Subscriber Loyalty & Appreciation

This blog began a year ago, I have never “blogged” before.  What an experience. Certainly beyond all of my expectations.

When I started Building KUIU, my goal was to find 100 people before KUIU launched a year later.  100 people who do their own research because they are passionate about mountain hunting, their gear, care about fabrics, factories, quality, performance and ounces.  100 people that KUIU will resonate with, inspire and adopt.   I believed once these 100 people received their gear, knowing the quality of KUIU’s products, they will tell their friends, post on forums, the word will spread and KUIU will be born.

This did not go quite as planned, I completely underestimated the power of social media, blogging and how large and far reaching it can be. Building KUIU is followed by subscribers all across the US, Canada, Europe, Russia, New Zealand and Australia. You have all spread the word of KUIU and created a buzz and enthusiasm like no other brand launch before.  Thank you.

We are pioneering the future and setting a new standard in launching a brand.  I say we, because without you investing your time and passion to share your ideas, ask hard questions, comment, read, learn and spread the word; KUIU would not exist.  I believed in you and this is why I created KUIU as a consumer direct at wholesale brand.   Thank you for holding up your end of things.  Your dedication inspires me, my team and our suppliers to do everything possible to deliver the finest product and KUIU experience possible.

There are a few subscribers who have truly committed themselves to Building KUIU. I would like to recognize the 5 subscribers with the most comments posted over the past year. Your dedication is inspiring and as small token of my appreciation I would like to give you a gift from me and everyone at KUIU.

1. Larry Schwartz larryschwartz@: Icon Frame & Choice of bag, 3000 or 6000.

2. Matt fullcurl.ak@ : Choice of Chugach Jacket or Pant color and size of your choice

3. Mike P mikephilip@: Guide Jacket color and size of your choice

4. Tom Ryle tmryle@: Attack Pant color and size of your choice

5.  Justin Stark jstarck1@: Merino 185 Base Layer Top & Bottom color and size of your choice

Thank you to everyone for subscribing and supporting the Building KUIU blog and following along on this journey.  We have very dedicated group of subscribers and I look forward to working with all of you to continue to push the bar in technology, design and product innovation.


93 comments to Subscriber Loyalty & Appreciation

  • Cory Benge

    Great job Jason and my thanks to Larry, Matt, Mike, Tom and Justin for taking the time to provide Jason with in-depth questions and suggestions that have helped him and his staff see things from a consumers stand point that in turn helped all of us with the opportunity to utilize gear that is the best of the best. !!! We all will be in awe of the KUIU gear we are about to hold in our hands!! Kinda like Christmas isn’t it? !!

  • J_Bird

    That’s pretty cool Jason. Is there a way to find out in what order we subscribed to the Building KUIU blog? I remember commenting way back when it took a while for you to get a response and the blog was in it’s infancy.

  • Mike P

    Holy cr@p…I am laying in bed sick as a dog with a head cold and just happened to check my blackberry for emails and see this! I’m feeling better already:)

    Thanks Jason. When I subscribed last year I was just happy and impressed that someone was taking ideas on gear for hunting the mountains with. Little did I know how much you really would take the ideas of the subscribers to heart.

    I think, actually I know that KUIU is going to be the benchmark for active hunting clothing.

    Thanks again Jason for taking us along on the ride :)

    Mike P

  • Joseph Castinado

    Excellent! Jason, you are leading a new generation of user involvement, direct to customer delivery and immediate company transparency. I can only guess how many other companies are silently following your leading and learning from your success with KUIU.

    This has got to be exciting and also nerve-racking for you. You seem like you can do no wrong! How do you sleep? You must be running on pure adrenaline.

  • JR

    Thats real cool. Wish I would have found this blog a year ago. The 3 or 4 months I have followed it its been amazing, I have been following another clothing line launch called 46Rail for about a year and quite frankly it has been a joke compared to what I have seen happen here. I got negative and unhappy following that launch which still has not happened nearly a year after there proposed launch date, but following this I have been excited and received answers and have fallen in love with this brand. I hope it takes over the industry. PS I kindly encouraged any other frustrated 46Rail followers to come on over here…

  • Colin schmidt

    Good job , the gear looks great . When my chance comes up i will be getting some gear.

  • John

    This has been a great time reading and commenting on all the different items Jason is putting out for us. I believe that I will be buying the best Mt. hunting cloths out there today. I will use Kuiu throughout my hunting carreer where ever it takes me, hopfully for a long time. I thought it is Christmas! Will be soon. John

  • Jesse Sherwood

    PERFECT!!! Now that’s loyalty to the customer!!! I for one am even more excited to spend a few thousand dollars on gear to a company that treats their customer like this(not that I needed any more reason the gear and team that put it together are phenomenal) can’t wait to help Jason and his team make KUIU the best hunting clothing website out there. My hats off to all the guys who have put in their time to leave feedback for Jason to put into the gear I think we’ve all been waiting for. Can’t wait to test it out this hunting season.

    Thanks to everyone who has brought this company be

  • Don Carpenter

    I have only been following this blog for about two weeks and I have to say that it’s unlike any other hunting clothing line/company I have ever seen. It’s such a refreshing break from the big hunting clothing companies that are looking at the bottom line more than what the customers need and want. It speaks to the passion that Jason has for his products. I am a midwest hunter and don’t do any mountain hunting yet, and I emphasize the yet. I know KUIU is new but I hope to see a whitetail line and treestand pattern in the future. I have faith that it would change the game for the midwest guy. Congrats to the guys who earned the gifts, I am sure they deserve it. Cheers.


  • Very nice! Its good to see you keep us in mind. Thats is why we believe in you and your company! Can’t wait to try out your gear.


  • Justin Starck

    That’s great, thanks Jason. I cannot say enough about this company.

  • Darrell Wiebe

    Nice, Congrats

  • Tim

    Congrats guy’s, Good job Jason

  • Richard Wooster

    The whole KUIU concept is beyond exciting! Congrats to the loyal and lucky hunters that are getting free gear! I signed on in mid-January, so I hope that there is still gear left when I get the email that it’s my turn to shop. I truly believe that Jason and company are on to something truly monumental that will reshape an entire industry.
    Good Luck.


  • Larry Schwartz

    OMG!!! I never expected this… well, knowing Jason from this blog, I guess I should have, but I never expected to be one of the recipients. Thank you, sir!

    Now I have to actually think about which pack I want, my budget didn’t extend to that end of the product line initially. : ) My son will be happy too, he has been asking me when he can get my current backpacking pack.

    Jason, I’ll send you an email with the questions I have about some of the specifics for each pack. It will definitely be in VIAS camo so I can promote the KUIU product line.

    Man, I don’t believe this happened to me. Now I am the envy of the entire backcountry hunting world!


  • Allan


    If you are going to get your pack in Vias, you may have already made up your mind on the model, because only the 3000 is being offered in Vias — unless Jason has a special 6000 made up in Vias just for you (which certainly would not surprise me if he did).

    Congratulations to those who are getting the gear for their valuable participation. Jason, you do it right buddy!!


    • Hi Allan,

      Both packs are available in Vias and Major Brown, just for clarity.


      • Larry Schwartz


        Allan is probably referring to the fact that the 6000 is only shown in Major Brown on the “beta” shopping site. I had the same thought when I went to the beta site but figured they didn’t put up all of the combinations since it was just to test out the user interface. I am glad to hear that it does come in VIAS though.


  • Kit Baughman

    Hi Jason,

    What an awesome gesture – sharing your success with those who are helping to make KUIU successful! Like I’ve said before, I’ve never run across anyone that “gets it” on as many levels as you do!



  • JR

    Hey Jason,
    Do you suspect everyone will be able to preorder or do you think the late comers will run into a sold out situation? Im sure you cant say for sure but what do you honestly suspect? At a minimum I want to be able to order attack pant, 185, mask, and hat… i might just cry if I cant get it.

    • Jerron

      It gets real ugly when JR cries. You should have seen him last year when he missed two monster muleys at under 35 yards. I never knew a grown man to cry so much. Please get him his gear. :)

      • JR Quarnberg

        Not getting to order my KUIU gear would my second only to that day on my list of bad days… Both of these two awesome bucks we watched all summer came right to me opening day and both of them let me shoot at them and I missed twice and crapped in my pants. My buddy accidentally hiked off with my ranger finder which had me in a mental wreck. I hope KUIU gear can fix me up. Is there any guarantee that KUIU can prevent these type of disasters in the field?

      • Jerron

        I’m already writing articles for muley crazy and huntin fool assuming the success I will have this fall wearing KUIU gear. It just makes sense really.

    • Hey JR,

      it is so hard to tell?? If everyone ordered one of everything we would sell out before the end of the waiting list. I know this will not happen, so will depend on sizing and style demand. I hope everyone gets the gear they want.


  • Paul Chrena


    You have just earned more respect from me, and several others I’m sure. That is a great thing you just did.

    Paul C.

  • Jeff Valunas

    Jason, and all those at KUIU-
    Although I was ‘fashionably late to the party’, been a subscriber for a little over a month or two, I believe…I can say with zero regret…I found the place and company, that I WANT to spend my hard earned dollars. I look forward to supporting your company, and continuing to give my suggestions as a very tall person. The FACT, that you answered every Q?, I sent was almost enough to consider this the greatest start-up ever. After reading virtually every post, and your answers… I know, for a fact, I have found something special. Someday, we will meet at a show, or possibly a forbidden mountain. I look forward to that day, to say THANK YOU, in person. Great work Gent’s!!!

  • Tom


    Wow – a sincere Thank You is in order! What a great way to start the week!

    I vividly recall our first conversation about Kuiu a little over a year ago. I remember your clear articulation of Kuiu’s vision and the desire to develop, with precision, the best-in-class mountain hunting gear on the planet. I still have my notes from that first discussion tacked on the wall amongst the antlers above my archery bench in the garage. I wrote “KUIU (pronounced KU-YOU”) with a fat black marker at the top of the page so I’d remember to send you my thoughts, sketches, ideas, and anything else that might help in some small way as the months rolled by.

    What a year! The pace at which you’ve gone from “humble beginnings” post to today’s frenzy of anticipation for the production release is truly amazing. The sourcing, qualification, and coordination of vendors is a huge undertaking in any industry, and to improve on textiles along the way is nearly unthinkable given your timeline.

    The power of social media is indeed remarkable and when combined with the concept of crowd-sourcing, the results speak for themselves. Pile on your business model and pricing structure and the Kuiu value only gets better, more attainable. Brand Value and Brand Loyalty are the result.

    Like everyone else, I’m stoked to get my order in and begin enjoying the results of this refreshing product development journey. I am blown away and deeply inspired by the entire Kuiu story.

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks Tom for following along since almost the first week, I am so glad to send you the Attack Pants. As I have gotten to know you and your hardman style of hunting in the relentlessly tough NW country for elk you cannot see until they walk on top of you, these pants are made for you. Enjoy them and let me know how they work for you. Thank you.


  • Doug

    Oh man, I had about a 1000 posts all drafted and just never sent them……….if I had only known. ; )

    Seriously, congrats to the winners. Actually we are all winners as everyone’s input has led to the development of top notch gear that we will all be able to enjoy for years. Congrats to you too Jason, your dream has become a reality.

    Doug Rauls.

  • Bob Magnan

    You’re doing a GREAT job. Funny, I personally don’t regret much, but I wish I was 30 years younger right now!!

    “Back in the day” I was thinking this way when I was in high school in 1974 and then went to college (Va. Military Institute) through ’78, followed by active duty. Between the military, hiking, and bowhunting, I was ALWAYS thinking about lighter/dryer/quieter/easier to wear, etc.

    If my knees wouldnt disappoint so much, I’d have been one of your ace field testers; GOD KNOWS that carbon fiber packframe looks like an answer to about 1,000,000,000 prayers!

    So, when are the knee braces coming out? ??? And a branded hiking stick wouldn’t hurt either; hell, I use them back east these days….


  • […] Subscriber Loyalty & Appreciation This blog began a year ago, I have never “blogged” before.  What an experience. Certainly beyond all of my […] […]

  • Craig Germond

    Congrats guys! Job well done!

  • Mike C

    What a awesome thing to do.

  • Joaquin d'A


    as I previously said when some of us received your KUIU hat when you did not had any obligation to do it, this gesture can only come from a serious and committed gentleman.

    Again, thanks for the opportunity of buying your gear before the full site opens to the rest of the world.

    Best regards,


  • Matt

    Thanks Jason, read this post, thought lucky dudes and moved on. Your follow up email was a jolt. I’m that “Matt”? : ) Missed the fine print… Thanks for taking the time to listen to all us. Your prior experiences and success’s did not really require a Internet suggestion box, but your keen interest in what we all had to say makes for a unique connection with the KUIU brand. Thanks again and may this adventure be beyond all expectations.

  • john mcknight

    You pulled it off and made product we all want and have been looking for in gear.

    Good job!

    John McKnight

  • Evan Williams

    Mr. Hairston,

    I can honestly say that I have been following your work since the Sitka line hit the market. I was still in college and knew that your gear was going to be the ticket. Your dedication to US in your relentless pursuit of better fabrics, warmth to weight ratios, and high country hunting it honestly what has spurred on the immediate success of KUIU. As hunters and adventurists we want the best gear on the market. Light weight, tough, rugged, durable, warm, and comfortable along with the many other attributes you have brought to the market because of your desire and dedication.

    As an avid hunter and Pro-shop employee I use and recommend only the equipment I use and TRUST! I am sorry that it has taken me personally so long to find KUIU. Thank the Lord for friends who have a better opportunity to surf the net or who have contacts with your company otherwise I may have missed out until the release.

    You have spent a lot of time thanking us for taking such an overwhelming interest in KUIU and the building and development. What I think we need to be doing is truly thanking you and your design team. You all are the ones out there finding better fabrics and materials to use for OUR benefit. I loved your work with Sitka and I have a feeling that all of my gear will be getting replaced by KUIU gear.

    Thank you and all the ladies and gentleman at KUIU for your constant unwaivering dedication to us and our love of the outdoors. I wish you the very best of luck and I truly hope that your first order is large enough to accommodate all of us :)

    Evan Williams

  • JohnC

    I have a quick question about billing – surely you’re all crazy busy and stressed and I apologize.

    I know it’s been asked before but I do not remember the answer – for the pre-shop will we be billed as soon as the order is placed? Or when it is processed? I saw on the beta shopping pre-sale policy that you are expecting a mid-April shipping date. I am just wondering when I should expect the charge to be incurred. Tomorrow is my shopping day…er…10pm mountain time is like a day early!!

    Thanks for all of your hard work, team KUIU. And also, very cool on the thank you gifts!

    • Mike P


      You will be billed when it is shipped, there may be a pre-auth on the card but not the full amount until shipped (please correct me if I’m wrong Jason) see below from KUIU email for preshop info.

      “Orders placed during pre-shop are expected to ship by April 15th (with the exception of the Icon Backpacks & Guide Gloves), and you will not be billed until the order is shipped (however, you may see a pre-authorization on your account when you first submit the order). ”

      Hope this helps,

      Mike P

    • Hi John,

      You will be charged when the product ships. You may see a preauthorization on your credit card statement if you go on line and check, money has not been exchanged. We expect to be shipping in Mid-April and will ship sooner if at all possible. Thank you for the kind words.


      • JohnC

        Thanks for answers, Mike and Jason. This is perfect since the Guide Jacket was the one item I was sure to purchase, but then the Attack trousers snuck into my cart too! So I have a couple few weeks weeks to save that $$.

        Happy day all around, I reckon. Congrats!

  • Ryan baum

    As a younger hunter I just wanted to say that this is truly one of the best websites going. I did get to try out the shopping site 😉 and it is simple, straightforward and completely user friendly. It’s great to see someone envision a goal/dream then take that chance and go for it. Kuiu is working in the right direction! All the best luck with continued success.

  • Joe S

    So am I supposed to get an email that has a link to place my order. I already registered, do I use that same link?

    • JohnC

      Joe, you should have got an email that told you what day you could shop on. Try going back to the beta shopping site and logging in. If you can log in, I reckon you can buy.

      I worked perfectly for me – not to rub it, just noting that I think everything is running smoothly.

    • Hi Joe,

      Did you get this figured out? Let me know, I wanted to follow up with you.


      • Joe S

        Got it figured out and ordered. Did the packs sell out or are they not available for purchase at all until you get them? If they sold out when do you expect to get more?

  • Phil Stone

    Well…here I sit in my “now” sitka p.j.’s …thrilled to death that I was able to get one of everything for this coming year! Hope I’ll still be able to get some gloves and a belt ( couldn’t find a backorder option). It’ll all be put to the test here shortly starting with a trip to New Zealand for Tahr & Stagg. If there is leftover inventory, can we reorder immediately? I’d like to get some camo attack pants and another hat.
    Thanks, Phil

    • Hey Phil,

      Other subscribers are asking to buy more gear before we launch as well. Sunday and Monday? We need a couple of days to prepare for the launch to the public on Thursday. If we can make this happen Eric will send out an email tomorrow night.


  • Simon George

    Hi Jason,

    The week has ended and I never received a shopping date. Is there a way to still order or is it too late?


  • Allan


    I ordered one of every item and would like to order more too, so it would be great if you would open up the store for subscribers on Sunday and Monday as you have suggested you might! It was tough on some items to choose camo or solid, and I would like to have both. I definitely will need more Merino underwear.


  • HD

    I never received a date either and have followed for some time and got a sticker a long time ago. Probably nothing left to buy now I guess. Oh well guess I will need to look else where. I was looking forward to buying some gear and had an account set up like you said to do but never heard anything about my date to shop.

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