KUIU Live Super Down Sleeping Bag Broadcast

I would like to thank everyone who watched our first ever KUIU Live broadcast. For those of you who were not able to view it live I have enclosed a copy for you.

The Super Down Sleeping Bags are now available to preorder and will begin shipping mid-April.

Congratulations again to the three lucky random Super Down Sleeping Bag winners:

1. Charles Dabbs – 0° Super Down Sleeping Bag
2. Randy Burtis – 15° Super Down Sleeping Bag
3. Bill Calhoun – 30° Super Down Sleeping Bag



19 comments to KUIU Live Super Down Sleeping Bag Broadcast

  • Cresston

    Jason love the product like always hoping to see you this weekend in Salt Lake City any chance the chinook pant will be at the show to look at. I can’t wait for this product.

  • errol


    I had a complication with the jetlag. I mixed brushes.
    It is a very modern touch. That make a contact and exchange between KUIU and us we very friendly.



  • This was incredible!! Hope to see more informative “KUIU Live” events in the future. Very beneficial!

    Loved the short video clips before the event started of KUIU hunts (bear, dall sheep, etc.) Will these ever be available to watch on the website?

  • Jeff M Valunas

    Thanks for making this available for those of us that were at work or away from the computer, for the Live Event.
    Bags look and sound Amazing.I appreciate you taking into consideration us 6’4″-6’7″ KUIU Consumers on this product.
    It may take some time to save for this purchase, but the KUIU Superdown 30 WILL BE my next sleeping bag purchase.
    Also, a (belated) Thank You, for adding 3XL Jackets. Though they aren’t the Tall Size I have “nagged” you about for a couple years now, I am hoping they will be just the ticket. I am about to pull the trigger on a couple of the newer Outerwear Jackets in 3XL.
    Just a suggestion, perhaps holding future Live Events on late Saturday mornings, would attract a larger viewing audience.
    Well Done, AGAIN!!!


  • Billy Ward

    Thanks guys- Great presentation,looks like another great Kuiu product.

  • Jorge Amador

    The bags looks greats for sure but the idea of the Live video is wonderful. Many non english native fans will appreciatte watch it on Youtube as is easier to understand, stop,rewind, play….. I am sure that the Kuiu clients from europe or Russia like this.

    Love the tour inside Kuiu

  • Corey Breneman


    Loved the bag webcast. Registered to watch live but couldn’t break away from work. Happy to see it up here to watch later. I have spent a small fortune on the Kuiu gear and after a few years of use, I wouldn’t trade any of it for the other top of the line (priced) products. I have several guide friends with whom I work guiding here in Colorado that are continuely pushing me the Sitka, First Lite gear but I will not succumb to their antics. I would rather pay for my gear because I believe in it rather than sell out to a brand because it was free and they want to see it on our backs. Kinda funny to watch their gear wear excessively while mine trudges on and functions like the day it did new… Love the brand, love the company, love the R&D, love the service, love the products and materials used. I wish I lived near Dixon because Kuiu would be a company I could see myself working for because I believe in it. If working for the company is anything like the product, then your employees have hit a home run as well. I have several cold weather bags (Big Agnes, Mountain Hardware, etc…) but I will be saving up for the 0 degree bag to add to my big game gear. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see what Kuiu launches next. Happy Hunting!!!

  • Robert Williams

    Thoroughly enjoyed the video. Very detailed explanation of the bag, especially the product testing, technical details of the bag components, size and bag material. You also did a very good job with answering and explaining the Q&A.

    One question. I understand mummy bags takes up less space, are you going to make the bags in regular shape? I just hate having my feet cramped in a mummy bag.

    Looking forward to see more videos of your new products.

  • Brett Behm

    Great video Jason. Wish I would have had the day off to watch it live.
    My question is this…are these bags designed more for a person that sleeps on their backs? I ask because I am a “side sleeper”. Because of this I have always bought a rectangular style bag. But I am in the market for a new bag and I am very excited about your product. Do you think this style would work for me, or should I wait and see if you come out with a rectangular style?
    Thanks guys, keep up the great work!!

  • Bags Look great, Sorry I missed it live due to being in the air on way back to NZ but glad I could see it now, Hope the rest of the shows go well for you, SCI was great for us,
    Cheers Matt D’Ath

  • Clund

    When are the tents going to be available ?

  • Justin Starck

    Are storage bags going to be available for the bags?

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