KUIU Outlet Grand Opening 10am PST

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to make sure you are notifiedĀ first. The KUIU Outlet opens today at 10am PST and will remain open while supplies last. We will be offering overstock, factory seconds and slightly used gear.

How To Shop:

At 10am PST you will see a “KUIU Outlet” link on the front page of You can browse that category just like the normal categories and even order outlet gear along with regular gear.


We also have a separate special offers section for gear with very limited quantities and special pricing, including gently used customer returns and products with minor blemishes. To see this list of extra discounts you can click the “Special Outlet Offers” link on the outlet category page, then call customer service to place a phone order while supplies last.

3 comments to KUIU Outlet Grand Opening 10am PST

  • Dave

    I was considering getting a EDC knife. Any feedback from those that have bought it? Anyone try to sharpen it with the Wicked Edge sharpener, used only on the Ti side, of course? I was hoping this could do it all on a hunt so I wouldn’t have to carry all 3…anyone do this? thanks

  • Dave

    Jason, thanks…heard from Nate and it looks like the Wicked edge will work great. Ordered my knife last night. Thanks again.

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