Limited Quantities: Zamberlan KUIU Pamir Boot

I want to take a moment to thank you for the great response we have received to our Zamberlan KUIU Pamir boot.  Since our release last November, sales have been steady and the feedback has been great.  As we go into this year’s hunting season, we have limited quantities of the Zamberlan KUIU Pamir, so if you are in need of a great mountaineering style hunting boot, you may want to purchase now.

The Zamberlan KUIU Pamir boot is ideal for the harshest hunting and climbing conditions you will experience.  They perform exceptionally well in extremely technical terrain, steep rocky mountains, high glacier trails and perfect for ice climbing and places where crampons are necessary.

When I decided to develop a boot, I wanted to create one that featured all the advancements and performance found only in Premium Alpine Mountaineering boots.  The list of ingredients we have included are the best and unmatched by any other hunting boot in the industry and only found in the finest mountaineering boots made in the world.  After another year of hunting in the Zamberlan KUIU Pamir, I can confidently say, with the help of Zamberlan, we have accomplished my goal.

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