Introduce KUIU Customers New Brand For Kids – Button Buck

I had the chance to meet Brad Christian in our show room last fall and we talked about hunting and gear then he told me about a new business venture he was working on called Button Buck. If you have kids and like to hunt like many of us you will love Brad’s clothes for your little guys Button Buck.

I want to help spread the word for Brad and help create awareness for his Brand.


My name is Brad Christian and I grew up a frog-catching, lizard chasing, Colorado boy who got an early start with a suction-cup bow and arrow, cane pole, and Red Ryder BB gun.  College took me from the Rockies to Nashville where I worked in the music biz and met Lauren, a fun-loving California girl studying to be a trauma nurse.  We played well outside together, fell head-over-heels in love and got married in Vegas.  Just kidding, it was a nice and proper wedding

Though she lured me back to Northern California to be near her family, she became my constant field companion.  The flack I took early on for having a female hunting partner was easily offset by the fact that I no longer had to share a tiny two-man pack tent with a dude (an often overlooked consideration).

We were on a wild journey together, making memories that will last a lifetime—like the infamous wedding anniversary we spent . . . in a tree . . . on a farm . . . in minus 24 degree temps.  “Husband Of the Year!  Husband Of the Year!”  But our greatest adventure was yet ahead.

We were pregnant!!!  And we could hardly wait to share our outdoor traditions with the newest member of our posse.  As parents-to-be, we began searching for kid’s clothing that represented our family’s unique hunting lifestyle.  Unfortunately, all we could turn up was a few super cheesy t-shirts and a dress that looked like someone sewed a back onto a camo Snuggie.

As modern hunters, we were bummed.  If our goal was to display our love for hunting at the expense of our style, we’d wear our waders out to dinner.  But when it comes to our lifestyle clothing choices, “style” is a prerequisite for our picks.

We wanted stylish design inspired by our outdoor culture.  That is, “hunting t-shirts” that looked nothing like “hunting t-shirts.”  We also wanted the same cut, quality, and ultra-soft fabrics enjoyed in the mainstream.  And with nostalgic memories of cool brands from our own childhood, we were motivated to create a relevant brand for a new generation.

So we set out to honor your wild kids and culture with BUTTON BUCK—the original lifestyle-clothing brand for the kids of modern outdoorsmen.  So here’s to you little guys and gals!  Rock it proudly . . . and may hunting always be relevant to you—“hunting’s future.”


Brad Christian



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