ULTRA Merino in Camo Has Arrived

ULTRA Merino featuring Nuyarn® fabric technology has arrived in our camo patterns. For those of you getting ready for your hunts, ULTRA Merino base layers will be the perfect addition to your layering system.

Nuyarn introduces a new yarn construction technique with twist free yarn, which has no itch or prickly wool fibers.  It reduces weight and increases loft simultaneously, is significantly loftier, stretchier, warmer, stronger, and faster drying than regular merino wool. Our Nuyarn products have merino and nylon blended yarns to increase durability and resiliency. These enhanced fabric features are in addition to inherent merino features such as naturally anti-microbial, moisture wicking, temperature regulating, and odor resistant.

ULTRA Merino has enhanced design features as well. The Crew-Ts have eyelet side panels for enhanced ventilation that expand and contract with movement, regulate airflow, and maximize breathability. The more aerobic the movement, the wider the eyelets open. The Zip-Ts have an added zipper garage for extreme comfort. The ULTRA Merino 145 Neck Gaiter has an increased length of 2cm and width of 1 cm. These added features are in addition to existing design features such as flatlock stitching, and an anatomical shaping for fit and comfort.

Solid colored ULTRA Merino pieces are estimated to arrive in early July.

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