NEW Major Brown Attack Pants & Inventory Up Date


NEW Major Brown Attack Pants  Call to pre-order if your size sells out (855) 367-5848

New Limited Edition Tribal KUIU Cap



Spindrift Jacket: Coffee Bean and Vias Camo; all sizes

Merino 250 Zip-T: Vias Camo, Sage Green, and Brindle; all sizes

Chugach Sets: Vias Camo & Frost Grey; all sizes


Gun Metal Short Sleeve T-shirt all sizes

14 comments to NEW Major Brown Attack Pants & Inventory Up Date

  • Shane Close

    Probably my favorite looking hat of the ones available. Any chance of a Errol brimmed one or a tech hat?

  • Bryant

    Are we only able to call in to order the Major Brown Attack Pants? When will the 185 Zip-T Merino Shirts in Vias be available? Thanks.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hey Bryant,

      They are available on-line now. If your size sells out before you get your order in you can call and preorder for the next shipment scheduled to arrive in May.


  • Josh


    I ordered the green vest last week, the brown attack earlier this week, & now the hat to my already huge KUIU collection. You are killing me!

  • Jason Hairston

    If you tried to order the Attack Pants in Major Brown and your size was not available shortly after the email went out please try again. We had a problem loading the inventory.


  • All the new items look AWESOME! I’ll order today!

  • Shane Close

    Mine was supposed to say
    Is there any chance of getting a wool/Merino or Toray tech hats?

  • bob long

    As a supercub pilot, I was wondering if your cloths are flame resistant? Bob

  • JR

    Love this hat Jason. Just got mine last week. This is for sure my new favorite hat.

    A spindrift and grey attack pants are next on my list.

    Ive said it many times in the kuiu community but I wanted to say it here, I would sure love to see a mernio crew top. I know many others would love this too.

  • JR

    Sweet news Jason. Cant wait! Can we get on a preorder/waitlist?

  • George Hicks

    I just bought a pair of the Major Brown attack pants for a buddy who loved my KUIU gear but refuses to wear camo. They are very nice pants! He knows how they will perform in the field and loves the fact he can wear them to church too.

    And I will camp outside the door of your office for a merino crew!!

  • JR

    Your behind me George, Im already camped here at the door. Brewing up some dehydrated meals and living he ultralight life.

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