ICON Pro Packs

The ICON Pro Packs have now been used in the field by Professional Guides and Customers for over a year in some of the toughest conditions around the world. The feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive, proving the ICON Pro Packs live up to the goals of the design: [...]

KUIU in the Andes

Brendan Burns, who manages KUIU Professional Services, just returned from an very demanding red stag hunt in the Andes Mountains of Patagonia. I asked him to share a photo essay of his experience.   Brendan is always in search of great adventures that will increase his working knowledge of hunting conditions our customers may face worldwide. [...]

2015 Alaska Big Game Draw

The 2015 Alaska Big Game Draw application period is now open. Due to the wide variety of species, seasons, regulations, and units the state has to offer, choosing a hunt to apply for in Alaska can be an overwhelming proposition. Factor in the time, travel, shipping, and gear investments once a tag has [...]

Getting the Most Out of Your Food

As I was preparing my pack for my Stone Sheep hunt in British Columbia, I thought I’d share a video that would give some insight as to what I do to get the most nutrition and calories per ounce.


Tiburon Now Available

All preorders for the Tiburon Zip-T and Pant are now complete and should finish shipping out within the next two business days. The remaining limited stock is now available for purchase online at

Randy Johnson at iReviewGear recently posted a review on the Tiburon system.  Check it out [...]

Tiburon Down Under

Justin bought a set of Tiburon for his trip to Australia. I had to send him our photo samples to get them to him in time for his hunt. He just dropped me this email in the Airport and I wanted to share this with everyone!

Congratulations Justin!



I just finished my [...]

Customer Review- 2012 Northern BC Stone Sheep Hunt

Hi Everyone,

Customers are already returning from sheep hunts and sending in reviews and comments on the gear. Waylon is about as hard-core as it gets, living in Northern BC and spending over 60 days a year backpack hunting in very steep mountains.  I thought you may find his review of interest.

I would [...]

Elk Reaper Review Part II

Hi Everyone,

The Elk Reaper has posted more photos and more details of KUIU products on Outdoor Life’s Live Hunt.  I know many of you respect his unbiased opinion and the hammering he puts his gear through during testing and reviews and thought you would find this of interest.


The Elk Reaper’s Gear Review

Hi Everyone,

Several subscribers asked me to have Aron Snyder known as The Elk Reaper on forums test KUIU’s products. Aron is the leading gear tester on and has recently become part of Live Hunt for Outdoor Life. I followed up on your requests and tracked down Aron through bowsite to test and [...]

Drake’s Testing Review

Drake was one of the first subscribers to the KUIU blog and has given some great opinions and ideas regarding this product line.  He spent a lot of days in the prototype gear and kept a very detailed journal of how the gear performed.  I am glad I am not bull elk living in SE [...]