The KUIU & The Western Hunter Giveaway

4 comments to The KUIU & The Western Hunter Giveaway

  • Joe Kessler

    Saw this commercial the first time it aired. Officially the baddest hunting commercial ever made. I have been sharing it with friends on you tube for the past couple of days. Nice work Jason.

  • Amazing!! I’ve been waiting for something like this out of KUIU and now that it’s here, you’ve once again exceeded my expectations!!

  • Shane Close

    Awesome commercial! When do we get to hear about that longbow hunt?

  • If we can capture some of the essence of Churchill’s speech on our hunts we will have given it our best shot, and will not look back and think, ‘I wish I’d done this, or I wish I’d done that’.
    Well done Kuiu.

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