Introducing KUIU’s New Insulated Gloves

Today we are excited to introduce three new insulated gloves; The KENAI, NORTHSTAR and SUPER DOWN Glassing Mitt. The KENAI and NORTHSTAR gloves feature a revolutionary technology called OUTDRY®. This technology solves many different performance based problems that would normally occur with traditional waterproof breathable gloves. The KENAI glove is an incredibly versatile glove for those mid-to-late season hunts, and the NORTHSTAR is the absolute perfect late season glove, and can flawlessly handle extreme cold and wet conditions.

Our SUPER DOWN Glassing Mitt is perfect for keeping your hands comfortable while glassing for long periods of time. It is an extremely lightweight and highly compressible glove that is filled with our revolutionary Quixdown® material for superior warmth in frigid conditions. We have also included Toray Stunner Stretch® face fabric for a comfortable fit that is treated with Toray’s Kudos DWR® coating for unmatched water resistance.


 The addition of the KENAI, NORTHSTAR and SUPER DOWN Glassing Mitt has truly rounded off our glove line to suit all possible hunting scenarios and weather conditions.

16 comments to Introducing KUIU’s New Insulated Gloves

  • Kevin Dill

    Very nice hand-gear, and definitely appropriate for cold weather hunting. THIS is the stuff that helps complete the KUIU package. I think the gloves and mitts will be a huge hit. Headwear next?

    Thanks much Jason

  • Ken Anderson

    I’ve been looking for some quality gloves for mid-winter hunts. These will definitely meet my needs. I’m looking forward to trying them out when the snow starts flying!

  • Rob

    I’ve been looking to find a solution for late season snow hunts! This fits the bill perfect! No more guide gloves getting wet and freezing solid when I’m pulling myself through snow covered alder! Thanks Jason! Is sizing on par with the Guide series?

  • Ross

    Awesome new products! These will be great come my November elk and muley hunts. Thank you once again

  • Eric

    Outdry is way better than Gore-tex. I have a pair of Mountain Hardwear gloves with Outdry, and they are far superior to anything I’ve owned in Goretex. The outer fabric doesn’t soak up moisture like other gloves. I will definitely be buying some of these gloves.

  • Mike

    Jason why are all these new gloves in the vias already on backorder? When are they expected?

    • Jason Hairston

      The Vias shipment of the SUPER DOWN Glassing Mitts should arrive in the coming weeks and the Vias KENAI and NORTHSTAR gloves should arrive later this year.

  • Aaron Tubbs

    Maybe I missed it, but I’m looking for the fill amounts of Primaloft in both the Kenai and Northstar. Also, can Kuiu please clarify as to why Primaloft Eco was chosen? Thanks!

    • Jason Hairston

      Aaron, the Primaloft Gold fill amounts for the NORTHSTAR and KENAI are as followed:

      NORTHSTAR Primaloft fill: 100 grams per a meter

      KENAI Primaloft fill: 60 grams per a meter

  • Richard Fiske

    Can you please comment on the breathability? I have an Outdry/Primaloft pair from a cycling-oriented manufacturer and they are like wearing plastic bags on my hands.

  • Ron P

    Hi Jason, Congrats on the new products. I too would like to know the background on why Primaloft Eco was chosen? According to “Outdoorgearlab” review. Eco is cheaper and less warmth per weight than Primaloft Sport which is less warm/weight than Primaloft One.

    • Jason Hairston

      The KENAI and NORTHSTAR Gloves are made with Primaloft Gold, which has enhanced warmth and shear strength made for durable gloves. Also, the Primaloft was reinforced with a resin inside the glove for added strength and durability to help prevent any possibility of snagging or tearing. It’s the best performing material we could find for our KENAI and NORTHSTAR glove program.

  • Ron P

    Thanks Jason for putting that to rest! Not sure where I got the “Eco” reference then. Thought sure I saw this somewhere in the announcement or specs but I see now the ingredients clearly say Primaloft Gold.

  • Justin Starck

    They look good. I’d be interested in a down beanie as well.

  • Rodney

    Anyone know when the Northstar Vias large will be in stock?

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