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Hello Everyone,

Enclosed is a link to Primaloft’s blog covering the Spindrift Jacket and an interview about KUIU.  I thought you may find this of interest.  Have a great weekend.



38 comments to Primaloft Blog Interview

  • Joe

    Which Primaloft product is in the Spindrift?
    P.S. Can’t wait to get this stuff!!! Its getting hot here in Texas…but I’m gonna put it on anyway!

  • Matt

    Nice Jason, good article, and great exposure. The Spindrift jacket is on my list, but waiting for your vest.. : )

  • More and more great info. about the most interesting line of new gear that I can recall being introduced since Dana Gleason founded Mystery Ranch. I have too many financial commitments at present to purchase, due to my wife’s medical issues, but, I definitely will buy the forthcoming Spindrift jacket with hood, an ideal garment in the cold, wet mountains of BC.

    I will probably mate this with Chugach pants and will certainly buy both merino tops and some other bits and pieces to keep my ancient bod comfy in the “tall and uncut”.

    I think that you have “done it” this time, Jason and will succeed beyond your fondest hopes and dreams. BTW, can/will you arrange “drop” shipping for we Canucks to save us paying high shipping and border costs? Might be an idea that could increase Canadian sales.

    • Thanks Dewey, I am working on the Canadian warehouse & shipping program. This will depend on the amount of gear we ship north this season and if it will support the costs to warehouse in Canada.


  • G. Todd Brooks

    Very Nice! Good Job!

  • Good stuff! I will be adding a spindrift jacket for fall. Have you rolled one up to see how compact it can get? I’m assuming the Primaloft is resilient and will not compact over time, like down.


    • Hi Tom,

      The hand pockets double as a stuff sack h-2″x l-8″x w-4″, it is really resilient which allows you to put it into a compression sack and can compress it down to very small package.


  • Clayton Lamb


    I have a spindrift on the way!

    Small typo though Jason,

    “We focus on reducing weight and performance through design and technology”

    To me that reads that you focus on reducing performance? :)

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Great little piece. As always with your posts Jason love to see you keeping us informed on the progress of your fantastic company and hunting clothes.
    Can’t wait to try it out in the wrangells and Brooks range this fall.
    P.s. Mega congrats on the grand opening yesterday. With your commitment to customer service an quality I have no doubt you will be successful in your venture:)

  • I really like that lead photo in the ground fog! Wonderful article as well!

  • Larry Schwartz


    Glad to see that you plan to add pants to the Spindrift line and a hood on the jacket. The nylon quilted field jacket liner and field pants liner that U.S. Army had in the 70’s and 80’s was one of my favorite pieces of kit for cold weather, especially in Germany. The Spindrift top and bottom will I am sure provide the same great utility and flexibility.


  • Jerry V

    Good write up
    Jason, will you be offering a vest ?

    • Thanks for the comment Jerry, I do not have a vest planned in the near future, but something we certainly and easily add to the line if we have enough requests.


      • Jerry V

        Since this garment is meant to be worn under a jacket, a vest would be less binding when pulling back a bowstring. But this might not be the case with the way you’ve sized Kuiu.
        ……just a thought.


        • Hi Jerry,

          Great point, our stretch fabrics and articulation eliminate binding. However, I am a huge vest fan for bowhunting and like my arms free with as little bulk as possible as you mention. As a company, the biggest challenge with a performance vest is price and sell through. We sell fewer vests than any other style, which makes it hard to add to a line and tie up inventory dollars. Maybe I will make us two:). At some point I will add this to our line.


      • Jerry V

        Cool, then I can get rid of my Sitka Kelvin vest : )

  • Micah

    Jason, When are you expecting to get the gloves available to purchase??? THanks


  • Jeff

    Great write up, I have been sprending the word. Will you offer the guide vest in brown on the second run or maybe next year?

  • Brad

    I think a vest would be a great addition as well. This is my first primaloft. It will be replacing a lamilite sweater which doesn’t get very compact.

  • Curt Cabrera

    Very nice interview…well done Jason!

  • Doug


    I am a traditional bowhunter and most of my shots are under 20 yards and many under 10. Will the spindrift jacket be quiet enough for ultra close range encounters?



  • Allan


    I too am pleased to hear you will be offering the Spindrift Pants and Hooded Jacket. I will definitely buy the pants to go with the Spindrift Jacket I already have on order and will probably not be able to resist buying the Hooded Jacket for those really cold conditions. With the future Guide Pants and Spindrift pieces, along with the other Kuiu gear I already have on order (or will when I can order the gloves), I should be ready for just about any hunting conditions. But I am also excited about the “Hawaii” :-) gear you say you are designing and all the new stuff that is floating around in that innovative head of yours. It seems that every few days I learn about something new and exciting coming from Kuiu. Bring it on!!


  • Cool!!! It will be a key part of equipment, excited to have it on my hands.

    Opening roe deer weekend in Spain.. Jason, I have something to confess!hahaha Will send you pics this week! Yahoo!

    Thanks again for uploading interesting posts.

  • Randy in Bel Air


    Really enjoyed the in-depth article chronicling the grizzly hunt…twelve page story with plenty of pics…the author did an outstanding job. Felt like I was almost there. Looking forward to other similar articles! Keep up the good work!

  • Justin Starck

    Please be careful in creating partnerships. Part of what makes KUIU what it is, is the relentless search for the best thing out there. I just don’t want you to get tied down to any specific company, as it would prevent you from searching for something a little better.

    • Hi Justin,

      Thank you for your concerns. One thing that I am very bad about is sitting still. I am always looking for ways to improve KUIU and the product line. You will see this over time as we add to our line and improve existing items. Suppliers who continue to innovate will be life long partnerships. If not we will find those who are and will.


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