Spindrift Jacket

The 13.5 ounce Spindrift Jacket is made with a 40-Denier Ripstop 100% Polyester Micro-Fabric designed to be warm, light and packable.  The Spindrift is filled with 80-grams of Primaloft One synthetic down, YKK Full Front Zipper, two YKK Zippered hand pockets, articulated elbows and CWH Stretch Cuffs.  This jackets is the insulation of your layering system, for your coldest mornings, days and nights.  Primaloft One was chosen by you here on the blog versus down for the versatility & relaibility in wet conditions synthetic insulation offers during back country hunts.

PrimaLoft insulation products offer superior performance for high quality cold-weather gear. PrimaLoft is incredibly soft, lightweight, breathable with excellent water repellency so you remain dry, warm and comfortable—even under the most extreme conditions.

The patented PrimaLoft ultra-fine microfibers are specially treated in a proprietary process, creating a core with incredible insulation properties. PrimaLoft has expanded its product line and developed new products to meet specific needs for outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen, and the military. PrimaLoft has manufacturing facilities in the US, China and Italy.


The Spindrift Jacket is sold at for $139.99 and would retail for $229.99 and is available in Vias Camouflage & Coffe Bean in M-XXL.  As with all KUIU apparel the Spindrift is designed, developed and made in Vancouver Canada.

I look forward to hearing your questions, thoughts and comments regarding the Spindrift Jacket.


105 comments to Spindrift Jacket

  • Jay B

    This jacket is the bees knees. It is what I have been looking for for many years. I can finally get rid of my old military field jacket liner. Thank you!

  • Thats the one I was mising!!!. Love the insulation option, now the complete system for all hunting conditions. Nice! Love it.


  • Rod

    Nice job -again – Jason. Really looking forward to hunting in the kuiu line this fall. Would like to talk to you about the sizing options/charts – want to make sure I get the right sizes the first time through.

    Are all you sizes cut for men, or are there going to be womans sizes? My wife is really eyeing one of the guide jackets in the solid colors.

    • Hi Rod,

      I will post the sizing chart on the website when we go live. Right now we are not offering womens sizes, too many SKU’s for a young company is difficult. I hope your wife will understand.


  • Mike p


    is there a chance you have a picture of this jacket in its stuff sack beside a nalgene bottle or something for size reference?

    Just wondering if its smaller than the MEC uplink jacket i have now.



  • Can’t wait to get my hands of this stuff man! I think 40 Denier is the perfect weight, and combined with the PrimaLoft will be perfect for those cold snaps during our September bowhunts in the backcountry. Thanks again for the preview.

  • Matt

    Looks good Jason.. Its on my wish list… : )
    Digging that brown…

  • Justin Starck

    Another nice piece. I have a down sweater that is only a little lighter so I don’t blame you for going with synthetic for performance in all conditions. Plus, Primaloft has a cool slogan, “we’re inside, so you don’t have to be:-)”

    This is another one that we would like to see compressed. Also, does it stuff into its own pocket or are you including an ultralight stuff sack?

  • Ron Spomer

    Perfect. This is the “slippery” layer most clothing makers have been missing. Instead they do sticky fleece atop sticky fleece and you feel as if you’re tied in knots. This jacket will slide effortlessly over fleece shirts and under any soft shell outer jacket. My current Mnt. Hardware jacket in this style is my most valued and useful. Look forward to replacing it with this baby. The brown makes it great for casual wear, too. Double duty!

  • Alvaro from Spain

    right on the head of the nail, Jason!

    from now I can tell you this jacket, and the hunting pants, will be my favourites.

  • Joe

    nice looking stuff! I really think I am leaning towards two of just about all the pieces. Two questions – 1) what is the compression size when in a generic stuff sack and 2) when used as the outer layer (if it should/could be used that way) – one of the things I liked about your last line of jackets was the little piece on the high back of the jacket that you could pin on or attach a clipped on scent cover wafer or scent stick. I didn’t see one on this jacket and just wondered if you considered the jacket as an outer layer and maybe I am in the minority of back country hunters that pin on scent wafers on the back of my jacket or caps.


  • Curt Cabrera

    Another outstanding piece of the layering system! Can’t wait buddy!

  • Gale Smith

    What is the wind resistence of this jacket? I have a pair of Mountain Hardwear pants that use primaloft and they are absolutely amazing at keeping the wind off and are super warm. I can wear them by themselves in below zero weather with wind, as long as there is no precipitation.

  • Dave Beronio

    That looks great. Light weight and not bulky. I like the tall collar.
    How small does it compress when stuffing it into a pack, say a day pack. Can’t wait to get mine
    Take care
    Dave Beronio

  • Quinn

    Ron brings up a great point about the “slippery” factor. Will the spindrift be available in a Vest in 2011?

    • Hi Quinn,

      We are not making the Spindrift in a vest this season. Something we certainly could offer in the future if there are requests for this product. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


      • Doc

        I second for making the Spindrift in a vest!!!! As much as I like the Spindrift jacket, I’m not sure if it is something I absolutely need this season, but if next year you came out with a vest that would be my #1 wishlist item, as I could see myself using that more then a full jacket.

  • First thing I noticed was all the stitching alignments between the collar and main body of the jacket. No detail left behind! Nice!


  • Looks and sounds like a great addition to my gear. Will all the new KUIU come in tall sizes? Seems like the sleeves are always to short for my arms and it makes drawing my bow a challenge and the pants are always a little too short. Its nice to have some comfort in something that you might wear for 10 days straight. Thanks

  • Jason Owings

    Wow just found you this morning. I am completly blown away at how perfect your gear is! Love the concept of a carbon fiber frame backpack, and everything your doing. I am just getting back into hunting after 10yrs away and am finding that its hard to get quality and affordability in one package but I think I have finally found it. My brother and I are planning a backcountry blacktail bowhunt and an elk hunt next year so I want to get gear that will suit both and now I have found it!

  • Richard Wooster

    Bravo Jason. I agree with Ron on the “slippery” layer.
    I hope to be wearing your gear on my NB spring bear hunt.


  • John

    I am looking forward to placing my order before the end of the month! John

  • Joe S

    Would you say this is more of an outer layer or a piece to be worn under the Guide jacket? How high is the noise level of this piece?

    • Great question Joe. This is a layering jacket designed to be worn underneath the Guide and Chugach Jackets. The 40 Denier fabric is light and will tear if worn as a stand alone jacket and you fall or bust brush in it. As far as noise, it is not “loud” but better if worn under the Guide Jacket. I hope this answers your question.


  • JohnC

    With every new post I find another piece on the puzzle that I want! This is a super nice looking jacket – it’s warmer and with a heavier ripstop that the Pati Nano puff or Mt. Hrd. and quite a bit less expensive!!

    OK, I’m off to buy a couple lottery tickets! Wish me luck.

  • Andy

    Great looking jacket. Can you tell us how much single-layer loft it has (in other words, how thick is it)?

    • Hi Andy,

      80 grams of Primaloft One is a versatile weight of insulation. This weight was recommended by Lance Kronberger as his preference because it packs well and adds the warmth you will need for many of your hunts without unneeded bulkiness. I found the same in testing. I hope this answers your question. Let me know if it has not.


  • Chris stone

    Jason, for a mid September backcountry elk Hunt in Montana I was thinking of deff getting the guide jacket and Marino wool t. Would this be the last piece to that upper body puzzle if it gets cold, rain and snow? Or would the vest u have be better for me? I’ll be doing 6-12 ml days and get warm with two layers if I’m moving.

  • Matt


    I saw you reference your height above at 6’3″. Are you willing to give us your weight as well and what sizes you wear in all your gear? That would give everyone a good idea as to what sizes we should order. Or, more likely what works for me selfishly being that I too am 6’3″ish.

    Keep up that strong fight and thank you for all you are doing!

    • Hi Matt,

      I am 6’3″ 220. I can wear a L but fit best into a XL. I have a 37″ sleeve length 36″ waist and a 34″ inseam. I hope this helps you. Let me know if you have any other questions. I appreciate your interest in KUIU.


  • James

    Nice jacket and very good price. If it was down and had a hood I would be buying.

    A hood on an insulation piece like this is just perfection. Adds a lot of warmth for the small weight penalty. Also it can really supplement your sleep system, especially if your going with a quilt.

    I love looking at new gear options.

  • Grady S.

    Killing me! Absolutely killing me!

  • What is the approximate weight of the jacket?

  • Doug

    Hey Jason, this is the piece I’ve been waiting to see! I hunt in a Nano pullover now but could easily replace it. I have one question, does the hem have a drawcord? The picture looks like it’s a drop back type hem (long in back) without a draw cord. Also, how shiny is the fabric?

    • Hi Doug,

      This style does not have a waist cinch as it is designed to be a light weight insulation layer underneath the Chugach or Guide Jacket which both have waist cinches. The fabric is not not as shinny as the Coffee Bean color jacket appears or as some other brands.


  • Doug

    One more thing, please offer a vest next year!

  • chris

    Jacket looks great, any chance of pants like this for a layering system? late season goat hunt this year and it coud get pretty cold.
    Thanks for you time

  • Snow Standen

    I love that brown. Any thoughts of a grey?
    I know that colour’s probably not so importand for a layering jacket, but I think it would be a nice touch.

    • Hi Snow,

      I am a big fan of grey for this line and something I will certainly consider for the future. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


      • Jay B

        Any chance that it could be made reversible. There would be a problem with access to the hand pockets, but it would allow two different colors for the the same price. If it was reversible it would pretty much be an unstoppable force. Imagine Vias on one side and a silver grey on the other.

        • Hi Jay,

          I do not have any current plans to make this jacket reversible as it adds to construction and weight of the jacket. Maybe something for the future in a similar style if we get enough requests. Thanks for the comment and suggestion. I really appreciate it.


  • Doug

    Another piece that I am going to have to convince “THE BOSS” that “I HAVE TO HAVE IT”, thanks a lot Jason. : ) This may have been covered already somewhere on the blog but I’ll ask anyways. Being a skin to shell layering system, am I correct to assume, if I order an XL baselayer I should order XL Spindrift, Guide Jacket and Chugach Jacket as well? I’m thinking everything is cut just a bit larger to accommodate layering.

    Doug Rauls

    • Hi Doug,

      Sorry to get you in trouble!!!:)> Yes you are correct to assume that if you wear an XL baselayer it will all function together as designed wearing this size throughout the system.


  • Steve Himmelrick

    I was wondering if this Spindrift Jacket, and all the other pieces you have previewed, are able to be thrown in the washing machine and or dryer? Thanks Steve

  • Todd

    Only one question, Jason. Where do I put in my order ?

    • Hi Todd,

      Thank you for your patience. We are uploading all of the products right now into the shopping portions of our website and then testing. I want to be certain the pre-shop runs smoothly before announcing how and when this will be handled. I am expecting to announce this on Friday.



    Very very nice! Will be great under a outer shell for that extra warmth that is sometimes needed. Cool.

    Steve Hutchings

  • Justin Starck

    Up until this point, I have found your retail values reasonable. However, the price point for this jacket seems a little out of line. There are very similar jackets that retail for $180. I hate to call you out on this, as the price we can get it for is very reasonable, but can you justify this? Again, I feel silly for mentioning this, but this is just the first time I don’t think KUIU is the best deal out there.

    • Justin Starck

      Considering country of origin and KUIU construction, the 230 you listed here is not out of the question. It is closer to what I would have guessed than the 250 listed on the Pricing Structure. I was jumping to conclusions. Still, there are a lot of great insulating layers out there retailed for under 180.

    • Hi Justin,

      Great question and I am not surprised this came up on this style. There are a lot of very inexpensive fabrics, factories and methods that can build a jacket similar to the Spindrift. I chose to use the best of everything and build it in the finest technical cut and sew house arguably anywhere in the world to insure quality. There are no games with this pricing, it is just more expensive to have this style built in Vancouver and use the fabric I have chosen. I could have moved it production overseas for this style and saved you money, but that is exactly why I started KUIU. I sincerely appreciate your insight and asking the tough questions. Keep them coming.


  • jon hill


  • Scott Parson

    WOW! Wonder if someone would want to buy my kelvin jacket so I could invest in one of the Spindrifts? Another winner in a winning line.

  • Jarred

    Great looking gear, I can’t wait for the pre-order! How will the spindrift work for late season whitetail hunting? I know its desinged to be used for a more active style but would it be aplicable for my circumstance?

    • Hi Jarred,

      I cannot comment on this as I do not hunt late season whitetails and have not designed this gear for anything else but for backcountry and backpack style hunting. Maybe once the gear is out and it has been used by one of our KUIU faithful we will know. I hope you can understand.


  • Jarred

    Love all the gear and can’t wait for the pre-order! I know the spindrift is designed for active hunting in mountainous terrain but will this jacket be equally suited for treestand hunting in the late season. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Brad

    You are 6’3 220 and wear XL, what do you rec in your gear if you are 6′ 200 w 46″ chest and 34″ waist. I normally wear XL.

  • Ross

    Make that 2 Kelvin Jackets for sale to obtain the spindrift! The product looks excellent and am waiting to take $$ out of savings and give it to KUIU with a smile.

  • Ben Krakow

    Yeah, I must admit, I am now a KUIU addict! So far I NEED 2 of everything! I just don’t think I can get the wife to believe me on that! I will hopefully be allowed to purchase one of everything on the exclusive pre order. If only I could pick up a side job to buy my second set! UGH!

    Love everything you have put out, keep it coming!


  • Matt

    I don’t get it – sure it seems like a nice jacket, but it certainly isn’t gonna cut it if im glassing from an exposed point in the wind (seems like it would stay in the truck after mid october in MT). I think it should have a hood at minimum, maybe its personal preference. I hunt in a patagonia das parka – i think a design similar to that would be perfect. Nobody in the hunting industry has anything like that. I m also curious why nobody in the industry uses Event?

    • Hi Matt,

      This is a really great question. These are two different styles of jackets for different uses. The Patagonia Das Parka is over twice the weight of the Spindrift which is going to significantly add to the warmth and allow it to function more as a stand alone parka. The Spindrift is a layering jacket designed to be worn with the Guide Jacket or Chugach Jacket and can be packed away and stored when needed. At 13.5oz it allow this jacket to always be in your pack. I can see a Das Parka style being developed for KUIU in the future for those late season hunts you are describing.

      eVent is a great material and considered by most to have the highest breathability rating. In my research, expanded PFTE has the benefit of high breathability if using eVent’s patented backer technology there are disadvantages as well such as noise, stretch and durability of the laminate, which it why I chose Toray’s waterproof breathable fabrics. Why other companies choose eVent, I do not know as it is a great product if you are just concerned about breathability.

      I hope this answers your questions.


  • Allan


    I love the jacket in both camo and the coffee brown. I will for sure get at least the coffee so I can wear it to and from my hunts as well as when hunting. Will the fabric hold up well as a light duty jacket for travel and in camp when I need to take the chill off, along the lines of a Nano Puff or a Kelvin? Obviously, I know to wear the outer shell in the field. How does this weight of Primaloft compare in warmth to the Nano Puff and the Kelvin that many of us are familiar with. Thanks for another great product. (I do like elastic draw cords at the bottoms of jackets, but I’m sure you are right that this jacket does not need one.)


  • Matt

    This is on my list to buy on my shopping day. I read back through the posts, looking to see if this question was asked, I either missed it or this is the first… ?? : ) How long is the jacket? In other words did you design it sit at the hips or hang below the waist? I also have questions similar to Allan’s. Would this jacket hold up as a daily wear jacket around town (I live in AK), or is primarily desinged as a layering piece?


    • Hey Matt,

      You certainly can wear the spindrift as a daily wear. It is designed as a layering jacket and it lacks the durability and DWR you will find on our outerwear. I do not recommend hunting in this jacket as outerwear, a good fall or bushwacking will tear this fabric.


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