camo brown looks great for everyday use. Once you try it, you will have it on all day long. What I like fromother shot shell jackets I have use, is that is much more.. cant find the right word… more warm, nice, pleasant.

    And its breathability is outstanding. Two weeks ago almost broke my phone that was on the outside pocket. I was wearing under the kuiu shoft shell vest, and although the phone was on the outer layer, it got so humid with all the sweat coming out that almost broke. The best was that I was not wet at all, all the humidity was just going out from me. Nice!

    Good job. Really like the pics! I will add for the web some close looks on the details of the features, such as zips, pockets, etc..

    Take care, and thanks for answering all the comments, I can imagine the amount of time you are spending on KUIU. Hope you the best, sincerily, its inspiring.

  • John

    My list is growing with each new piece of clothing. Nice Jacket Jason. John


    No hood option please. Would like to have velcro cuff strap. Great brown color!

  • Joe

    Great solid colors! So the cinch on the top of the back of the hood pulls the top across the forehead like a headband? Pedro brings up and interesting point about the warm moisture escaping from your body through the shell. I noticed that with my Sitka gear occasionally as well on the arm pocket on the base layer, guess I will need to keep my phone/gps/barometer in ziploc baggies.


  • Cory Benge

    Will you have some of the KUIU items to sample at GSCO this week? Again, the blog keeps getting better and better! Really like the jacket with non camo colors…would look great with our state bowhunters association logo on it.
    Great Job!

    • Hi Cory,

      I had to cancel my trip to GSCO this week. The office construction was delayed and we do not get the keys until Friday. We are late moving in and have to do it all weekend. Sorry, and congratulations on your award. Tell Lance hello.


  • Paul Chrena

    NICE!!! I hope you know that your teasing everyone by only showing one piece at a time…LOL

  • Kelly M

    I too would like a chest pocket option, I find they get used the most on other similar jackets I have. Great colors! Knocked another one out of the park with this coat!

  • Gordon Brooks

    Jason, this looks awesome, Hood, pitzips & inside pocket. streamline & highly functional!

  • Kit Baughman

    Hi Jason,

    Aw geez! Here I was thinking that I was just going to be replacing all my hunting gear, but I’m also liking the other colors, in addition to the Vias. So now I’m thinking the Vias for hunting, the brown/olive for chores, and the frost grey for going to town… KUIU just had to come along when I was thinking that maybe I could kick being a gear junkie. I guess it’s a better kind of gear junkie though, as KUIU is definitely better gear!

    Thanks (I think?…),


  • Jay B

    Great looking jacket! It is great to see the alpine style climbing clothing made for hunting. The only thing I don’t really like is the hood. I have never been a big fan of hoods on softshell jackets. I like to rock a beanie up over my ears so that sound is not muffled and the hood isn’t bunched up behind my head between me and my pack. I don’t think this is going to stop me from purchasing this jacket, but I would love to see a none hooded version come out. The few ounces of weight saving are also a plus of no hood, and I find the hood redundant when carrying a beanie that is much lighter. Great products and I am really looking forward to putting through there passes this spring bear hunting. Nice to see the launch will be in time for spring hunting.

    • Jay,

      I totally get where you are coming from, as I am not a hood guy. This design works so well you may change your mind. It changed mine, it is really nice on cold windy days glassing on a ridge top.


      • Jay B

        I am going to give it a try and hopefully it will change my mind. This is just another reason for me to look forward to trying out the new Guide Jacket. Thanks for caring enough about your product quality to respond to the input of potential users.

  • jim thomas

    Jason – I agree with most posters that the guide jacket is another “must have” item. Great job on providng options on the colors. Are you going to be attending the RMEF Convention in Reno this March 2nd which would give me a chance to handle your products? Keep up the great work and thanks for the frequent updates.

  • I’m a no hood type of guy, but will withhold judgement until I see it in person! In this post and the Chugach Jacket post you describe the hood laying down out of the way close to the collar. I know how hard you analyzed to go with or without a hood, so I know the design will be extremely functional. When will you have a pic or 2 to show how the hood will be tucked down by the collar?

  • Lee Britt

    Looks great Jason! I can’t wait to get mine. Really excited about the Chugach rain gear as well. NWT should put it to the test in late August.

  • Mark Toso

    I saw you guys last week on the Discovery Channel “Flying Wild Alaska” while you were on the South and East of Unalakleet hunt. I had no idea that was the same trip, but I recognized you by the camo! Good looking stuff. I loved Jims return trip landing in the water. He’s definitely a great bush pilot.

    You can see it on the discovery channel –

  • JohnC

    Excellent! I’ve been anticipating this post.

    I love the “clean, functional” design; I do not like Velcro wrist bands and the little chest pocket barely functions on the other jacket I have. Nice job keeping it simple!

    The Guide jacket is on the top of my list to purchase but of course, I do have a few questions. I am sorry to have to keep comparing to Sitka products but for obvious reasons it is the easiest.

    After the quality of the Toray fabric, (I can’t wait to feel this material; I am disappointed with the way the wind cuts through my Celsius) how does the Guide compare to the Celsius in regards to the fleece lining? Is the Guide considered an insulated jacket? How does the fit compare between the two in size and cut? I am a pretty solid Medium but found the Celsius in Med to fit very close – the cut is wonderful, full range, no binding or bulking but there was not room under it for a solid insulation layer i.e. down vest. If you plan to cover fits and sizing in a later post, by all means do not spend time on this now.

    I love the Frost and Ranger colors, and the Vias looks excellent. I am leaning toward the Frost Grey but don’t want to look like a ghostly snowman if I had the Attack pants, too – is the second run of Attack pants going to have a second solid color? I plan on using the Guide for a fishing jacket as well as hunting. And probably everyday!

    Thanks again for the great work and response.

    • Hi John,

      Great questions. The backer fabric on the Guide Jacket is a micro-fleece and the Celsius Jacket uses a high-loft fleece. The Guide Jacket offers much more wind protection compared to the Celsius. This jacket is very true to size and designed to be layered underneath. The Frost Grey and the Charcoal Grey of the Attack pant look fantastic together and would be an excellent choice for hunting and fishing. Let me know if I have not answered all of your questions. You will absolutely love this Jacket and not want to take it off.


  • Bryon Benson

    Perfect early morning, late evening, and cold weather elk chasing gear. Any chance late 2011 or 2012 we might see a vest?

  • Brad

    Looks really good. A lot of comments on the hood. I won’t buy a jacket for the woods wo/ one. Is this heavier/ warmer than the 90% line? I think you said it was more water resistant than the 90%’s.

  • HD

    Man Jason, I have said it once and I will say it again that jackets seems and material all look like that of my MH and I love this stuff. You
    can’t get it to leak in moisture and the outside is Water resistant compared to all the water repelling companies. Man am I so glad I didn’t buy all the Sitka like I was going to a couple months ago. It pays to be patient for sure!!!!!

  • Justin Starck

    One in camo for me. The solids would be great, but I already have a very good olive colored softshell jacket I can use for hunting.

    Jason, do you realize you are making our dreams come true? I want one or two of everything (pry won’t get them all this year). I have never wanted everything a company offered before KUIU. It’s like you are making it for me. For the most part, the sizing, the material selection, the camo/solids and the array of clothing articles are great. You have built up very high expectations with this blog and I really think (hope) these products will live up to those expectations.

  • Brandon Hammonds

    Love the clean look and can’t wait to feel it! would love it maybe more with at least one front chest pocket!

  • Chris stone

    Looks awesome! This ones on my list fo sho,,,,,

  • Doug

    Darn it Jason,
    You keep rolling the stuff out and I have to keep saving more money so I can fill my closet. Will have to wait to see the Spindrift Jacket to see if that may be more suited to an early season elk hunt. Or maybe I’ll just have to have at least one of everything………………decisions,decisions.


  • Mike P

    you nailed it with the hood design! Thats always been the issue with traditional hoods on hunting gear…cant see out the side and cant draw back to anchor properly with it on. All my climbing gear has the Guide Jacket hood design to go over helmets and make it able to see past the side…great design!!! In my mind a hunting jacket NEEDS to have a hood for when the weather turns crappy…never fails when chasing sheep or goats, always snow and rain squals.

    How will the wind resistance rate on the Guide Jacket? Obvously it wont be windproof but on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being windproof, where will it fall?



    • Mike P


      Forgot to ask…when you are shooting photo’s of this stuff in the woods can you do some black and white of the solid color gear as well as the camo? I have a 90% Jacket in the green and pants in the grey and they seem to blend well in the mountains but i have never taken a pic in black and white to see.



    • Hi Mike,

      You will love this hood. I love this hood and I do not like hoods. On a scale of 1 to 10 an 8.5 for the Guide Jacket.


  • Brent Hahn

    Jason, will the guide jacket shed the snow, i think that was one of the features of the 90% that either I didn’t see a few years ago, or wasn’t advertised very much, I didn’t realize this quality till my guide in BC was wearing the one I gave him. we were tracking a deer in dense forest after a 10″snowfall, the other guide and I were covered in snow from all the brush and low limbs, I had heavy fleece, the other guide had wool, we looked like a couple aboninable snowmen! Scott who had the 90% on might’ve had a couple of flakes! at the end of the day we were soaked, scott was dry and thanking me for the jacket! long story, anyway, am I correct to assume the guide jacket will have the same snow shedding qualities in a soft shell? if so I think it is important to let guys know and hopefully this story will “shed” (pun intended) some light on the attributes of the Jacket that some may not have even thought about (like me) but is huge in snowy conditions.
    Oh, I need an XL in Vias and one in grey…

  • Allan


    This is the item I will wear the most and have been looking forward to more than any other piece of Kuiu clothing. The Guide Vest will be my #2 favorite item. The major brown is a great “signature” color, and it is going to be perfect for both hunting and other uses, although I will probably not be able to resist getting a camo Guide Jacket too.

    I am not usually a fan of hoods on most jackets other than rain jackets, but the way you have the full height collar inside the hood, along with the light weight and low bulk of the hood itself that will practically make it disappear when not in use, this hood design is going to be great on this jacket. I do like chest pockets because there are always small, non-bulky items I like to carry for easy access (beanie caps, phone, snacks, pocket knife, etc.), and the side entry chest pockets are ideal for those items. Plus the chest pockets are not in the way of a pack when the pockets are empty. Still, I understand the desirability of the “cleaner” design, and the lack of chest pockets is certainly not going to keep me from getting the jacket.

    With a jacket that breathes as well as this one will, I am definitely going to keep my phone and any other devices that can be affected by moisture in zip lock bags so that escaping water vapor does not damage anything. I love that “problem”!


  • Allan


    Jason has already revealed to those of us who are eager to get Guide Vest that it is on its way this spring, so you don’t have to wait until late 2011 or 2012 like you were asking about! Check out the price list to see what is going to be offered in the next month or so.


  • billy ward

    Jason- Your clothing looks great, tapered nicely like good mountaineering gear. The weight is extremely important on long sheep hunts but warmth is also critical. I would like to know the difference in this jacket and the 90% jacket which I found to be not so warm.
    Thanks, Billy

  • Douglas

    Great looking stuff Jason. Really like the Major Brown solid color. I think this will be really effective when going after moose and wanting to be seen as the aggressor. Nice clean look. I’m not a fan of the chest pockets as they get in the way of my bow string.

    Will you have a darker camo pattern for the timber?


    • Hi Doug,

      We may have a slightly darker pattern in the future, however I am a big believer in light and dark contrasting patterns that destroy the human form. More to come on this when I cover the Vias pattern.


  • Doug P

    OK…now we are talking. The Major Brown is great. Good job.

  • Curt Cabrera

    As you know, I loved the proto-type jacket I wore for my hunts, and with the slight changes you’ve made…hard to believe, but it’ll be even better!

    I’m not a hood guy either, and when I get a jacket with a removable hood, the first thing I do is remove it. But when I hunted with the Guide jacket, I would forget it was there. But was glad it was when that cold winter Texas breeze kicked up half way through my hunt!

    The collar is perfect height when zipped up, and the fit is great, not too tight as to be uncomfortable, and not too loose as to let the cold in.

    The clean sleeves, without velcro or un-needed closures are a blessing!

    After wearing jackets for years with fancy “techy-looking” chest pockets, but never using them, I’m happy to have the clean chest area as well.

    I also think a lot of folks are forgetting the fact that contrast is what makes camoflage effective. Also, unless we’re hunting turkeys, most critters we hunt don’t see like we do. Whether in a dark situation, or a light one, this Vias camo will devestate the human outline! I’m positive that when you post your pix of the Vias in the wild, in all types of backrounds and lighting…a lot of folks will change their mind about the need for a darker pattern. This stuff works!

    I could go on, but will finish up by saying….This is one fantastic hunting jacket!

    Thank you Jason, Curt } >>—–>

  • Good job! Dont need any chest pockets! great design.
    One in black will be nice too..


  • Rod

    How does the hood store/function when you are wearing a pack? is it whacking you in the back of the head or does it sit tight against the top of the pack? or does it become a big lump under the shoulder yoke?
    If a guy had a decent tailor, do you think it would take much to have the hood converted to a detachable?
    Love the design and the colored options – My wife just added the guide jacket to my list of things to buy – and to think a few months ago she was asking ‘why do you need more hunting clothes’ – HA!

    • Hi Rod,

      The hood functions great with a pack on. This whole line is set up to function together, including the packs. Before you cut the hood off and add a zipper, try it. I was not a hood fan before this hood. You will not know it is there, by design.


  • mathias ringstrom

    Looks like the Patagonia “Guide” Hoody! Hope they don’t sue ya over this one. Some of the better hunting gear I’ve seen. Getting close to matching the better Mountaineering companies, which is great to see in this industry. It will be interesting to see how this develops over the years. Wish a few more ounces were shaved on some of the gear, but even still, pretty darn light for a hunting company. I wish the camo pattern was toned way down and not so loud, but that is me being selfish and wanting a piece I could wear more day to day and not just on hunts. Couldnt justify spending all that cash for a piece that was only used when I Mountain hunt. Oh well, but I’ll def. buy a hat or something, b/c I like the direction of the company.

  • Doc

    If I could only purchase on piece of clothing this year, so far this would be it. I think this jacket is perfect. I do like the number of pockets. Personally, I only find myself using about half the pockets on my jackets. When you add all the pockets from your pants/pack, I usually don’t have any need for more then 3 in my jacket.
    Also, Jason way to pay attention to details in your design. The extra length on the back is outstanding. I hate having a jacket that rides up when you bend over or sit down. And on the other side I don’t like having a jacket that is too long and gets in the way. You found the perfect solution for this!!!!

  • Mark Toso

    A chest pocket on the right side is great for my compact binos. Otherwise I’ll have to keep them on the inside of the jacket but that’s cumbersome. You need something to quickly access binos. or calls when hunting on foot. Also I don’t like hoods on regular outerwear either, and it maybe an issue shooting a traditional bow. I also don’t like the fact they cover ears and block sound, and they make noise when you turn your head. You can’t please everyone but in this case it looks like it can be easily removed at home if desired.

  • Larry Schwartz


    Are the pockets on all of your jackets/vests going to be deep/tall enough to hold the gloves laid flat; i.e., if your gloves are 5 inches long then the pocket is more than 5 inches high?


  • Gale Smith

    I’m curious how this camo would look with a snowy background. I am due for some new snow camo for coyote hunting and it looks like this might also fit the bill.

  • Dan Geiger

    Well i am the opposite i was hoping for a hood.I will be trying one of these out in the Skeena hunting Sheep and Goat this year.Sounds like the perfect jacket for the weather up there.Sure hope i’m up the list for the presale.

  • Brad

    Awesome. I can’t wait to see more. Does any of your gear have UV brighteners? Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  • ryan hiatt

    I was wondering , I am going on a spring brown bear hunt on kodiak island this May for a 15 day hunt, I would like to be able to try some of this gear out!! What would you recommend and could I have it in time for the hunt???From what I have read an the pics IT LOOKS AWESOME keep up the good work!!! Please let me know.

    Thanks a bunch
    Ryan Hiatt

    • Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for the nice words. KUIU is designed at a skin-to-shell layering system. I would recommend it all for your hunt and the Icon 6000. Lance spent a lot of time this fall in this system guiding Brown Bears on Kodiak and was very impressed with the gear for those tough conditions. Let me know how we may help you get set up for your trip.


  • Chris stone

    Jason, got my sticker, thanks! And saw some pics of vias Aaron put on bowsite and man that stuff blends in well…. I can’t wait to disappear this fall.

  • Larry Schwartz

    I just noticed something else that speaks to the attention to detail found in KUIU products. Even though we have two different fabrics between the Chugach raingear and the Guide jacket the colors in the camo are exactly the same. Most of the time different fabrics take dyes differently, but you nailed it. Great work Jason!

  • bill neufeld

    Dont forget about us duck hunters! Wetland patterns please! The weight looks perfect for California. Would be happy to help you test your prototypes this coming waterfowl season :)

    • Thomas Murphy

      What about a “spindrift” insulated vest to compliment the guide jacket? Also, what kind of accessories are you working on? Maybe hats made out of the attack pants or the guide jacket material so they shed water. How about gaiters since the pants are designed to be hemmed?
      Like a lot of folks said above I think I want one or two of each but a little out of my price range. Keep going everything so far looks awesome!

    • Hi Bill,

      This gear is great for shooting ducks. A good friend of mine hunted all season in the Chugach and Guide jackets and swears by them for waterfowling.


  • Mike Reilly

    I’ve been quietly watching the blog for a long time now and all I can say is, “Jason, I’m hearing you.” With each new update, products, retail strategy, I’m saying “yes”. The two best camo patterns have been ASAT and Predator Fall Brown, but Vias certainly looks on par and I for one wouldn’t want it any darker. Pretty sure KUIU has set the bar. Nice work.

  • Walt

    Again I love all the updates and descriptions of each product that will soon be available but I have yet to hear anything about just a plain ole T-Shirt with your Logo, something I can sport around town. This is very minor in the grand scheme of things but It’s one of those nice to have items.

    Thanks again and I cannot wait until March, my shoping list is ready!

    • Hi Walt,

      We will have a plain old KUIU tee for you at launch next month.


      • Jason,

        I’m sure you have enough going on with the launch and pre-sale of KUIU gear, but how is the plain old T-shirt idea (with the KUIU logo) coming? Looking very forward to receiving my KUIU order, but would love a t-shirt to wear since I won’t be be able to wear my attack pants and merino tops in vias camo around town as much as I’d love to…


  • bill neufeld

    Is there a store front location where I could try the guide jacket on? I want to see how it fits the “full figured” hunter before purchase.

  • kendall

    without going back and reading 130 previous comments…..are you going to be offering your clothing in tall sizes?

  • Elliott

    Hey Jason, Love this jacket but as others have mentioned, Napolean pockets are a must. They don’t add much bulk and are extremely handy for cameras and stashing stuff quickly when necessary. I’m a huge hood fan; nice job on that one.

  • Snow Standen

    Firstly congrats on an elegant range of well tailored clothing (and of course cutting edge). I understand the clean design and skin to shell concepts and get why there are no external pockets. I would be just as happy to wear this jacket out to dinner as I would out hunting. Your products are most definitely what I will be wearing and carrying on my first Tahr and Chamois hunt.
    Once you catch up on a few of your orders, would you consider adding a utility jacket with pockets, something on the lines of a M65 field jacket for general flat land rifle hunting? I guess it would take the place of the Chugach jacket, although constructed like the Guide jacket would be enough? I know it’s a bit out of vision but there seems to be a pocket of interest :)

  • Rod

    As a resident of northern BC, I spend time every year in the mountains. A typical sheep or goat hunt, see’s shirt sleeve weather turn into cold rain and snow, sometimes a few times a day. Last year I wore the 90% jacket and pants, and while I was impressed with the precip. shedding ability, the wind seemed to cut through. Even in “nice” mountain weather, a hunter often goes from climbing to sitting, exposed to chilly winds for glassing, many times a day. Will the Guide jacket prevent the need to haul out a wind blocker shell every sit?
    I was considering the Celcius jacket and bib, but I guess I better wait.
    And I find a hood the only way to keep rain and snow from wicking down your neck and soaking all the under layers. Put me on the hood “yay” list.

    You have a tough row to hoe, living up to all the expectations that have been created. Great gear at a great price!! Hunters are banking on it.

  • Josh

    Wow! I love the design of this new gear. I’m heading out to Montana for an archery elk hunt with my dad this year and I am pumped about trying this stuff out! Looks great.

  • […] Wading Jacket Question This is my next all around fishing/hunting/hiking/you name it shell: Guide Jacket | Building KUIU This is a brand new company and hasn't released anything yet, but they look to be making serious […]

  • M True

    Jacket looks great. I think adding your logo to the back of the a jacket(Between the shoulder blades/centered) like you have on the front about only about 3x larger would be a nice addition. In my opinion doing that would add a little more life to the a jacket, help make people realize what you are wearing and it would just flat out look cool.

  • Tyler Preszler

    Im really liking the streamlined look of this jacket. No frills, no added weight, pure functionality. There seems to be some debate on the hood. Looking at the design it appears there is a collar and hood, separate. Perfect design. I usually always take the hood off but I always seem to enjoy the hood when i do have it. Looking forward to trying out this jacket.
    Tyler P

  • Dan Carrico

    Hey Jason,
    I am putting my list together to place my order. I am getting the heavier Merino bases as I archery hunt along the Idaho/Montana border. The temps usually don’t exceed 70-80 F. (afternoon)that time of year. Most of the time quite a bit lower. It can be quite chilly in the mornings. Is this the right choice? I am also getting the pants and the vest. I believe I have read the pants are quiet. I am thinking I want the Guide jacket. Is it made of the same material as the pants? Is it quiet? I love the design and patterns on all. I can’t wait to get them.

    • Hi Dan,

      The Merino 185 & 250 are designed as a system; 185 against your skin and 250 over the 185. The Attack Pants are made with a 225g/m2 Double Weave Toray Stretch Woven fabric and the Guide collection is made with a Toray 274g/m2 Soft Shell fabric. They are both quiet and amazing, you will love the Guide jacket & vest.


  • Colin

    Is the vest the same weight as the Merino 250? Is it meant to be worn over the Merino 250 and under the Guide jacket?

    My gear list is growing, and can’t wait for my turn to purchse.

    • Hi Colin,

      Each collection of gear using the same name is made in the same fabric. For instance the Guide Glove, Guide Jacket, Guide Vest and Guide Hat are all made with Toray’s Primeflex 274g/m2 Softshell fabric. You can wear the Guide Vest under the Guide Jacket or as a stand alone. It is one of my favorite styles.


  • Jerry V

    Just got my first order in and this jacket is next on my list when I get my savings back up.
    Does this jacket function similar to Sitka’s Jetstream ? I like the Jetstream except it’s a little short – I’m 6’2″, 210. It looks like the Guide Jacket is cut longer, is this correct? Is there other solid colors in the future like a forest green (dark) ?
    Also, don’t lose the hood, ever since I got my King of the Mtn Anorak 12yrs ago, I’ve been a believer in hoods.

    Keep up the good work, you’re building a awesome company !!!


  • Michael Honeycutt

    I bought the major brown. One of the BEST jackets I have owned out of TAD gear, Patagonia, and OTTE….
    Apparently someone agreed with me.. I set it down for a minute in a coffee shop- and it was STOLEN..
    So will order another when I gather funds..A little long (I have short arms) but LOVE the feel and the hood is not noticable as you said. I like the other suggestion of a logo on back inbetween shoulders. I love the brown color. Maybe should have bought camo so could have find the thief easier.

  • HT

    Can Guide Jacket be used as a Ski Jacket??

  • Griff

    Any ideas when the guide in major brown xl will be back in

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