Chinook Jacket In Stock and Available in Small

The NEW Chinook Jacket is now in stock and ready to ship.  For a limited time only, this jacket is  available in size small (while quantities last).  I suggest you get yours as soon as possible, as we may not carry this size again in the future.

The 18.7 ounce, technically advanced jacket, is our lightest and most breathable 2-layer softshell jacket. Perfect for early season hunts, the Chinook Jacket, allows you to push the limits of light and fast when temperatures are cool, and maintain the protection from the elements when required. It can be worn alone in mild temperatures or layered with ULTRA Merino in cooler conditions.

TORAY bonded the 30 Denier Stunner Stretch 100% micro ripstop nylon fabric to a brushed polyester micro check fleece backer. This extremely technical, light-weight fabric is designed for mountain hunting. The fabric combination and product features of the Chinook Jacket offer superior temperature regulating performance for a wide range of hunting conditions.

Sophisticated design features maximize overall fit and comfort. Chinook chest pockets are sewn to the outside of the jacket, increasing the surface area of the micro check backer fabric on the interior of the jacket. The micro check fleece backer reduces weight and increases performance – the “check pattern” of the backer fabric increases the airflow, durability, and overall performance. This advanced jacket has a hoodless design to further reduce weight.

Verde Camo


Vias Camo



17 comments to Chinook Jacket In Stock and Available in Small

  • Looking forward to purchasing one. Will they ever be offered in solid colors as well?

  • Chris stone

    Jason, how does this compare to the guide jacket in weight and temp? Run warmer, cooler, breath about the same, etc. Looks great!

    • Jason Hairston

      Hi Chris,

      The Guide Jacket is 24 ounces and designed for cooler temperatures. Our Chinook Jacket is our lighter, more breathable jacket.


  • Mike

    Jason, “ripstop nylon”, this sounds noisy to me. How quite is this jacket? Gotta be quite for bowhunting.

  • Cory Benge

    Great job Jason and Team KUIU!

  • Justin Starck


    Thanks for extending your size options on this product. Hopefully limited/one time runs will make it more feasible for you to release small sized products. That way people will have the option to stock up when you do have a run and you wouldn’t have to worry about stocking them all the time.

    What made you pick this product to run smalls? Every time I recommend KUIU, I say to start with the rain gear and work down (or in) from there. In my opinion, the rain gear is where they are going to see the greatest advantage over what they are currently using. However, it is also the project line that is the most limited in terms of sizing and color options. I am guessing that is because you don’t sell nearly as much rain gear as you do guide jackets and attack pants.


  • Jeff M. Valunas


    I’m a little late to the “party” on this product, somehow I missed this, altogether!
    Is that (JUST) a weird “lighting” issue, with this picture?
    Or, is this what to expect in the future for VIAS?

    I CERTAINLY HOPE, this is not the direction VIAS is going, with the recent UPDATED pattern/coloring! This would be an “insult” to the ORIGINAL VIAS Pattern. (mostly color).
    VIAS, is as close to PERFECT, as any camo. pattern, EVER produced-
    PLEASE DON’T CHANGE IT, this dramatically…


    • Justin Starck

      I actually like the new version more than the original. I like that it is toned down a little.

      • Jeff M. Valunas


        No,no,no!!! While I am fine with the added shapes and addition, of more brown-

        The lightest color, needs to remain the same! (like the color in the Verde).
        In my opinion, in this picture, it is “muted” down, to dark!

        The WHOLE THEORY of this MACRO CAMO Pattern, was to- Break-up, the HUMAN OUTLINE at any distance, by having colors on OPPOSITE sides of the color spectrum.
        By “diffusing” the lightest color/tan(it in essence is making it,
        closer to a solid)!

        After looking at this, with a more discerning eye… I think, in my opinion- It is a lighting issue on this product; Or, something with this NEW FACE FABRIC, is not allowing the “true color”, to reflect/refract.

        I doubt, it is of much concern, but I wanted to voice my OPINION on the VIAS Pattern, and how this doesn’t represent that, WELL!!!
        Just me, being me-

  • Jerry V

    Thanks Jason – just got mine, it’s what I’ve been wishing for since the begining. Though I still don’t understand the need for the sleeve pocket, the other pockets are more than adequate. Just more clutter on a otherwise well designed jacket.

  • Troy S.

    I’m really glad to see a small size offering even if it is a limited run. The lack of a small size has been what has really prevented me from going all in with Kuiu. Unfortunately, this is not the piece I need right now. I would snap up a pair or two of Yukon rain pants or some baselayers in small however.

  • Hey Jason.
    You are awesome! Id like to chat via phone or email if you wouldn’t mind.
    As Im sure more and more each day, Im very impressed w/what you are doing.

    When free.
    Todd Houghton


  • Matt Miller

    I recently purchased a Chinook Jacket because it seems it would be perfect in the bluff’s of the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas for early season deer. Since receiving it I have decided that it in fact would be perfect for later season hunts as well.

    The later seasons usually start with cold mornings 20-25 degree F and climb into the mid 40’s during the day.

    Now to my question:

    What insulating layer will fit under the Chinook, I considered the Guide jacket but it the Chinook I think fits the bill perfectly with the under arm zip vents so as the day warms I can ventilate as needed.

    Any suggestions or should I just go with a Heavier weight merino mid layer ?

    Thanks in advance.

    • KUIU Ultralight Hunting

      For those temperatures, you will want to insulate with the Super Down or the Kenai jackets. Both are designed as insulation layers. The Super Down will be a little warmer and more packable. The Kenai will breath better. The Ultra Merino base layers are designed can be worn next to skin as a first layer.

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