Super Down Vest Now Available

We’ve added a vest to the Super Down line.  This vest provides an extra layer of protection between you and a cold front, and regulating core temperatures by trapping the warmth generated by your own body heat — all with sleeve free mobility.

PRICE: $179.99
COLOR: Vias Camo, Verde Camo
WEIGHT: 6.4 ounces


There are three significant advancements in our Super Down products. Combined they create a significantly superior insulation piece for your system.

The first and most obvious is Toray Quixdown Water Repellent treatment for a Down Feather. Down has the highest warmth to weight ratios of any insulation material.  The only draw back to Down is moisture, once wet Down looses all of its performance and has very long drying times. This is the reason Down is rarely used or recommended in hunting apparel.

Through nano-technology Toray has created a water repellent finish for Down feathers called Quixdown that makes a feather essentially waterproof. Toray Quixdown now eliminates the need for synthetic insulation which is significantly heavier, bulkier and not nearly as warm as Down.

As with most materials in this industry not all are created equal including the Down Feather. European Goose Down has a higher quality and loft than Down from other sources throughout the world. Goose Down bought from growers in Poland have the highest rating of quality and loft of all of the down sourced in Europe.

This allows our Super Down products to be lighter and warmer with a rating of 850+ on all of our Super Down Products.

Until now ultralight micro fabric used for packable insulation have not been able to stretch and restrict your movement, especially in a layering system that offers stretch in all of the other layers.

Toray has developed a new fabric technology called STUNNER STRETCH, which is a series of ultra-light down proof fabrics that stretch.  The first of it’s kind, this totally changes the game in regards to design and the bulk of a packable insulation garment.  With the ability to stretch we can now design a better fitting garment that is more comfortable to wear, maximizes your range of motion and that minimizes bulk and weight.

21 comments to Super Down Vest Now Available

  • Bryant

    Will these be available in solids in the future?

  • Joseph ewing

    How many ounces of fill do these have? I have the jacket and pants but don’t feel like they have enough fill for temps much below 30

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Joseph,

      I do not have the fill specs with me and I am traveling right now. I will have to get back to you with this information. Have you used the Superdown in cold temperatures? Guides as well as myself have been in Superdown in temperatures well below 30 and have not been cold.


    • Ron P

      Joseph, the specs are on the website under: shop->insulation>SD Vest>specifications

  • Cody Bell

    When might the solids be available? I would like to purchase a solid in a solid (would like to use it in everyday use besides hunting).

    Glad to see these.

  • Ron

    Jason, thanks for bringing out a vest per the numerous requests. I like the specs and hope it does well. However, I bought a down vest with identical wt./fill, albeit non-Quix down and non-camo, back in September as I needed one for this fall. I used this on 3 hunts already. Your customers will find this vest with these specs will work great for both applications the description mentions! I used mine under a light jacket for those chilly mornings then stuff and throw it in your pack and it weighs nothing, and, as more down under the SD jackets for those super cold times.

  • Mike

    No solids again? I have to say I am starting to get disappointed with the lack of solids in all the Kuiu line. I am starting to spend a lot more of my money on other gear.

    And I have to agree with the above comment about the low down fill weights on all of the super down line. The entire line would be better with 2-3 more oz in each piece.

    • Ron P

      Mike, respect your POV on the fill weights, and that was my initial reaction too. Based on using these pieces on multiple hunts already, my POV, as just another customer, is slightly different. Agree with you that SD hooded jacket could use ~ 1.5 oz more down because: it is already too warm when hiking under a load, so when you are not moving in the cold and wind you want it to be more of a stand alone garment and warmer. But I think the new vest and SD pants fill weights are ideal. Used a vest with the 1.5 oz fill weight on 2 hunts already and found it ideal for all purposes stated: for chilly early season mornings, light insulation while on the move, or to layer underneath a heavier down garment when stationary in the cold and wind I found it to be ideal. I have a down vest with 3 oz more fill and it does not get pulled out and used as much as the lighter one. Have the SD pants and only pull them out in the very cold while stopped, so already have on other pants and base layers and the fill seems enough.

  • jeff B

    Another guy wanting solids as I want to use my jackets for everyday use where possible.Any new on that amongst your full range? From above posts seems to be a strong market for it. Let us all know.


    • Justin Starck

      If there was a significant demand for solids, they would offer them in a solid which is disappointing. I messed up and bought my SuperDown Jacket in Verde when they first came out because I already had multiple solid down jackets.

      • jeff B

        Hi Justin,thanks for taking an interest in the post.
        I just don’t like camo, I also do a lot of fishing and dont want to have 5 different jackets hanging around the place. From the posts I would have thought solids would have more demand. Guess its a waste of time writing on these forums unless its to give praise to their gear.


        • Justin Starck

          I wouldn’t say it is a waste of time. A lot of the changes in the line have resulted from requests on this blog. Although, I haven’t agreed with many of those changes. I am obviously not the majority. All we can do is request what we want and hope there are enough other people that want the same thing.

  • Brett

    Nice job Jason! Except I will need to adjust my Christmas list now.

  • joseph ewing

    yes I have wore the superdown 6 days in temps ranging from 20-35 layered with 230 merino and a fleece shirt and guide jacket and pants. I feel like they could use more down. maybe a super super down. I would love to buy the SD vest but if the fill is not substantialy more I cant justify it. I have a Sitka kelvin vest that I love for its warmth but its not as light and packable as SD. Just my opinion

  • Ron G.

    The fill is perfect, anymore and you will be to puffy and no longer a layer but more like a coat. The super down hoody and vest fit perfect under your coat and as well in the pack when it’s being carried as back up warmth. With one layer of merino and the super down coat I can stay warm in 5-15 degree weather all day. When added with the Yukon and a couple layers I have to say its more than enough in even lower temps. Now down to under 30 degrees? I will have to get back to the thread later on that, I don’t have any yellow knife or prince george hunts on schedule yet this year.

  • Pete

    This looks like it will be an excellent piece to add to the collection of gear. When this is packed, how small is it? Could it be made smaller in a tiny compression bag, or is it really compressed when put into its own pocket. Thanks.

  • Justin Starck

    I regret purchasing my SuperDown Jacket in Verde. The only reason I did so was because I already had multiple solid colored down jackets. Like the merino bottoms, the down is not intended to be worn on the exterior. For this reason, it would make sense to me for it to be offered in a solid color. I will not buy another insulation garment in camo.

  • Steve

    Solid colors! I’m looking for a new down vest but it must be in a solid color. I own two Kuiu products both in solid colors.

  • Brett Behm

    Just watched your video on Super Down. Very impressed! Have you considered using this product to make a sleeping bag?

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