I want to thank for the overwhelming support for KUIU in 2013. Your commitment to KUIU has built the platform that has allowed our team and partners to push innovation further than ever before with a range of new products and categories that will redefine what we thought was possible.

In 2014 KUIU will bring to market more innovation than ever before that will further reduce weight and increase performance of your mountain hunting kit.

Several of these new products will be able to be viewed at the up coming trade shows that begin next week in Dallas which will include:

The Ultra 6000. A new frame, suspension and modular pack design that is lighter, stiffer and stronger than the Icon and weighs less than 4 pounds.

Super Down Sleeping Bags, the most advanced sleeping bags ever produced featuring certified Polish Goose Down and EN Tested and Certified temperature ratings and Toray Stunner Stretch Fabric Technologies. These bags are warm, light, stretch and are weather resistant with Toray’s DWR on the fabric and feathers.

Mountain Star 1 person & 2 person tents that are unmatched in technology and design, featuring Easton Advanced Carbon Fiber poles, Toray Airtastic fabric technology and Easton Nano stakes. There has never been a tent produced that features this level of performance in fabric and pole technology as the Mountain Star.

The Chinook Jacket, a new light weight, highly breathable Toray soft-shell Jacket that is perfect for early season hunts or those who want to push the limits on light and fast.

I will make the official product release announcements here on the blog first during this 1st quarter, plus many others that will be introduced later this year.

I wish you all the best in 2014 and thank you again for all the support. We hope to see you at one of the up coming trade shows.

Happy New Year,



48 comments to 2014

  • Armosino

    Great News Jason!
    Looking forward to upgrading my kit with KUIU innovation.
    See you at the Sheep Show.
    Happy New Year.

  • These new products sound GREAT! Looking forward to seeing you and the new 2014 line of products. Definitely will be purchasing a few of them for an upcoming high country hunt in Wyoming this year.

    Thanks Jason!

  • Dan

    Great news i have been holding out to see which direction the packs would take.

  • Derby

    If the sleeping bags are anywhere near the performance my super down jacket is and as light and compressible I will start saving my pennies. Guess I better list my tents for sale to make room too :-)

    I researched, I listened, and I cleaned my closet full of other hi tech gear out. I bought darn near the entire line of KUIU in Dec. and it’s the best decision and investment I made in a long time. Couldn’t be happier. People just about fall over (even the skeptics) when I show them how light my super down T and Hooded jacket are.

  • Tom

    Any more details on the frame and bags? Is this replacing the icon line or just another option?

  • Kyle johnson

    I can’t wait to see the tent and pack! Sounds great.

  • Rob

    The Mountain Star and Sleeping Bag sound awesome! Hard to think the Icon being improved upon! Well done Jason! Sounds like the sleeping bag needs a BA name still! Perhaps a KUIU forum vote?! Happy New Year.

  • Justin Starck

    “Kuiu, always finding ways to keep me buying.”

  • Peter

    Great stuff Jason. I’ve been waiting for you sleeping bag info since you first hinted at it last year. I’m excited about your tents as well. Keep up te fantastic work!


  • Cresston

    Can’t wait for all the new products Jason hope to see you in SLC for the show this year. Thanks for the best products on the market.

  • Shad

    I just wish you would work on your supply chain so I wouldn’t repeatedly have to wait for months to get items that I ordered. KUIU is the best gear out there, but I’m starting to doubt your ability to effectively manage the growth you are experiencing.

    • Jason Hairston

      Thank you for your concerns. The growth we have experienced at KUIU is unprecedented and could not be predicted and continues to out pace supply. I have worked very hard to change the way factories do business by making our supply chain vertical to reduce leadtimes to help with the growing demand. We are still chasing inventory and most likely will until growth slows which hopefully will not happen soon. We will be launching an online preorder system in the next few weeks that will help and I encourage all of our customers to call customer service and let us help you get what you need. I appreciate your patience and business.


  • Cory Benge

    Super excited about all the new items ! Hope to see you at the WSF show.

  • Sounds great, Jason! I love the down vest. Down jacket and pants are next on the list! Not only is your line great for hunting, but for wildlife photography as well. The waterproof Quixdown allows me to be warm in my kayak when photographing wildlife with the confidence that it won’t soak up water and become heavy if I capsize.

  • Mark

    Kuiu seems to me have set a performance / quality line over a price line. If this new stuff is as good as past equipment, then I need to save my money and pay the price for equipment that is the best I can get. Solo mountain hunting demands function and quality. The equipment is my buddy.

  • grant

    Will this stuff be available by hunting season. I have been on pretty lists before starting at the beginning of the year and didn’t even get the things I wanted before fall. This has been one of the only complaints I have with KUIU. The lead times are ridiculous.

  • David Knight

    Jason —
    Thanks for everything you do. Just got in from using my vest and beanie on a North Texas deer hunt. I was warm and able to harvest an 8 pointer. I am very happy to be a member of the KUIU family!

  • Eric

    So is the icon now obsolete, or will I be able to add new packs onto it? Or the new suspension? Or can I put the old suspension and bags on just the new frame?

  • casey

    Dang, go big or home! KUIU is on a roll!

  • Joel Hoenk

    Jason, you may want to also introduce the new Kuiu Visa card!

  • Cresston

    I have to say I am still amazed with the performance of Kuiu I just pulled my guide jacket out of the washer and couldn’t believe that it was seriously 85% dry already while other “comparable” high end gear was soaked. I guess I have just never payed attention before. These product blow my mind on a regular basis. Sorry for being off subject I just had to share. Kuiu for life !!!!

  • Broncolt

    Kuiu does invoation.

    I’d like to see the Spindrift make a comeback though. i love it as a light weight outter shell. also, will there be solid colors in the DCS Guide Vests?? I need one for work.

  • Frank Fieweger


    I own many of your products, but I for one am rather disapointed at this news. A sleeping bag? Tents? A new pack?

    Great. There goes any additional funds I may have gotten from a raise this year. I find it very difficult to practice the restraint needed to not buy the best gear out there :-)

    I hope everyone reads this with the appropriate amount of tongue and cheek sarcasm I anticipated.

    Keep up the great work Jason!!! I love taking KUIU hunting with me!!!

  • Joseph Ewing

    I have most everything you make and love it all and I understand that you must keep developing new gear but I agree the lead times have got to change. Mountain gear that wasn’t avaible until November?? Is this what we can expect of these new releases? I thought the move to Japan was going to fix all of this? Over a year now and all we have seen is the sizes shrink. I’m with ya for the long haul but things have got to change

  • The new products sound good, Jason! Keep them coming! :)

  • Mike C


  • Andrew

    Curious about lead times on new pack system and sleeping bags. For those of us sheep hunting in the summer its important to have gear sorted ahead of time. Are these products something you intend to have available in the spring??
    Its great to hear the advancements KUIU is making, but I think its important to make these announcements within a reasonable time frame of availability so as not to lead clients on.

  • Jim Crawford

    Jason will the new sleeping bags be large enough for larger men?6’2 260?

  • Craig Germond

    Excited about the sleeping be released. Keep up the great work!

  • Brian McLaughlin


    Great company and great high quality gear. Please let me know if you are planning on producing any bibs, I have the Chugach coat and I have been waiting for KUIU to release a set of bibs.

    If you see Michael Waddell at any of the upcoming shows you are attending is it possible you could discuss with him a KUIU limited edition bone collector outerwear series ?

    Keep up the good work and have a great 2014.

    Regards, Brian McLaughlin

    • Justin Starck

      What do you think Bone Collector” would have to offer KUIU? I guess I don’t see how either would be a good fit for the other.

  • Shane Close

    Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to check out the new stuff!

  • Ron P

    Jason, Looking forward to hearing about the new Chinook jacket and the North Star tents. Hope to meet up with your display at the SLC show. I don’t “need” a new sleeping bag … but let’s see if it is compelling! Thanks for continuing the innovation!

  • Dustin Hover

    Interested in the Chinook jacket and sleeping bag. Only if they are available to be delivered at a minimum in mid August. Also is the Chinook quiet, being a lighter jacket if its not quiet might as well forget it for everything except sheep and goat. Are the sleeping bags wide and long enough and are they durable?

  • Danny

    Have enjoyed all your gear and looking forward to your new items in 2014. Have you ever considered coming to the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg,PA in early Feb? Hope you attended sometime so that I can meet you!

  • John

    Do you have any plans to expand into the waterfowl market ? Love to see a wading jacket and pack. If you do you will have even more of my business . By the way your products are awesome .

  • JR

    Cannot wait to see what KUIU has to offer in 2014! Thanks for an unforgettable 2013 and gear that will stay with me forever. This is by far the best gear I’ve ever used. 1/2 slam completed, on to the second half!

  • Dennis Donati

    I can’t wait to see the new products and read some information about them. Almost all of these items are things I have been looking at upgrading in my equipment before the next season gets here.

  • Kyle Peck

    Looks like more stuff to buy, I hate when that happens:). Hopefully all that cool stuff will be available before the 2014 hunting season is over! It has been getting harder and harder to get my hands on the great new gear

  • Andrew

    Any chance of seeing any of the new Kuiu gear at the Wild Sheep Society of B.C. convention in March of this year? Its a lil north for you guys but hey, we have a lot of mountain hunters in B.C.

  • Bo Bonner

    KUIU is unmatched in quality and comfort. I have tried them all and Jason continues to push for better, stronger and lighter gear. I can’t wait to see these new tents. You can already put me in for a 2 person. I wish you would just hold my card on file and send every new product my way. LOVE this stuff. Great work. Bo

  • Joe

    Very disappointed in the way you keep changing your packs. Innovation is great but why not do it more like Kifaru? They don’t make their bags or frames obsolete.

    Looking forward to seeing the sleeping bag and tent.

  • Steve

    I have the second generation ICON 7200 and would like to pick up a 1850-bag only for the frame as well. Ideally, I would like to wait until the summer when I have the $, but with the introduction of the new line of packs, will there be any 1850 bags left then??? My question is, is it a safe bet to wait and get the bag in June, or should I sleep on the couch and buy the bag early to make sure I have one for the frame? Also, just a side note, I am saving my pennies for the new sleeping bags as well. I can’t wait to see what you folks have come up with!

  • William Ghederphin

    I am a huge fan of your Super Down line and will be a lifelong user of the ICON 7200.
    Also…I never leave the house without my Havalon Piranta-Edge at my side.
    I am looking forward to the new line of Super Down Sleeping Bags and am wondering if you have considered a Raquel Darrian branded line.
    I think they would be huge sellers and could introduce your products to a whole new consumer base.
    I look forward to any updates you may have.

  • Kris Hoffman

    What will pricing be on the sleeping bag, ultra 6000 and tent?

  • Kris Hoffman

    Right on, I was gonna pull the trigger on the Icon 7200 but now I just have to wait to see the Ultra! Either way, a pack will be bought.

  • Zach

    Are there any plans for a plain meat shelf that could attach to the frame? I know the packs expands away from the frame, would be nice for the multiple trips to get meat out. Just purchased the 5200 pack!!!

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