The Elk Reaper’s Gear Review

Hi Everyone,

Several subscribers asked me to have Aron Snyder known as The Elk Reaper on forums test KUIU’s products. Aron is the leading gear tester on and has recently become part of Live Hunt for Outdoor Life. I followed up on your requests and tracked down Aron through bowsite to test and review KUIU’s products. This is the first of several product tests he will post on Live Hunt about KUIU’s products.  Please click on the link below to review his write up and field photos of KUIU.


26 comments to The Elk Reaper’s Gear Review

  • Doug Rauls

    I knew I was gonna like the pattern. The photos in black and white really show the effectiveness of the Vias pattern. Even in the color photos the human outline is completely broken up, I think my hunting partners will be jealous.


  • Paul Chrena

    Very impressive!!! I still can’t find him in some of those pics! I can’t wait to try this stuff out.

  • Matt

    Seems to be the perfect Camo for the terrain those pictures were taken in. I mixed up the solids with the Guide jacket being VIAS. Be interesting to see how it shows in pictures up here in AK high country. Look forward to trying it out.

  • JD

    Wow Just WOW!

    Been waiting to see this from Elk Reaper over on bowsite, and was NOT disappointed.

    The pics among the aspen are classic. And the full color pic next to the rock, the blending in is awesome.

    Southern Colorado, and The Gila are going to just absorb that right up.

    I just wish we hadn’t been hit with a surgery for my daughter, or I would have head to toe Vias for this coming season.

    Nice review Aron, I look forward to the rest.

  • More great photos of Vias in action – love it! Brutally effective at breaking up human form in a variety of habitats. And for what it’s worth, I know I’m not the only one who will disappear against the sky in my treestands.


  • JohnC

    If your hunting area has some Aspens groves you are now Mr. Invisible!

    Amazing. And considering that all pics were within 20 yds, I imagine the rifle hunters among us will be completely invisible beyond 75 yds.

  • Allan


    I knew you had one of the best camo patterns ever created with the Vias, but the photos prove it is even better than I thought. Great job! Aron became the Invisible Man in many of those photos, and was well concealed in all of them. Kuiu was in good company with some of the other products shown from Kifaru and Primus. It is really great that you have joined those outstanding brands at the top of the outdoor products world before shipping out a single retail order! I can hardly wait to get my two separate orders (one on my official shopping day and the second today when you reopened the store) of Kuiu gear.


  • Cory Benge

    The pictures speak for themselves. I was more than impressed with the concealment that the Vias camo offered Aron. Now remember Aron is a big 6’2″ and very broad yet the Vias pattern hid him as if he were the size of Stuart Little (Yes, I have a four year old). Furthermore, the black and white photos clearly illustrate what an Elk, Deer or other ungulate game animal might or MIGHT NOT see in this type of situation. Can hardly wait to try this stuff while chasin’ the “Yoggies” on the Montana Mountain Side this Spring.

  • David Sisamis

    Nice, I’ve always been a big believer in patterns like this. But with what you have done with the colors and shading are exceptional Jason. As for the merino working for Aron, we all know what top quality will do. Can’t wait to test the attack pants out myself, guess I should of ordered more stuff.LOL

  • Patrick Stewart

    Darn that Elk Reaper and his reviews! He made me add a pair of attack pants to my order dang it! Grrrrrrrr…..

  • Slim9300

    Quick Question… If I order another couple merino shirts and they are in stock, will they ship with my initial order and be included in that shipping cost? Or will I pay shipping twice no matter what?


    BTW, the review makes me want to buy more stuff. lol

  • Brad

    Can’t wait for your review of the pack. Jason, have any items shipped yet?

  • Just stumbled onto Kuiu today while researching. Looks like good stuff. I must say I have used a certain predecessor, if you will, for a number of years now but have become disenchanted with their line recently. The camo is pretty cool but that spec is the last thing on the list for me, I really want to see performance of the clothing on a fly out hunt in Alaska in September, really, really. Send ole Elk reaper up here for flyout moose or caribou hunt. I am very interested in more than “the cup of water test”, how bout the 20 acres of alders in a rainstorm test. Cant wait to see more.

  • Rod

    Somewhere in Jasons review on OL or Bowsite, he mentioned the Hats/Beanies would fit up to a 7 1/2 head size – after that they would probably be too tight. Being a 7 3/4, whats the chances of getting some ‘booner’ sized headgear (Hats and both beanies). I’m only a few miles from the hat manufacturer – I’d be willing to ‘test the fit’ for the hats. There is a company called “Big Lids” that makes a larger sized hat (That is shaped properly for the larger size) but they dont have camo.

    Also – Your pre-sales event was handled in probably the most professional and fair manner possible. The graduated Shopping Days, Item Limits, THEN re-opened for all preshoppers once everyone’s assigned day was compelted. KUIU is resetting the bar in more ways than one!!

    Cant wait to get my gear…

  • Brian McElrea

    Jason –

    Just read your advertisement/article in Huntin Fool. Well done….as would be expected. For those who hadn’t heard of Kuiu they sure will now.

    Can’t wait for my shipment to arrive.


  • Patrick Stewart

    I have a fat head… and I agree with Rod. Make hats/beanies in two sizes… one for us melon heads! I have one of the Vias camo hats on order and hopefully, it won’t squeeze my brains out! hahahaha….


  • Kit Baughman

    Hi Jason,

    I didn’t respond sooner because I wanted to take more time to look at the photos of the Vias in the field at the link you posted. The reason I needed more time is because I failed the test – there are still a couple photos that I cannot find the human in… My first reaction to camo photos is usually “pfffttt!”, but with the Vias it was more like “uh???”. That’s a first for me, and has really confirmed how effective Vias is going to be! I also liked that the photos weren’t staged, like you see in other camo photos – the ones with the perfect lighting and perfect foreground and background picked just for the camo. I just hope the fish and game departments don’t ban the pattern for giving unfair advantage…



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