Inventory Levels

I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention that our Inventory Levels are at an all time high.

KUIU’s biggest complaint has been lack of inventory. We have grown so fast and it has been a challenge to keep inventory in stock for long. However, we are beginning to catch up with demand. 

Below is a list of the items currently in stock below:

If you know of someone who has tried in the past to purchase gear without success, please let them know this is a good time to order and not to wait until hunting season.


34 comments to Inventory Levels

  • Justin Starck

    Time for a sale! Ha Ha

  • David

    I will be honest I have complained about this, and have since taken my business else where. That’s not to say I couldn’t be convinced to buy Kuiu in the future. The biggest issue for me wasn’t necessarily that items were out of stock, it was that I couldn’t get a solid answer of when they would be back in stock. If I get an educated guess of when they will arrive, say 4-6 weeks, or 3 months, etc… I can then make an informed buying decision, and plan accordingly.

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi David,

      I get it! KUIU has grown at numbers that no one could have predicted and I have bought as much inventory over the past 3 year as I could afford to do without putting KUIU in bad financial position. We will keep getting better as this growth has put us in a good inventory buying position. In regards to the solid answers, our back order lists became so long that we were selling out entire shipments before they arrived and this gave people mis-information. Our back orders are much shorter now and we should be able to be much more accurate in the future. Also note, you can now back order any items we are out of stock on-line. Before you had to call the office to place a back order. Hope this helps and we can have you as a customer in the future.


  • Tim Loran

    Thanks Jason, just ordered some more pants. hope to see the gaiters on the list soon (they are so awesome I need to have a spare pair!)

    always good to be informed and here from you, it keeps kuiu real and the reason I buy here.

  • shamus

    One day a stock surpplus and a bank account surpplus will align. Just not this time.

  • Bryan

    The stock is way better then two years ago even with new products. Thank you, I am still wondering about solids in chugach or yukon?

  • Brian W

    Good to hear. I’m not going to lie…I was pretty frustrated when I went on a sheep hunt without my jacket that was ordered 3 months in advance and then a month or so after I received it, the gear was 30% off and a new line was out.
    Thanks for the quality gear though…I’m sure the 100% answer to these inventory issues would be to increase prices and go with a mass manufacturing outsource.

  • Jeff M Valunas

    Excited, brings to mind. The way I felt, back when the “Original ICON 6000” was released.
    I’ve gotten better, at anticapating your next move!
    I missed, HUGE, on this one!

    Never saw an entire line, of new packs coming!

    Your an Amazing Human Being (Jason)!

    I LOVE this “New Frame” design…

    ONCE AGAIN, I will be buying…

    Because, I know it is better!

    Always the best-


  • Paul

    Compare that list to what you have in size M. Are that many guys wearing XXL really mountain hunting?

    I have spent over $1500 on your gear and it has been a slow painful process and ss size M has frequesntly been on backorder. I currently have two items still on backorder since feb 5 with uncertain and unknown arrival date and may not come until after i leave the US in mid March. It is a juggling act i have not had with another brand as i have to order to get in line but the arrival date is unknow. I live and hunt in Chamonix in the European alps and my trips to the US are short and being stuck on backorder makes things very difficult as i dont want to pay shipping to France and the extra taxes (and tax on tax) these froggies love. Why ship and tax when I can(?) order to a US address while there? At best an indication of arrival date would at least save me and your helpful telephone staff the hassle.

  • Jason, I’ve not had the time to keep up on every post you’ve made here, but I didn’t see the Chinook Jacket on this list or the site but it’s listed in the mailer I just received. Any insight on when this will be available? Thanks.

  • Doug

    Paul, Yes big guys mountain hunting and do it very well. For me XXL is not to cover my belly but to cover my long arms. Until Jason produces Tall sizes I am stuck ordering XXL to fit my 36″-37″ arm length.

    Unfortunately for me, 5 of the 6 items on my shopping list are still on backorder.

  • Louis

    Doug, X2 on the tall sizes!!!
    I am 6’4″, 165lbs and have found the new KUIU gear has got shorter and wider. I love the gear, the concept and the business model, but would love to see gear that fitted me better. That goes for pants (36″+ inseam) and long sleeves and bodies in the jackets. I have a guide dcs jacket that to my disappointment is a very different shape to the original guide jacket. Also the attack pants look pretty funny as they finish above my boots! Arcteryx tall fittings are a good example of athletic cut gear for taller folks…

    • Jason Hairston


      What have you ordered that has become shorter and wider?

      Our sizing has gone the other way in length of the body of Jackets like Guide and Chugach and certainly not wider in any of the styles. Being 6″3″ I make our gear fit taller guys well. At 6″4″ you should have really good fits, especially if you have a 36″ inseam.

      Our Guide, Attack Pants and Tiburon Pants all have 34″ inseams with a 1″ cuff that is double folded so it can be let out to almost 36″ inseam.

      Are you sure you are not thinking of Sitka? I would totally understand with all the issues in fit you are mentioning?


      • Louis

        Thanks for the reply Jason,
        I had an original Guide jacket that seemed to be a much slimmer fit than the Guide DCS that replaced it. I have a size large in the Guide and Chugach which I would probably go to XL next time for sleeve length at the expense of excess material around the body.
        To be fair I haven’t investigated letting out the pants as I thought I would have to add material to make them long enough, and didn’t realize they were double folded in the cuff. Good to know – I will see how long I can make them by letting down.
        I would still be excited to see tall fittings – particularly the Yukon pants, which I don’t believe are so easy to let down. Oh, and X2 on the solids… :)
        Cheers – keep up the good work!

  • Bryan

    I feel like the annoying kid in the back. Solids chugach or yukon?

  • Kevin

    Broken record… Solid colors in Yukon please

  • Ron P

    I respectfully suggest you switch to the “Bib Zip” Platypus Hydrations. As others have mentioned on the forum, these are the easiest to fill and keep clean. So they are the only ones that I use.

  • Ron P

    Sorry, my typos still catch me. Should be “Big Zip” in the preceding message.

  • David J


    I am getting by with XL In Gaitors now but they are really tight and hard to get on, any plans to make XXL? Same goes for gloves, I need XXL in all gloves.

    • Jason Hairston

      What size and type of boot are you wearing? I have not had any other customers request a larger Gaiter than the XL. We recommend running it as tight as possible because the fabric stretches and it will keep water out of your boots.


  • JR

    Any idea when the updated tiburon top will be back in stock?

  • Matt

    Is there an ETA on the DCS Vest’s? Particularly size LG in Vias?


  • Brent S

    Any status updates on when Vias Guide Beanie and Vias Merino 230 gloves will be in stock? Ordered the first in January and have not been updated on the status of items.

  • Chip Bell

    Jason, excited to see the Chinook jacket. Curious as to if my XL Super Down Jacket will fit under a XL in the Chinook jacket?

  • David J

    I wear size 14 Kenetrek’s and I have 19-1/2″ calfs, very tight fit on the Gators. Are XXL goves anywhere in the future?

  • Johnny H.

    Just remember that some of us don’t fit into the tight fitting, under armor style, athletic gear. Some of us are a little bigger. More XXL’s would be nice.

  • Sandy H.

    Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble viewing the products or accessing the shop page? and is there a sizing chart?

  • Chris C

    Any idea when the Guide DSC Jacket will be in stock and orders filled? I am hunting third rifle in Gunnison 1st week of Nov. I placed a large order last week and the jacket is on B/O.

  • Cole N

    Any idea on when the Guide DCS Jacket will be back? I ordered an XL (Vias) mid September thinking that would give me plenty of time but I leave October 30th for my hunt and I’m starting to think I may be out of luck. I tried a L when you got those in a week ago but it’s too small with any layering added. Any help would be MUCH appreciated as I have a complete system (minus the back ordered jacket). Customer service has been helpful but lack of knowledge on when shipments are coming seem to be a consistent issue.


    • Jason Hairston

      We are in development in that style currently. It is a great piece. I do not have a release time line for you. But will announce it here first.


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