Icon Production Pack Weights

Hi Everyone,

I just returned from traveling late last night and wanted to address the Icon pack weight right away.  There are some questions and concerns with the final finished pack weight for the Icons. After testing and and refining the prototypes I made several adjustments to insure the reliability and durability and versatility of the Icon pack system, this included increasing the thickness and durability of the suspension, stretch-mesh, webbing, hardware and refinements in the overall design and for future designs.

Due to these refinements and improvements the finished and assembled production packs arrived 8 to 10 ounces heavier than the prototypes. I apologize to anyone who feels I have mislead them as it certainly was not my intention. My goal for the 3000 and 6000 is to build the best and most reliable pack system possible.  I am VERY happy with the function and performance of these designs and would not want to sacrifice reliability or function to meet a target weight.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Have a great weekend.



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  • jhayes

    Functionality, support, and durability trump weight any day. Keep on keepin on!

  • Jeremy Munoz

    Any plans for a pack between the 3000 and 6000?

    • I am currently working on several new designs for the Icon frame. What size are you looking for?


    • Mike P


      I’ll jump in here to and second the request for something in the middle for size. I held off getting a pack because a 3000 is a bit small for longer trips and the 6000 is much to big. Something in the 4000-4500 would do the trick for me.

      Mike P

      • John houston

        Hey Jason,

        Maybe a post showing the 6000 in a daypack configuration (tightened to the frame) might calm some concern of the pack being too big. Even a video showing that the 6000 only holding 1000 worth of equipment and supplies isn’t baggy or unstable. Keep up the great work. — John

  • that does it for me, 10 ounces is a deal break, or should i say back -breaker! LOL – just kidding. Just consider this, if you’re planing to use the pack and already own kuiu outerwear you may have already made up the difference if you compare the weight of the kuiu clothes to that comparable protection . . . 10 oz is no deal breaker and anytime youre working on the cutting edge youre going to make changes. It’s better put it out a bit heavier than you anticipated than it is to put out a product you know needs some serious improvements. Working on tight time lines and with cutting edge products means you have to remain somewhat flexible . . .

    • Hey Tony,

      The print if UNREAL!!! I will hang it this weekend and do a post. If someone is interested in cutting ounces, they can remove the meat cell and cell attachment hardware and make up most of this difference. Thanks for the feed back brother!!


  • G. Todd Brooks

    Jason, Thanks for the up-date. it’s a great Pack & Frame with incredible well thought out Details. I feel like the shoulder straps need to be folded back on themselves about an inch & bar tacked or double stitched so as not to be able to slip back through the tension buckle. when I first got my Icon Pack I simply tried to loosen the tension on the Straps and it slipped right through the tension buckle!
    I had not even put any weight in it, I believe this would be a very simple fix, to what could be a potental fall of either pack or worse yet a hunter. I will be doing
    this on my pack, regardless if KUIU starts doing it or not.

    • Thanks for the feed back. This is made like this intentionally for changing out the bags. I have tested the packs and not had a problem with the webbing pulling through the tension locks. I will certainly keep an eye on this. I appreciate your comment and feed back.


  • Jason Owings

    Just got my pack this week an loaded it up for the first time last night. It felt great and with all my gear minus food and water weight i was at 22.4 lbs. Very happy with it and was surprised to find a gps/holster pocket on the right hip belt as well. Great Pack Jason. Thanks for all the research and work you put into it. Only suggestion I would make and will probably do myself is some sort of small color indicator/matching system on the compression buckles there are a lot of them and it’s easy to get them all mixed up. Something very small that you can see but is still discreet most like not visible once they are attached.

  • Kit Baughman

    Hi Jason,

    Dang, I guess that means I’ll have to leave one can of beer at the truck… I think you have your priorities straight – if it isn’t reliable, durable, and functional it doesn’t really matter how light it is. I’d rather have something bomb-proof that weighs a little more than something I can’t count on.

    Take care,


  • Sounds great!!! Nice to read you again.

    Rest and let us know what else have you been working on!

    Can wait to try the 3000!!

    Take care!
    Pedro Ampuero

  • Curt Cabrera

    I’ll take reliability and function over a few saved ounces anytime…thanx for the update Jason. Good to have ya back brutha!

  • L. Victor Clark

    What are the weights?

  • Steve Ameral

    I tried out my Icon pack yesterday and it is really comfortable. It is half the weight of my day pack. I put my hydration in and all the stuff from my day pack plus my water filter and it was still lighter. So now I have twice the room with less weight.
    Great product.

  • bird, p

    Thanks for letting us know, Jason. For me, 10 ounces is a deal breaker. As, I must say, the system was already a bit on the heavy side (for my needs). Though, when you include support and function, yours could end up being the best pound for pound on the market today. But, for me, every ounce is like a pound, as I’m a true UL gram counter/thru-hiker. Know that your honesty and rush to explain and inform your customers is what makes people like me glad to support you. So, I may not buy this version of the pack, but I will look at future versions of your packs. I am INCREDIBLY happy with the other gear I bought, and put you right up there with the alpine/mountaineering companies I fully support.

    • Bird, P,

      I really appreciate your feed back. I am working on some new concepts and designs. What are you looking for in bag design, size, suspension and weight carrying needs? What are you willing to sacrifice to shave grams or ounces? I appreciate your insight and help


  • Casey S.

    Jason, I have one quick question. I believe that even after moving the shoulder harness down to the lowest position it would still fit me better if it were moved 1/2 – 1″ I am around 5’10 but have a really short torso. Just wondering if there is anyway to make those slots a little longer or should I say lower for us odd built people. Going to try the pack out for a week or so then make a final decision. I will say the layout of the pockets and compression straps is perfect. Thanks, Casey S

  • Jordan

    10oz to me and my style of hunting is not a deal breaker. I can’t wait to get my hands on a pack the second go-round of shipments.

  • Mike Rogers

    I couldn’t stand it any longer… took Thurs off and went on a short overnight fishing trip.

    Loaded heavy with 41lbs the pack did super. The frame is really comfortable and I had no issues with being able to adjust it on the move.

    Got me backpacking planned tomorrow but this thing looks like a winner.

  • Received my frame and Icon 3000 yesterday. I recently sold my Mystery Ranch NICE with Crew and Load Carrier in favor of the Kuiu set up. Believe me, 10 extra ounces or not it is still the lightest pack I’ve ever picked up! If it proves to be as robust and comfortable as the MR at this weight it will be the best pack on the market! I have it loaded up and ready to take on an archery bear hunt in a couple days! Can’t wait to try it out.

    I was also happily surprised to find the small gear bag on the right hip. Suggestions… notch the lid on it and make the flap a little longer to accommodate a GPS antenna. I’d also like to be able to purchase a small pouch with zipper that I could strap onto the belt or attach to a loop, like the MR RIP-ZIP pocket.

    There are a lots of features, some of which I haven’t figured out yet… suggest you make a video showing us old impatient guys how it all works! There are lots of straps too.. suggest that you make available something like the MR Webkeepers for us old fussy guys that like to keep everything neat and tidy.

    Good job guys looks like an awesome pack!

    • John Houston

      Hey Bill,
      Try the “Web Dominiator” it is the best solution to keeping your webbing tidy. The military uses them on all their packs. Cant wait to do all the little adjustments to my ICON 6000. Take Care, — John

    • Thanks Bill for you business and support. I appreciate your feed back. I will work on putting together a video of a pack Clinic for everyone showing the features, how to properly fit the pack etc etc.


  • Alvaro from Spain

    After a lot of hesitation I finally ordered a 3000. I believe it will be a tad small for my hunting, and I would definetely be in for a 4500ci Icon in the future…

    Which raincover do you suggest I should use with my 3000, Jason?

    Regards and, if they are there for a good reason, never mind those extra ounces.

  • Ken

    I’ve had my 6000 for a few days now but without the time to fiddle with it until today. All I can say is WOW! I’ve never an upper end pack with which to compare so maybe I’m naive, but WOW! I’m a long time hunter/packer/gadget man so, with all these pockets, attachments and a bonus pouch too, WOW!

  • Doug Rodgers

    Strapped my 6000 on this weekend for a long hike loaded between 25-30 pounds with no issues. Look and fit is great!…Cant wait to try it sheep hunting in August.

  • Mark

    The 3000 is one heck of a pack. But ditto on additional instructions for all the bells and whistles, some of which I’m sure I don’t even know about. Also could use some more instruction on proper fitment. I also have a short torso and have the shoulder straps at the lowest setting. They seem about right with 40# of rock salt in the pack, but it’s as tall as me and the load lifters pull the pack into my head but I think I’m pulling them too much?

    • Hey Mark,

      Will you measure your torso and shoot me some photos via email I can review? I would like to see how this pack is fitting you and see what I can do to help. I have a few ideas.


  • Aron Snyder

    Hello Everyone

    I will have my review up shortly, but wanted to answer a few questions/comments that have been asked of me the last few days.

    I would not hesitate at all to use the 6000 for a daypack. The way the bag and compression straps are designed it makes the Icon EXTREMELY functional when compressed down and ready for “day hunt” mode. I’m sure a 4,000ish size bag would work for some of you, but again, the 6000 is built to work for several different types of situations and is going to be great for any trip lasting between 1-7 days (depending on your gear). Maybe I’m to optimistic, but I would rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it:)… The extra cubic inches are a must sometimes!

    I thought the 6000 carried 80-90 lbs easily, especially for a pack that is this divers and comfortable when compressed down when day hunting. So making this pack into more of a load hauler would take away from the original design intent of a multi day Bivy pack that will convert into a great day pack as well (cant have your cake and eat it too). You would also be adding a significant weight penalty to the pack as well, so that is something else that would be needed to take into consideration. In reality, most hunters are not able to pack more then 80-90 lbs anyway, so this is somewhat of a moot point.

    As far as comparisons go… This pack reminds me of a high dollar mountaineering pack (Arcteryx Bora and Altra, Osprey Argon), that has hunter specific pockets and compression straps. You could tell that everything a mountain hunter would need to pack on a hunt was taken into consideration during the design and layout of the Icon and when you first start to use it, the functionality will show very quickly.

    Hope this helps answer some questions!

  • Casey S.

    Just wanted to let everyone know I loaded up almost everything I need for a 7 day hunt besides water and dinner M.H. Meals. I did have M.H. Breakfast packed. I also strapped my bow on the back of the pack but had to move the spotting scope to inside the top of the pack to keep the bow from sticking outward to much. Anyway The pack weighed 50 pounds even and it felt like a dream walking around. I was very impressed and I think Jason has a winner here. The only problem I could see for me was I need to cut down on a little of my gear , I was able to fit everything I need inside the pack except my sleeping bag.!! And the pack appears to not have any straps under the bottom to hold a bag so I may have to pack a little different next time or compress some things.. Anyway other than that little detail I was really really happy with the feel of the pack. I also need to make sure I fill each pocket because the pack is loaded with nice little hidden away pockets that I could have used.. Keep up the good work Jason..!

    • Hi Casey,

      Thank you for the report. I do not recommend nor design to allow for a sleeping bag on the bottom of the pack, it is really a bad place for weight and balance. I recommend a compression sack(s) for all of your gear for smart packing, plus it will help keep your gear dry in storms. You may try moving your bow to the side of the pack so you can put your spotting scope in the vertical pocket. Let me know if you have any questions.


  • chris stone

    jason, any way a post can be put up showing or describing the function for some of the pockets in the icon 6000? for example where you would place items such as bladder and other certain gear???????? so many pockets,, like a kid in the candy store,,,, any help and info from you would be appreciated. thanks chris stone

  • Jeremy


    Got another question for you.

    What size range does the Icon frame and suspension suppose to have? Some are saying they think 18 to 18.5 is as short as it will go.

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