Pre-order 2012 New Products

New product styles for 2012 will be available as early as next month.  To place a preorder, please call KUIU Customer Service Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm PST at 855-367-5848 (toll free) or 707-676-5260 . Quantities are limited.  To ensure you receive these products this year, we highly suggest placing a preorder right away.


Available in late June

Price: $59.99
Sizes: L  fits boot 8-11, up to 16.5” calf (1” shorter than XL)
XL fits boot 10-13 over 16.5” calf (1” longer than L)
Color: Steel Grey

A Gaiter designed for sheep hunts. Waterproof & Breathable using a Toray Prime-Flex 4-way stretch laminated 3 layer fabric. Very quiet for a 3 layer hardshell type gaiter. No seams, which will eliminate failures. The fabric and design make these better than any other gaiter on the market.

• No seams
• First 4-way stretch gaiter
• Boot hook on front with half moon shape cut out on boot hook with a snap closure instead of velcro
• Velcro closure up the front
• Double layer heat bonded on bottom half of gaiter
• Replaceable boot strap



Available in July

Icon 5000
Price: $249.99
Colors: Vias Camo, Burnt Olive/Phantom Grey

Icon 7000
Price: $299.99
Colors: Vias Camo, Steel Grey/Phantom Grey

• Same pocket placement as Icon 3000 and Icon 6000 bags
• New hardware
• More head clearance
• Double reinforced bottom and back
• New side pockets for rifle, spotting scope, longer items, etc.
• Side pocket has 4 zipper heads, with a stuff it pocket in the bottom
• Larger front pocket
• New system has a load sling, a fabric shelf that attaches from the frame to the bags so you can pack the XL roll top bag into it with meat or anything else




Available in July

Price: $299.99
Colors: Vias Camo, Phantom Grey

New system has a simplified design, increased padding, and has been strengthened.



Available in July

Color: Phantom Grey
Sizes & Prices:
XS        $9.99
S        $12.99
M        $14.99
XL        $29.99

Designed for pack storage of your gear.  Each size is designed to fit in our Icon’s internal pocket system.  Made with a Cordura 30 Denier Silnylon.  It is lightweight, durable and waterproof.  Taped seams and a roll top design make these bags a must-have for everyone.



Available in July

Color: Phantom Grey
Sizes & Prices:
M        $34.99 (will fit the Icon 3000)
L        $39.99 (will fit the 5000 & 6000)
XL        $44.99 (will fit the 7000)

30 denier Cordura Silnylon.  Light weight and durable.  Packs down into a small stuff sack.  Waterproof and designed to wrap all the way around the bag and cinch around the frame to secure the rain cover.

64 comments to Pre-order 2012 New Products

  • This all looks awesome Jason! Very cool to see the KUIU line up grow with well designed an innovative gear!

  • J.R. Young

    This all looks awesome. Thanks for the videos it really helps us see what the changes are. I think demos like this are a great way to illustrate the details of the products.

    About the new frame and suspension, is it entirely velcro or is there another mechanism to attach the strap the the frame. It looks as if there was some resistance when you moved it up/down. Is there something holding it to the frame and the velcro to lock it in?

    Good stuff Jason, really looking good.

    • Shaun Ayers

      Hi J.R.,

      Jason in off bear hunting so I’ll answer some of the technical questions. The frame still has a track, a piece of hardware engages in it and slides up and down. This keeps a shearing force on the velcro. We’ve also increased the vertical range of adjustability. The shoulder straps can also be engaged at different widths horizontally so you can customize for different shoulder widths.


  • Joel Biltz

    Everything looks great. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • Jay

    I does someone preorder? Especially the gaiter in Vias.

  • Matt Westbrook

    love everything. could you give us alittle more detail about how big the smaller dry storage bags are? i wanna get a couple of the smaller ones, just need to know how big they will be

  • JR

    Will that waist belt pocket be sold as a stand alone item or its attached?

    Is this the final version of the pack? Will the webbing be black? (Personally I liked the brown better)

  • Brian McElrea

    Love the new products and video intro. Will the new bags be interchangeable with last years suspension and frame or will they only match up with the new 2012 suspension and frame?

    Keep up the innovations and improvements.

    • Jeff M Valunas

      Jason- I would also like to know the answer to this question, about the ‘new bags’ compatibilty with the ‘older 2011 frame and suspension’. New bag seems much improved, and would possibly purchase if it will fit the ‘older frame’. Along with some others, I would have preferred staying with light brown straps, but- I could live with it, if compatible.

      • Shaun Ayers

        There have been significant changes in the way the frame attaches to the bag and and suspension. We do have an adapter system prototyped for attaching 2011 bags to the new frame and suspension. We don’t have a confirmed production date but are trying to move quickly on this.

        Attaching the new bags to the old frame and suspension is a more complicated process requiring replacement of nearly the entire suspension system. We are still working and deciding on that one.

        • David C

          I’d be in on that adapter system when you learn more. I am very happy with the 6000 pack and don’t really desire extensive side pockets, nor do I rifle hunt or carry a large tripod. That being said I am liking the new suspension, I think (it’s hard sight unseen other than online), especially the lumbar pad/whole waist belt and would try and spring for that part of it if I could.

          Thanks for the continues hard work and I appreciate you bringing things to market as fast as you can. Hopefully in the end you can make everyone happy with adapters, etc. We are feel for the long haul with the KUIU evolution!

        • Shaun Ayers

          If you want more information on pack adapter systems please call KUIU customer service at (855) 367-5848. We’ll explain the different systems and timing.

  • David C

    Opposite question as Brian, will last years pack be compatible with a 2012 suspension?

    Looks like some solid improvements. I like the aluminum hardware, plastic hardware was always a top weak point in most packs.

    I’ll probably stick with my 6000 with the old setup as it fits my needs but I am glad to see the developments continuing at my favorite brand/family.


    Hi Jason
    I am very impressed with the redesign and new features of your backpack. The addition of a rifle pocket with its accessible placement and design along with the spotting scope and tri-pod pocket with the zipper configuration for easy access will prove to be very functional. The location of these pockets will balance out the pack once loaded, another big plus. The concept of the cell between the bag and frame is a very leading edge inovation and I look forward to trying it out.. Very Nice!!!

    Weight being a concideration for me, what would a new 2012 frame and suspension, ICON 7000 bag/sling and a XL 30 denier cordura silnylon roll top dry storage bag weigh?


  • David C

    I think everyone is awaiting the details and stats hopefully they are coming soon. Especially for the weight FREAKS like many of us!!!

  • I kinda like the “salmon” color for the storage bags…it makes it easy to find. Only problem is Carrie would be stealing it from me! LOL Keep up the good work Jason! LOVE the gaiters!

  • Justin Starck

    I like the improvements on the suspension for the most part. I will pry have to try it out. It would be nice if I could use my 6000 bag another year but it is showing its use. I may have to retire it as well.

    I like the fact that you are improving the existing line, rather than just expanding it. I like the idea of keeping the line to the essentials. After all, the only items that should make it into a mountain hunting pack are the essentials.

  • David

    I dig the upgraded Icon hardware, materials, and features but don’t dig the non-color matched webbing/zippers/hardware. Hopefully that’s just because it’s a proto. I don’t mind paying extra for quality kit, but it makes people more finicky about small things. There are still a couple of other “essentials” I’ve been making due with different versions of so, they’re on my list first, but I do like the Icon changes.

  • You and your team are continuosly innovating. Great job, effort will pay off for sure.

    Like a lot the gaiters design. Can wait to try test them this summer. How does it adjust to the boot in the bottom area? Could you cross a river with it?

    Improving the pack has been a great idea, and I am excited to check how does the new frame feels. Hope to see soon a smaller day pack, in those pack you can put too many things!

    The dry storage bags are an essential to keep your gear dry.

    Congratulations! and thank you.

  • Shane C

    Hey Jason, these look awesome! Way to go! Would it be possible if someone wanted to go minimalist for a day pack to just use that xl dry storage bag attached to the load storage sling on the pack without an actual bag attached? It just might fit the niche some are looking for the out of base camp bag. Also, since that bag is designed to carry the may is there no more meat cell in the bag? Definitely picking up the new suspension and gaiters asap, so my 3000 will have to work until I build my funds back up 😛

  • Austin L

    Same question as David C above – can the new frame and suspension be used in conjunction with the 2011 Icon 6000? After watching the video, the biggest question mark for me is the lower load lifters…are these compatible with the 2011 packs?

    All the new products look great! I’m sure my wife will really appreciate it when I tell her that I HAVE to add more gear to my arsenal!

  • KUIU


    Thanks for all the great comments. Jason is out of town for a few days chasing black bear up in Alaska. As usual he will respond to everyone once he is back in civilization. Should be early in the week.

  • Kevin


    Excited about the new packs and frame/suspension. Could you post a photo or video with the pack on someone to see how the head clearance is on the two packs? Also, what is the dimensions of the 2 new side pockets?


  • I feel a little like a beta tester also! All these great improvements! Looks like ill have an Icon 3000 and 6000 collecting dust with my Mystery Ranch and my eberlestocks.

    How about a discount for the guys that bought packs last year and would love a new 5000 that fixes all the issues we had with last years models.

    Keep up the good work! I really love what you guys are building!

    Best Regards


  • Nick

    I like the addition of the new bags and better thought out load cell, extremely disappointed that at this point though you guys went so far away from the original frame in only a year that at this point I have nearly obsolete frame, when I know for a fact I bought it under the impression and promise that it would be something with many more options to come in the future very frustrating at this point hopefully there is some progress made and those of us that took the plunge and supported KUIU from the beginning aren’t left in the dark

    Im’ definitely watching to see how this plays out I really want that icon 5000 for hunting this year, but cant pre-order something that may or may not ever work with my frame, so that puts me at the back of the line hoping I can get a pack that will hopefully be compatible with my frame, I hate being in limbo hopefully we can get a definitive answer soon, so I can plan my needs for the upcoming season accordingly.

    • Jeff M Valunas

      Nick- My feelings exactly! It was the reason for asking about the compatibility, with the ‘old frame and suspension’, which as you stated… We original supporters of KUIU/customers,”took the plunge and supported KUIU from the beginning”. It would be VERY disappointing, to not have a manufactured way of converting the new bag, with the ‘old frame/suspension’. Radical innovation, has its Plus’ and Minus’… To have taken the ‘plunge’, and invested in this new concept backpack, only to find it non-compatible with the next years, ‘inter-changeable bags’- Would not be enlightening! Thank you (Shaun), for telling us what you know. I hope there is a way for those of us, that took the initial ‘plunge’, to NOT be left unheard or in the ‘Dark Ages’, with this new bag design. It is hard to imagine any type of ‘trade in/upgrade program’, that would be cost effective for KUIU… Perhaps that could be something, to ease the pain of buying a ‘New frame and suspension’, if OUR ‘1 year old version’ is not compatible.
      KUIU fan-

      • lindsey

        +1000000 on these two comments. I think Kuiu has gone too extream in ‘redoing’ the icons. I have the 3000 and would like better head clearance, but sounds like the design team went too far from the 2011 models. Sorry Kuiu, bad move. Those that have supported through the first year that cant afford to just go out and buy the latest design of the new packs and frame are rightfully upset. After just one year i am really suprised you guys lept that far. Without them being compatible it puts many between a rock and a hard place. I for one will not be buying a new icon or frame for several reasons.
        1. Simply cant afford it.
        2. Will it change again next year?
        3. The rifle sling is on the side.. i never carry a rifle like that. Makes the packs weight uneven.
        4. How well do they work? The 2011 Icons had more testing and time done vs the 2012 models.
        Just some reasons why i dont think going this extream from the 2011 models will work.

  • BOB

    without change there can be no growth…would you rather KUIU keep the same product and never change because it might upset someone who happened to buy a different version? Do you get upset when a new camera, computer, or tv comes out because you have an older version? No, you accept that there is nothing wrong with the version you have, and you start saving for the next one. Who can keep up with iPhones these days?

  • Mike Estrada

    Holy shit you want to talk about total transpercy with your company and you pull this shit? Why didn’t you tell everybody the reason you where dumping the 3000 and 6000 bags? I am damn glad I didn’t pull the trigger on a 6000 to go with my “OLD” frame. I love the fact you guys are trying to improve things thats great but if your going to be the “defiant troublemaker” by doing things so different than be freakin honest with the people who built your company! I am lucky I got my 3000 and frame out of the outlet but what about those poor bastards that saved all year to lay out 500 bucks, I bet they would have liked to at least known that there was a whole new system coming out. I myself am not pissed I just think it was a shitting thing to do, its like we got duped into believeing this frame was going to be around for a awhile with all the “exstinsive” testing that was done to begin with. I have a feeling there are going to be some seriously upset people. Is there a “good” reason for not being forcoming about the packs and frame? Sincerely Mike Estrada

    • lindsey

      This. I started to have a sneaky suspicion something was going on when the packs went 40% off. No reason for it other than discontinuing. And why may i ask. Dang i feel duped for buying 2 3000 packs. One for me, one for my spouse. Actually the more i think about it, the more pissed i get. I will put this out there, i was one of the first supporters of Kuiu.. your making me rethink it. Seriously.

      • Shane C

        So, I completely understand why everybody is upset with the new pack coming out. That being said, the 2011 model works well. You didn’t get hosed if you bought the 3000 or 6000 cheap when you were given a significant discount. The bags still work with your frame and they’re still great bags! The big thing people are worried about is the new bag old suspension or new suspension old bag issue. Honestly, I don’t see why this is a big deal, if Kuiu has the correct adapters and everything so it can all be interchangeable. Its funny because there were lots of people complaining about the old suspension, how it squeaked, wasn’t strong enough, didn’t work for short people, or the load didn’t feel secure enough. And what Kuiu did was fix ALL of these issues in one fell swoop. If this had been another company, one or two issues would have been fixed one year and a couple more in the next and a few more in the following year. Basically Kuiu just did what would have taken years for other companies to fix in just one and that results in (by definition) changes in the pack design. Justin, in a sense we are “beta testers”, but the same is true for almost any company. The only difference is they don’t tag you along with the process. Companies test their products out and when they think they have the design right the release it to the public. The big difference once it’s released is the sheer number of people who are trying it out. This allows you to find out if there really is any issues with it that they may not have discovered when testing it. For instance, the first run of the Icons the webbing for the load was too thin and caused slippage. Pretesting didn’t reveal this. This was discovered after lots of people bought the pack, used it, discovered this issue, and reported it back to Kuiu. The only difference now is that this new suspension is radically overhauled rather than a couple of straps sent in the mail to all of us who bought the first run.
        I still think Kuiu is doing an outstanding job. I don’t question a thing that they’ve done so far as to not being honest. The only point that I will question them is if they are unable to find a way to make the old/new or new/old mixtures compatible with each other. Even then, if I blew $100 for the 3000 and I can’t use it with the new frame and suspension then I’ll live. Maybe try to sell it online. I can blow that same $100 on eating out a couple times and have nothing to show for it. I’ve supported Kuiu from the beginning and I still plan to support them in the future.
        Sorry for my rant. The whole whining bugs me, especially before all the cards are laid down. Way to go Kuiu! You have my support

        • lindsey

          Are you kidding me? $100 bucks huh.. try closer to $800 total. 2 packs plus frame. Now they tell me, they wont interchange and i have to go drop another $800??? No. Its not whinning, its logic. What? We cant have an opinion unless its a happy positive one about Kuiu? Its an honest concern and frankly ticked me off.

          • Shane C

            I’m talking about the $100 per icon 3000 that you bought on deal. I spent the same $550 for my 6000 + frame. Plus I bought the 3000 on sale. The old pack is still good. You even said you wouldn’t use the side pocket for your rifle. If you really want the new frame/suspension/packs, sell your current one. That’s what I did.

      • Woody

        “sneaky suspicion”….. Think about the times you see 40% or greater off of gear. It only happens when the company/retailer is trying to clear inventory. When that happens it means they didn’t sell as much as they thought they could. With Kuiu, according to what they tell us their inventory is limited to begin with due to the production process so that probably means they had trouble selling all of that limited inventory to begin with. The way I see it, a hot piece of gear probably won’t be going for 40% off (unless there’s only like one hidden in a clearance rack) if it really is awesome. I am not surprised by the changes. I am personally giving some of the products time to accumulate some hours in the field as I don’t make enough to buy multiple identical hunting outfits like some are posting, or a pack that may or may not handle big dead animal loads well.

        • lindsey

          Funny, i dont recall buying either icon 3000 on sale. Your assuming. Which is incorrect. I bought them at full price, thanks. So having the 5000 and 7000 interchangeable with the current frame would save me alot of money. I plan on doing hike in camp hunting and the 3000 isnt big enough. Why buy the 6000 now that they came out with a 7000? But cant due to the fact the frames arent interchangable. Get the picture? An option would have been nice instead of being flat out told its either one or the other.

          • David

            If it was $800 for 2 you didn’t pay full price. Full price for frame and suspension is $300, full price for the bag is $200, or $500 each, x2 isn’t $800. If you got the bags half off it would be $800.

            Either way it’s a bunch of money on backpacks and I see why your upset, I’m kind of upset too. I have the 6000 I paid full price for and another complete 3000 I got through the outlet for something like $250 or $300. So I too have spent around $800 on their bags.

            The fact that new bags and harnesses are coming out doesn’t make the bags I already have worse in any way though. I still like them and they still work well. Do I wish mine had the new frame? Sure I do. The frame looks like a significant improvement over the ones I have. But I don’t really see any features for pack itself that is a vast improvement over my current bag. The load sling looks nice, but it doesn’t really do anything the pack I have now can’t do. I can still carry whatever I need to carry.

            It’s easy to feel slighted, and maybe you should feel a little slighted, but this is the nature of product evolution. I hope the new frames are compatible with the old bags, but I don’t really see any way the new bags would be compatible with the old frame. It could be the case that none of it is compatible, and that would suck. I hope that’s not the case but understand it could be. No company can always please every customer. Kuiu may lose business over this, but they may get more business than they lose from it. Those are things they have to consider whenever they make a new product.

            All of that being said, I wish they would have been more forthcoming about changes to the Icon line, given the open nature of their business model. I’ve been a strong supporter and do feel somewhat slighted by it, but I’ll get over it. I understand it’s about making the product better and making the changes and improvements everyone has been on here asking for. They did what most people wanted, and that will inevitably rub a few people the wrong way.

            I think the biggest problem with this isn’t that they made improvements, it’s that they didn’t make anyone aware they were making the improvements. I think people the people who feel slightly put off(myself included) would feel less so had they explained they were making the changes, and I guess Jason has become a victim of his own success in this regard. The openness he has run the company with thus far may come back to bite them a bit from a few customers for dropping such significant changes with no notice, but I’m sure the changes they made were with the companies and consumers best interests in mind. They seem to have addressed all of the most common complaints and problems with the system, and no one can blame them for making the improvements we all demanded.

  • Mike Estrada

    The whole point I am making is there was never one word said about coming out with a new pack other than day packs. By the way what happened with those. I know that alot of people went with the Kifaru timberline because of the negative things that were said about the icon and heavy loads. Now if those same people knew that kuiu was addressing the issues and coming out with a new design I am sure they would have waited to see but since nobody said a damn thing about the new packs they lost business. Why wouldn’t you tell us the loyal kuiu customers that this coming down the pipe. I like my old 3000 it fits me and huals a good load for its size and its what I have been waiting for somebody to come out with. That being said don’t preach transparency to us then drop this out of the blue. I am still kuiu customer but I would like honesty. By the way even if you were worried about getting rid of the old packs and bags if you told people I would bet they still would have sold. Mike Estrada

  • JD

    I’m a newcomer to KUIU, but have liked what I’ve seen so far out of your products. I have not had the chance to look at an Icon bag in person, so excuse me if this sounds dumb, but can you not use just the pack without the frame? I may have misunderstood, but I was under the impression that the frame was only necessary under extreme weight loads. For example if I were to use the Icon as a day pack then a frame would be unnecessary, while if I were to use the Icon as an overnight bivy, then the frame would be essential. Am I correct in my understanding or is the frame necessary regardless of the intended use of the pack?

  • Jason

    Thank you for fixing every single issue I had with your 2011 model packs. Not only did you fix every issue I had, you went above and beyond to add the new more durable frame and the hook and loop stabilization straps on the side of the belt. I’m looking forward to trying out these new packs.

    How about starting a classified adds page on your site so we can sale our gear that is 9 months old. It’s tough to sale our gear to someone we know, knowing it has issues and now they are all fixed with the new pack! I would kind of feel like I’m misleading someone!

    Anyhow, I’m going to work on this gorgeous Memorial day to make some extra money to buy another kuiu pack! Thank god there is work out there and THANK GOD FOR OUR TROOPS, PAST AND PRESENT FOR GIVING US THIS FREEDOM TO DO WHAT WE LOVE DOING, HUNTING…….

    Can’t wait to try out the new pack! One of the old packs will make a great hand me down to my father, he has had his eye on one of them for some time now. Your products are never a waist of time or money! Thanks for everything.

    Please put me on the list! I want one as soon as you get them in!

    Best Regards

    Steve Alderman

  • lindsey

    The packs were cheaper when they first came out. Assuming the origional frame actually fit me, i would be too upset. The fact the frame doesnt fit me and now i cant take my 3000 and put it on the new frame that might actually fit me.. well.. is bull. It want until i had to use the pack on an elk hunt did i know the torso length plus the pack constantly hitting me in the back of the head was an issue. After it was used, couldnt return it. Those are my only issues with the pack. It worked great, would have worked better if it actually fit me. I dont want the 5000 pack, would like the 7000, but want to keep my 3000.. just need the new frame to fit my torso length. See the dilemma.

    • Jeff M Valunas

      I know, you are married, so… Relax!!! (not hitting on you). It is a difficult scenerio, that KUIU has put ‘US’ original Icon purchaser’s in!!!
      It is not the ‘end of the world’…
      As much, as I would like to have the ‘New System’, OUR old packs are still better than most!
      Innovation, has many positives and negatives… For one- KUIU, has taken many complaints, and built a new version, that- “In Theory, Should be Better”!
      As much, as I would like to purchase, I can not at this time!!!!!
      Thus, creates the ‘madness’…
      I feel, that KUIU, has ‘blurred’ the lines of ‘transparency’, but-
      That is NOT, a reason to give up hope!!! KUIU, has yet to release this information publicly, (or World Wide)… Perhaps, there will be a ‘conversion system’ that will make us happier!… Or, better yet, a ‘trade-in/upgrade’ program, that will make anyone that has the ‘first edition ICON packs’, happy… :)
      Just a thought,

  • Mike P

    Maybe I am missing something here but where is everyone getting the idea that the new frame and old packs or new bags and old frames are not compatible?

    From seeing the 2 new sizes Jason has come up with I really doubt they are not compatible…IMHO the 5000 and 7000 are just additions to the 3000 and 6000, maybe I’m wrong but I think a few guys here need to take a Valium and wait for Jason to give a bit more detail on the new system.


    Mike P

    • Ethan Starck

      Here is what Shaun Ayers said in a earlier comment

      “There have been significant changes in the way the frame attaches to the bag and and suspension. We do have an adapter system prototyped for attaching 2011 bags to the new frame and suspension. We don’t have a confirmed production date but are trying to move quickly on this.

      Attaching the new bags to the old frame and suspension is a more complicated process requiring replacement of nearly the entire suspension system. We are still working and deciding on that one.”

      • David

        I kind of suspected the new frame may be compatible with the old bag, but I don’t really see how they could work the new bags onto the old frames. Mainly because of the load sling. I can’t see any way of attaching it to the old frame. The old bag on the new frame seems pretty doable (relatively more doable than the other way around I guess) as long as the stays are in the same place, which they may not be, but it seems a lot more plausible than putting the new bag on the old frame. The old bag just lashes to the frame for the most part, then the top and bottom stays, the new one appears to do the same thing. The stuff I have now will still work once the new stuff comes out though, so it’s no great loss.

  • Mike Estrada

    At what point did you Ethan become part of the production team?

  • Mike Estrada

    Ethan I am sorry I did not read the post all the way through and see that you where quotiing what kuiu said. I aplogize again heated subject for me. Mike Estrada

    • Ethan Starck

      You don’t want me working for Kuiu huh? Just to clarify, I have no connection with them other than being a customer.

      I don’t really get why you guys are so upset either. Is it because you want to have the latest and greatest gear from Kuiu but can’t spend that kind of money right now? Why can’t you just use the 2011 frame and packs again? I have a 2011 frame and both bags and do not plan on buying a new model. My old one has worked great and will hopefully work for a couple more years. If you guys want the new packs shouldn’t you just sell the ones you have now and buy a new set?

      Now about the “transparancy” of Kuiu. I don’t think anyone has any right to be upset about Kuiu developing products on thier own. Isn’t that what most companies do? And it seems like Jason knows what he is doing so I hope he is secretly making more items, I want to be surprised. What bothers me about Kuiu letting the customers help with the product line is that every tom, dick and harry has something to say, and I’m guilty of this too, but I think it has gotten out of control. I bet Jason enjoyed working on the new frame and packs without the headache of trying to please everyone. He did include some things that were requested though, like the gun carrying capability and a way to carry items on the waist belt.

      • lindsey

        Ethan, here is my post on why.. i posted it the other day.

        May 27, 2012 at 10:45 am · Reply

        Assuming the origional frame actually fit me, i wouldnt be too upset. The fact the frame doesnt fit me and now i cant take my 3000 and put it on the new frame that might actually fit me.. well.. is bull. It want until i had to use the pack on an elk hunt did i know the torso length plus the pack constantly hitting me in the back of the head was an issue. After it was used, couldnt return it. Those are my only issues with the pack. It worked great, would have worked better if it actually fit me. I dont want the 5000 pack, would like the 7000, but want to keep my 3000.. just need the new frame to fit my torso length. See the dilemma.

        • Ethan Starck

          Lindsey- I am sorry that the older frame didn’t work too well for you. I also have a shorter torso and have mine set as short as it will go. My head doesn’t hit unless I lean it back a couple inches. I personally think this is good. With a backpack you want the weight as close to you as you can get, and I believe this is why the Icon carries so well. The new models on the other hand may not be so good though, especially with the load sling. I would be willing to bet the new models will pull on a persons shoulders a lot more than the older models.

          Hopefully they get the conversion kit out and the new frame works for you so you can continue to use your 3000 bag. Why don’t you want the 5000 though? I would think that you could upgrade to the new frame and the new bags. If the 3000 worked for you I would imagine the 5000 would be just as good or better. Wouldn’t it be good to have the extra room just in case you ever need it?

          • David

            The 6000 I have seems to be more like 4500, which is perfect for me. I believe the 6000 is the max capacity, so that’s with the collar up. The rooms nice when you need it, but my baby spends most of her time with the collar down. So really size and feature wise I don’t have a reason to switch, though the frame upgrades are very appealing. Tool less adjustment is appealing but really, once it is set I guess there’s no reason to mess with it. The bigger appeal to me is increased ergonomics and strength. I’ve had back injuries in the past so for me ergonomics and how the load carries are everything, but I don’t think I’ll be getting a new frame any time soon, unless they do some kind of trade in. I don’t count on that though, and if they don’t I’ve still got a very good pack.

  • Matt

    Anyone from KUIU care to weigh in on this discussion? Seems like a lot of anger amongst the troops. I also purchased the 3000 bag while it was on sale with the assumption that I would be able to buy the old style frame or the new one would be compatible with it. I spoke with customer service the other day about pre ordering the new frame and she told me that there was a conversion kit that they had and that I would be able to make it work without any issues. If not she thought they could come up with a 2011 frame to match my bags. I am hoping the kit works for the new frame and the old bags will attach to it without any issues. Gonna leave it at that until someone from KUIU can fill me in.

    • lindsey

      Agreed. It would be nice if someone from Kuiu can put this all to rest…

    • David

      In response to the 7th post. Shaun Ayers works for Kuiu as their pack rep I believe. He’s the man you contacted if you had problems with the original straps anyways. He said:

      “Shaun Ayers
      May 24, 2012 at 8:38 am · Reply

      There have been significant changes in the way the frame attaches to the bag and and suspension. We do have an adapter system prototyped for attaching 2011 bags to the new frame and suspension. We don’t have a confirmed production date but are trying to move quickly on this.

      Attaching the new bags to the old frame and suspension is a more complicated process requiring replacement of nearly the entire suspension system. We are still working and deciding on that one.”

  • Bill Jonns

    Wow, those are some really great changes to the pack. I applaud you on the innovations.

    Hard to understand the negative comments above. As a consumer, if you get mad every time a purchase is outdated or improved upon, you would never own anything. I purchase a new truck every 3 years. Its outdated the day I drive it off the lot. If I waited for the next years model so I had the latest and greatestat Chevy I would still be driving my first 1982 single cab.

    Very excited to try the new gear. Gaiters look amazing.

  • Rod

    I received my ICON 6000 with the initial pre-order last year. Since then I have been in contact with you and customer service several times regarding an issue. This month I sent the pack back to you all for an attempt to remedy the problem but we were not successful.

    What I am interested in is what is the upgrade path for your original purchasers to the new frame/bag. While the naysayers were saying dont buy the pack – let them grow a few years and work out the kinks and eliminate all the issues. We ignored them and went ahead and purchased the packs. We provided you information about the fit, finish, and performance of the pack related to how we used it and generally spread the KUIU word.

  • Ernie

    Jason are the hip belts interchangeable,or do you or any others know a way to modify my 2011 frame to carry spray or a pistol? Thanks Ernie

    • Shane C

      I just put the spray by the clip. Then put it back as far as I could. Was more in front of me than on the side, but it worked well enough for me. I hope that make sense…

    • David C

      It doesn’t appear so as the hip belt stabilizer straps look to attach to the pack on the new design and they attached to the frame on the 2011 design. Just a hunch by watching the videos posted…

  • TK

    What are the weights of the new bags and frame?

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