I am in Kansas hunting turkeys. I flew to Denver on Friday and have been hunting with Nathan Andersohn, Archie Nesbitt and Steve Fiarchuk on Nathans farm. I apologize for not responding to your comments and questions since Friday as I do not have Internet down on the farm. I fly home Wednesday and will get back to all of you when I get home.



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  • SWEET! Good Luck! Hopefully Nathan can get you on some birds.

  • Brandon Hammonds

    Good luck Jason to you and the rest of the team.

  • Jason,

    I am soo sorry that you have to hunt with Nathan A.!!!!

    Just got my new gear on Friday, can’t wait to try it out.
    When will the pack frames be ready?

  • Mike P

    Hope your turkey hunting is going better than ours is…season opened yesterday and i was out calling for a friend, we still have crotch deep snow in the hills, and the worst part is my KUIU is still not here to test :( was hoping to put a few miles on it but it seems customs thinks its best to hold it for 2 weeks…maybe today the mail man will have it.

    Mike P

  • A good bunch for sure – will be looking forward to the update.

  • Stephen Hand

    I am anxious to see some pictures from this trip and hear about the results.

  • Kendall

    Good luck with getting a big tom!

  • Brian

    Good Luck!

  • Allan


    Enjoy the hunt. You deserve the time away. I sent you an email with a very long review (and ratings) of all the various models of clothing except the belt (which I didn’t order). With only pretty minor suggestions for improvement on a few pieces, I thought everything was incredible. You have truly raised the bar for everyone else in the industry. Now I am looking forward to getting the Icon frame and the 3000 and 6000 packs.


    • Cameron Meier

      Allan I would live to hear you review and how you liked the gear.

      • Allan


        I am in NYC on business until Sunday, and I only have my phone for internet access, so I will post my long review when I get home Sunday night. So far Jason is the only person besides me who has seen it, and he told me to post the whole review even with some minor areas of constructive criticism. Overall I am very impressed with the excellence of the Kuiu clothing. Much more later …….


  • Jay B

    By the time you read this me and all your blood sweat and tears that went into making my KUIU gear will be in the mountains of NE Oregon looking for a black bear. I hope your hunt has gone well and thank you again for making top of the line gear for the kind of hunter that we are. If I can get some good photos I will be sure to pass them along with the hopes of maybe making it on your hall of fame board and the amazing KUIU headquarters (you do have a customer hall of fame or gear in action board right?).

  • Allan


    I posted my review of all the Kuiu clothing on the “Vias Camouflage Feature” thread.


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